Sunday, August 21, 2011

Essential Listening: Tammy Bruce Interview's Organize4Palin's Man In Iowa, Peter Singleton

By Gary P Jackson

Tammy Bruce samples her weekly Palin Report where she interviews Peter Singleton, the Iowa Coordinator for Organize4Palin. As our readers know, Peter has been in Iowa for over a year building an incredible ground game. His work has inspired others to do the same in other states across the nation.

This is a solid conversation, not only about organizing, but what President Palin will need in the way of support once she is in office. Tammy and Peter remind everyone it will be on us to do the hard work once Sarah announces. We are sovereign citizens and must take on the responsibility of helping elect our new leader.

From Tammy:

As a sneak peak, here’s about 40 minutes of this week’s "Palin Report" featuring my interview with Iowa Palinsita Peter Singleton. If you enjoy media such as this, please do subscribe–becoming a member is what makes all my work possible. In addition to the weekly "Palin Report," subscribers get a variety of exclusive media including the live show "On Demand," the daily TAM Briefing podcast, TAM Chat room and other exclusive media.

If you would like to contact Peter about how you can get plugged in to the Organize4Palin efforts in Iowa and across the country you can reach him at Iowa–at–

Both Tammy and Peter mention Contributing Editors Stacy Drake and Whitney Pitcher as people whose articles are always a must read. [Obviously, I agree!]

Both make another strong point. No one expects Sarah to announce on September 3. Of course, no one will be surprised if she does.

Their point is two-fold, if you are only going to Iowa in anticipation of an announcement, it might it not be a bad idea to reconsider. Many of us look for the Governor to announce later in the month. That said, just like her powerful event in Madison, Wisconsin, this will be a historic speech. That alone, as well as the rest of the event, will certainly be worth the effort.

Listen to this essential interview here.

If you are not a TAM, it's worth the few bucks a month to be a member. Join up while you are at Tammy's website!

If you haven't, make sure you read Organize4Palin's National Coordinator Karen Allen's letter to Governor Palin's supporters about how you can get involved, and help us elect a true leader, here.

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