Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Unreal: Mitt Romney Flip-Flops On Debt Deal and Gives "President Downgrade" Aid and Comfort To Boot!

By Gary P Jackson

Human windsock Mitt Romney is at it again. Back on August 1st we noted that Romney, Profile in Courage that he is, waited until the debt deal was a fait accompli, and seeing the rage from the American people against it, did what he always does and shouted: "Me too!"

Sarah Palin took Romney to task in her interview with Sean Hannity a day later, licking her finger and sticking it in the air to symbolize Romney's "leadership" style.

Well now it seems Romney has flip-flopped on his "courageous" stance. From the Wall Street Journal:

CONCORD, N.H. — Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney said on Monday that Standard & Poor’s downgrade of America’s credit rating was not just President Barack Obama‘s fault, stepping back a bit from a statement he issued Friday.

"I don’t think it’s simply the president’s fault," Mr. Romney said in reply to a question at a Chamber of Commerce meeting here. "I’m sure there are many people to share responsibility for the excessive spending in Washington over the past couple of decades."

But Mr. Romney said the president should have found a way "to work with Republicans, to work with Democrats to establish a relationship of trust to determine what can and couldn’t be done politically." And he added that Mr. Obama "is primarily for responsible for the failure of this economy to re-ignite."

He also suggested he was referring to Republicans of years’ past, not the crop of tea party-leaning freshmen elected in 2010.

Doesn't think it's the President's fault? Really Mitt? Really?

Holy crap.What a gutless milquetoast this guy is,

Oh, and it gets better:

Also on Monday, Mr. Romney released another statement contrasting S&P’s rating for Massachusetts while he was governor and its handling of the U.S. rating under Mr. Obama, and sought to link the president with one-term Democratic President Jimmy Carter. "The president’s failure to put the nation’s fiscal and economic house in order has caused a massive loss of confidence that resulted in an embarrassing downgrade, " he said. "In the Carter era, it was called ‘malaise.’ Under President Obama, it’s called meltdown."

On Friday, Mr. Romney squarely blamed Mr. Obama for the downgrade, issuing a short statement:

"America’s creditworthiness just became the latest casualty in President Obama’s failed record of leadership on the economy. Standard & Poor’s rating downgrade is a deeply troubling indicator of our country’s decline under President Obama.

His failed policies have led to high unemployment, skyrocketing deficits, and now, the unprecedented loss of our nation’s prized AAA credit rating. Today, President Obama promised that ‘things will get better.’ But it has become increasingly clear that the only way things will get better is with new leadership in the White House."

Read more here.

This is incredible. At this point I think flip-flopping is pathological with this guy. And there is plenty of evidence to back this up!

This Mitt Romney has absolutely no core values and no core convictions. He's not a leader or really even much of a follower. He's like a rudderless ship that just floats around from position to position on the map with no real discernible direction whatsoever.

Romney mentions Massachusetts' AA credit rating from S&P on his watch. It's also AA under tax and spend Governor Duval Patrick. Knowing what RomneyCare is doing to the state's budget, one wonders how long that rating would hold.

Speaking of credit ratings, Contributing Editor Stacy Drake reminds readers that because of Governor Sarah Palin's superior ability to manage debt and liabilities, and the policies she put in place, Alaska was rewarded the highest rating [Aaa] that credit rating agency Moody's gives a state.

One thing about it, Mitt Romney cannot be trusted to maintain any position on any subject. The guy is all over the place. we need solid, steady, and consistent leadership from someone who has a set of core values and never compromises them. We know who that is, and it sure ain't Mitt Romney!

A musical dedication to Mitt:

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