Wednesday, August 4, 2010

CAUGHT ON TAPE: Katie Couric Dissin' Sarah Palin The Day John McCain Named Her As His Running Mate

Not exactly the most shocking thing we've seen, especially since we learned that the more than 400 members of Journolist, from the media and academia, conspired to coordinate attacks on Sarah Palin, as part of the "unofficial Obama campaign", or knowing these same "defenders of the truth" went into overdrive covering up all of Obama radical past. Not even as shocking as learning these same corrupt media members actually realized Sarah was a strong, capable candidate, nothing like the lies they would tell their readers, (and viewers) or how they worried about how to smear her.

Oh, and let's not forget the "Trig trutherism" that ran rampant among this bunch, which Sarah herself addressed.

This does prove what Sarah has maintained all along, Couric was incredibly biased.

From the editors of Conservatives 4 Palin via The College Press. This is raw footage:

As you can see, the video shows Katie Couric preparing to go on the air on the day John McCain announced Governor Palin as his running mate. It shows some tantalizing hints of Couric’s attitude toward the Governor--when talking about first Trig, then Track, Couric says “where the hell do they get these [names]?...” At that point the producer running the sound board shut off the sound because he or she didn’t want to have Couric’s disdainful and contemptuous view of Governor Palin’s children captured on even an internal CBS tape that they never expected would see the light of day. You can tell this by the “OMG!” reaction of the CBS news employees who were in the control room as Couric said that about the Governor’s kids. This video also shows Couric taking a shot at female basketball players and at Governor Palin’s hometown, one of the fastest growing areas in the country, and the fifth largest city in Alaska.

There’s a larger story here, of course.

It’s not just what was said by Couric in her discussion of Governor Palin, but also the way CBS framed the narrative of Governor Palin’s life in their story. The script covers moose burgers, her kids, her being a former beauty queen and being on the cover of Vogue.

Sarah Palin was a sitting governor, and at that time, before the Obama campaign and their allies in the press spent months relentlessly smearing her good name, she had the highest approval ratings of any governor in the country.

She was also responsible for getting the largest energy project in North American history underway after several decades of interminable delays in Alaska. She was a courageous corruption-busting whistleblower who turned in the leader of her own party in Alaska for his corrupt practices.

She was a fiscal conservative who made the largest veto cuts in Alaska history, reined in the reckless waste, cut her own expenses, sold the governor’s private jet, let the personal chef go, and put away billions of dollars in savings for Alaska for a rainy day.

She was a tough CEO who went toe to toe with the Big Oil companies and fought to get the best deal for Alaskans, the resource owners she represented. And she did all of this as a woman from a modest background who was entirely self-made – without the benefit of a rich or influential father or husband.

But what in this impressive biography did CBS News and Couric choose to focus on? Moose burgers and beauty pageants.

By their choice of the framing of the story, it’s evident Couric and CBS had an agenda here: They wanted to diminish Governor Palin because her impressive record of accomplishments towered over the non-existent record of the guy at the top of Democratic ticket.

We know from the JournoList archives that the national press viewed Governor Palin as a threat to their anointed candidate whom they sought to elect with ferocity and determination. We don’t even need to see Couric’s snarky comment about Governor Palin’s children to know that CBS News and Couric were not interested in covering who Sarah Palin was or what her qualifications were, but rather in caricaturing her to influence the election in favor of their favored candidate.

As Governor Palin would say, “may the light continue to shine” to expose this sickness at the heart of our corrupt and biased mainstream media.

There's more history between Sarah and the Perky One, than this bit of childeshness. As Sarah pointed out in her book, there are hours upon hours of video tapes from a series of interviews Couric did with Sarah. Instead of airing all of that footage, CBS and Couric selectively edited it to paint Sarah is the worst light possible.CBS has refused to release the full tapes to either Sarah, or the McCain campaign. (or the media at large) Hmmmm. Wonder why?

Let's also never forget that Perky sat down with longtime Marxist-democrat Sam Nunn, and Council on Foreign Relations president Richard Haas, before she interviewed Sarah, and was coached extensively on just the right sort of "gotcha" questions to ask. Nunn was on Obama's short list for Vice President, and served on his transition team after the election. In other words, Couric sat down with Team Obama and worked out the best strategy on how to question their opponent!

Think about that. Katie Couric, who is supposed to be a journalist, sat down with one campaign, to work out how to interview someone from their competition. Seems to me the Federal Elections Commission should look at this as a "contribution" to the Obama campaign. Either that, or the IRS needs to ask her if she has a 1099 to show her payment from Obama for America, for services rendered.

When you think about it, that's pretty fantastic, and incredibly troubling. 

The media in this country is dead. You can't trust a word they say, especially if it comes from the so-called "mainstream media." They are all a bunch of proven liars, and little more than stenographers for the Obama regime.

Corrupt as the day is long.

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