Saturday, August 14, 2010

HillBuzz: Every Democrat In America Must Be Tied To The Groud Zero Victory Mosque

As the debate on the Ground Zero Mosque reaches a higher level, after this deliberate provacation has gotten Barack Obama's blessing, our friends over at HillBuzz have weighed in with full force:

Last night something happened we were deeply hoping for, but never thought — not in a million years — the current “president” would be stupid enough to do. We knew he could never resist supporting the Ground Zero Victory Mosque when asked about it directly, but we assumed reporters would be smart enough to never ask him a question that would open a window for him to let more of his anti-American, West-hating true nature shine through.

So, the fact that the current “president”, and leader of the Democrat Party, has come out in favor of building a symbol of Muslim conquest and Islamization on the soil where so many thousands of Americans were murdered by Muslims nine years ago is a great benefit to all of us who spend our days and nights resisting the Left.

This is the sort of thing that will shock a great many Americans out of whatever transe they remain in, and force them to see that Democrats do not belong in office, and that Democrats largely hate this country and apparently want to destroy it.

The other night at Sidetracks, during Market Days, we ran into our friend Phillip (a theater critic in New York). Market Days is a sort of Homecoming here in Boystown, and people we see rarely during the year make guest appearances for the largest street festival in the Midwest.

Phillip is a New Yorker, an ultra-liberal, a dyed-in-the-wool-Democrat, and a man who enjoys saying terrible things about Sarah Palin and just about any other conservative woman you can think of. Phillip lived about ten blocks from the World Trade Center, however. He knew people who were murdered by Muslims on 9/11.

Saying he knew people “who died on 9/11″ is ridiculous, though that’s the way the Lamestream Media usually couches this. Many people around the world died on 9/11/01 of natural causes: heart attacks, strokes, old age, you name it.

Over 3,000 Americans were murdered by Muslims in a certain part of New York City almost nine years ago. MURDERED. BY MUSLIMS. Not “killed”. They didn’t “die”. They didn’t become “living impaired”. They were MURDERED BY MUSLIMS.

That’s an irrefutable fact.

We agree 100 percent. Anyone supporting this slap in the face to all decent Americans needs to own it. Read the rest of what the Boyz have to say on this here.

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