Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Sarah Palin: Barack Obama Is Too Divisive Needs To Listen To America

Sarah Palin, appearing on Greta's show Monday night, live from Wasilla, Alaska talked about the Cordoba House, or Ground Zero Mosque, if you will:

As usual, Sarah was very straightforward on this issue. One point she made very clear: Both Barack Obama and the Muslims behind Cordoba House are too divisive. This project is ripping at the hearts of all Americans. It is a slap in the face to every decent person. We understand why the radicals want this thing built. It's not about "bringing tolerance and understanding." As Sarah said, she ain't buying it, and neither are we. There are 100 mosques in New York City. Let 'em work on tolerance out of all of those, rather than build this thing.

Though the Cordoba House seems to be dominating the headlines, the reason Greta made the trek to Alaska is she and Sarah are exploring ANWR, and the Arctic Circle. Sarah is on a mission to tell the truth about Alaska's untapped natural resources, as well as ANWR. As she shows us, this is not the "pristine" landscape the environmental extemists always portray in their TV ads and brochures. ANWR is very much a flat, barren, wasteland. Frozen tundra most of the time, and mosquito filled swamp the rest.

This is a three part series that will run Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday nights on Greta's show.

For the first part of Monday's interview, where Sarah talks energy independence, and the importance of using our own resources, as well as a sneak preview of Tuesday night's show, check out On The Record's website at Fox News here and here.

Video courtesy of the Right Scoop.

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