Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Allan West: Honor In Iraq, Honor In America

Lt Col Allan West (retired) is a favorite of ours, as well as our readers. Articles on West are always some of our most popular. He is a strong, no nonsense leader, and is running for Congress in Florida's 22nd District. His campaign has released an extrordinary video where he frankly discusses his actions as a leader while serving in Iraq:

Lt. Col. West is well known as someone who speaks his mind, as a recent post of ours points out. The video above is no different. He tells it like it is.

As a bonus, here's a recent interview Dave Reaboi from Big Peace conducted with Lt. Col. West on a variety of subjects, from the Ground Zero Mosque, Russia and peace through strength, to illegal immigration, and national security:

Reaboi writes:

Last week I caught up with Congressional candidate Lt. Col. Allen West (US Army, Ret.) before he gave the Sunday Sermon at Ebenezer Baptist Church in Boca Raton, Florida. Meeting Allen in a small park built as a monument to Martin Luther King, Jr. was so fitting, as was his sermon that morning at a storied African-American church. (Video of that inspiring speech can be found here.)

It’s fitting, too, that we begin our series of Big Peace Interviews with someone like Allen West, who combines the strategic vision of a policymaker and the experience of a real ‘boots on the ground’ participant in America’s recent battles. Unlike perhaps any other candidate for the House, Lt. Col. West is prepared to engage on a variety of issues of national security– often at length. (What other politician, much less a Congressional candidate, could draw a massive 40,000 views for a sober 20-minute lecture on Afghanistan?)

Allen West is the kind of new, fresh face we need in Congress. He is a true leader and someone who will work to make America better. The kind of man we can all be proud to support. Sarah Palin, who knows a leader when she sees one, endorsed Allen West quite some time ago. So did we.

Currently West is in a head to head battle with his Marxist-democrat competitor, and has turned a once "safe" democrat seat into a likely pick up for Republicans this November. You can help make sure this happens by supporting Allen. Go to his website http://allenwestforcongress.com/ and help any way you can.

Allan West is the sort we need in Congress to help get America back on the right track. Let's make it happen!

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