Thursday, August 19, 2010

Sarah Palin’s Powerful Message: Let’s Get Things Done

On Wednesday, the 9oth anniversary of the ratification of the 19th Amendment, giving women the right to vote, Sarah Palin posted a powerful Facebook note that not only spells out her endorsement philosophy and her battle plan, but also takes time to answer a rather silly attempt by the death cult that is Emily’s List to make themselves relevant.

Sarah also talks about one of the first death panel decisions, one that will effect women with breast cancer.

Oh, and she makes some exciting new endorsements as well.

Let’s take a look at this:

Proud to Support More Women Leaders on the 90th Anniversary of Women’s Suffrage

Today marks the 90th anniversary of the ratification of the 19th Amendment which granted American women the right to vote. Words cannot express the depth of gratitude we owe to those brave feminist foremothers who struggled and sacrificed, endured imprisonment and ridicule, and fought fearlessly to grant future generations of American women a voice. We stand on their shoulders. Our opportunities are their legacy; our achievements, their monument.

In honor of their sacrifice and triumph, I’m proud to endorse another group of strong American women who continue this tradition of service to our country. Their willingness to make sacrifices in order to serve others and make this world a better place by empowering individual Americans deserves our support.

Regardless of whether the many candidates I’ve had the honor of endorsing win or lose this time around, I support them because they boldly shake things up in their primary races. They don’t just sit on the sidelines whining; instead, they are in the arena fighting for commonsense constitutional conservative solutions; and in their oft-characterized (and enormously challenging) "underdog" status, they all exemplify the qualities of a winner who will serve admirably and for all the right reasons.

This is what we admire most about Sarah Palin. She is a strong, decisive leader. She has a solid plan, and has the courage to execute it. She also confuses the hell out of the Beltway elite! The ruling class is all in a tizzy trying to figure out just what in the world Sarah is up to. She’s not following the script. Can’t have that!

It’s actually pretty simple. Sarah loves competition. She knows it makes everyone better. She also knows far too many elected officials are in "safe" seats. This is especially true in the House of Representatives. Through a combination of gerrymandering and showering money on their districts, many congresscritters have turned what was supposed to be honorable and TEMPORARY public service into lifetime employment.

Until we can pass a constitutional amendment establishing term limits for Congress, what Sarah Palin is doing is exactly what we need. Everyone running for office should have a primary challenge, even the good ones. It makes them work for it. Makes them address the issues, and it serves to remind them that it’s not "their seat" they are sitting in. It belongs to the people, and they only sit there by our consent.

Sarah has a level of influence few will ever enjoy, and She is one of those rare breeds that understands how to use it. Politicians are generally too timid, more worried about holding on to their own power, to actually change the game.

It’s obvious Sarah cares more about righting this nation, getting our Republic back on firm footing, than her own political gains, which ... somewhat ironically ... is exactly why her own political future is so bright.

So let us highlight some more winners.

Martha Roby served on the Montgomery City Council where she fought tax increases and worked hard to reduce government spending. She’s now running to represent Alabama’s 2nd Congressional District with a strong message of reform to get our country back on the right track. Please join me in supporting this hardworking, proud mother of two by visiting her website at and following her on Facebook and Twitter.

Renee Ellmers is a true citizen-politician running in North Carolina’s 2nd Congressional District. Having worked in the health care industry all her life, she joined countless other concerned Americans at the town hall meetings last summer to protest the disastrous Obamacare legislation. And she didn’t stop there!

Renee decided to join the ranks of patriotic mothers across the country who have the courage to run for office this year and fight to make sure our children have as bright a future as we were given. Renee has an uphill battle against a truly out of touch incumbent who made news not too long ago when he was caught on video assaulting a student who asked him if he supported the Obama agenda. Simple enough question, but this Democrat Congressman who’s been in Washington for 14 years turned violent rather than answer it.

My point with this is that Renee is willing to answer that question. She supports a commonsense conservative agenda which will put our country back on sound fiscal footing. Please visit Renee’s website at and follow her on Facebook and Twitter.

We are very happy to see Sarah endorse Renee Ellmers. We endorsed her some time back. She has been working tirelessly, campaigning to replace a truly bad Congressman. Renee has the strong work ethic and common sense values to make a real impact in Washington.

Jackie Walorski will make an excellent representative of Indiana’s 2nd Congressional District, having been born and raised there and serving as a state representative for the past five years. She knows the people, she knows the issues that matter to them, and most importantly, she knows what she stands for – limited government, fiscal restraint, and a proper respect for our Constitution. The incumbent Democrat she’s running against has already launched his first attack ad against her, so I hope you’ll join me in standing with Jackie. She truly knows what public service means. Please visit her website at and follow her on Facebook and Twitter.

Vicky Hartzler is determined to shake things up in Missouri’s 4th Congressional District. She ran an underdog campaign to win her primary and is now determined to challenge a 17-term Democrat incumbent who has long lost touch with the good people of Missouri. Vicky grew up on her family farm and is still a farmer with her husband.

Her diverse background includes being a teacher, a state legislator, a grassroots organizer, a successful small business owner, and a proud mom of a wonderful daughter. She’s a dynamic commonsense conservative who is running to get our economy and long-term fiscal security back on track for her daughter and all of our children. Please visit this farmer’s daughter’s website and learn more about Vicky at and follow her on Facebook and Twitter.

Pam Bondi and Brenna Findley are running for Attorney General in their states – Pam in Florida, and Brenna in Iowa. These are both bold, sharp, selfless women who will respect our Constitution, defend their states, protect our rights, and push back against any overreach of the federal government.

We desperately need these conservative leaders who won’t kowtow to the Obama administration’s big government overreach into our states, small businesses, families, and individual lives. Please visit Pam’s website at and Brenna’s at

Also on the state level, I would like to endorse Beth Chapman who is running for re-election as Secretary of State of Alabama and will continue to serve the good people there with distinction, integrity, and common sense. Let’s not forget that reform often begins with the tough work at the local level, and it’s important to get good conservative reformers working from the ground up. Please visit her website at

On this anniversary of women’s suffrage, let’s take a moment to be grateful for the diversity of the debate. Women don’t walk in lockstep with each other in politics, any more than men do. We should be proud of our ability to engage in a civil discussion and healthy debate. I know I am.

Unfortunately, I’ve recently come under attack for speaking up for sisters who seek to serve in public office. The sad part is that the attack comes from other sisters who happen to be on the other side of an issue that has been of great importance to American women from the time of our feminist foremothers, Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton, down to today. I’m speaking of the issue of life.

I feel compelled to offer some advice to our sisters who like to throw stones at those of us who respectfully disagree with them on this issue (and they sometimes refuse to even countenance the fact that some of us can call ourselves feminists and disagree with those who claim the mantle of "real feminists").

First, ladies, it’s hard to take a critic seriously when they lecture you wearing a bear suit. So, it’s difficult for me to drum up much outrage at this latest ad. But, really, lying about a sister while wearing an Ewok outfit is no way to honor our foremothers on the eve of the 90th anniversary of their victory. But, that aside, I’d love to know where you got those get-ups. Halloween is just around the corner, and Piper and Trig would look adorable as little grizzly bears.

We love how Sarah just hammers these idiots over at Emily’s List, a death cult that exists solely to promote abortions for all. We saw this idiotic video the other day, and frankly have been laughing so hard we simply hadn’t posted or commented:

All words fail to do this justice. Suffice it to say, people take one look at these clowns and can’t stop laughing. This bunch has really gone off the deep end. They can't compete in the marketplace of ideas, so they are forced to lie their asses off while dressed up in ridiculous outfits.

We simply LOVE that Sarah has this effect on her enemies. Exposes them for all to see, and reject.

How about a little pallet cleanser? Here’s the genuine article:

One final thing, Thomas over at Palin Promotions reports these Ewoks from the Emily’s List death cult are pure astroturf.

More from Sarah:

We face so many challenges today. We struggle to provide a better future for our children despite our economic downturn and a federal government intent on robbing from our children’s tomorrow to pay for politicians’ recklessness today.

We struggle against the Obama administration’s pending decision to remove a drug treatment for breast cancer based on cost considerations and what could be argued as a person’s "productivity in life" rather than medicine.

Death panels

We struggle against our reliance on foreign countries to provide necessary energy supplies while America’s plentiful energy resources sit idle, warehoused under locked-up lands, just as the unemployed sit and wait for government to allow them the opportunity to responsibly utilize our resources. We struggle to ensure that America is strong and vigilant so that our sons and daughters can live by the motto "Peace through Strength."

We may disagree about how to get there, but I’d like to think that we all want an America that is strong, prosperous, peaceful, and free.

So, ladies, let’s lead. In the words of that great American woman, Abigail Adams, "We have too many high sounding words, and too few actions that correspond with them." Let’s get things done.

~ Sarah Palin

Accountability, national security, energy independence, and the American spirit. Sarah hits it all here. It’s no wonder Sherman Frederick wrote that "One Sarah Palin equals three Barack Obamas"!

Sarah is focused like a laser on helping Americans take back our government from the ruling class. She is the kind of leader we rarely see anymore. Intelligent and courageous, she is going where others fear to tread.

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