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DOJ. Whistleblower In Infamous Black Panther Voter Intimidation Case Visits King St. Patriots

Most of our readers are familiar with the infamous case of voter intimidation that took place in Philadelphia on the day of the 2008 presidential election. Members of the domestic terror organization, New Black Panthers, showed up a Philly polling place dressed in full paramilitary regalia, carrying weapons, and scaring the hell out of white voters and physically interfering with their ability to vote.

This was a clear cut violation of the Voting Rights Act. In fact, the Justice Department initially took up the case and won a conviction against the two terrorists in absentia.

In comes the Obama regime and his corrupt Attorney General, Eric Holder. Suddenly the case against these terrorists was dropped. Again, the conviction had been obtained, and sentencing was next up. Holder dropped it like a hot potato.

This is not the first time Eric Holder has went to bat for terrorists BTW. When working as a member of the Clinton Justice Department, Holder pushed hard for and obtained a presidential pardon for 16 Puerto Rican FALN terrorists. FALN is a violent Puerto Rican nationalist organization.

Michelle Malkin has the details here.

A few months back Christian Adams, a longtime Justice Department attorney, came forward and blew the lid off this entire affair. Adams says the Justice Department, under Obama and Holder, has changed it’s policy, and now refuses to prosecute any case of voter intimidation when it’s a black person accused of doing the intimidating.

Fox News’ Megyn Kelly has interviewed Adams about this situation:

Here Megyn interviews a member of the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights who says Department of Justice officials "inexplicably walked away" from New Black Panther Party case:

Christian Adams, a true patriot, recently came to Houston to visit the King St. Patriots. A friend and writer was able to attend the event. I thought it would be nice to let her tell us about the event in her own words:

DOJ Whistleblower at King St. Patriots

King St. Patriots in Houston is a top-notch organization dedicated to ending voter fraud. Tonight I was lucky enough to get a second row seat to hear Christian Adams, the lawyer at the Dept. of Justice who was the whistleblower in the Black Panthers voter intimidation case.

My take on Adams is that he’s a very principled man who sincerely wants EQUAL justice under the law.

Adams pointed out that the guy holding the nightstick, King Samir Shabazz, is a lawyer. The other guy is Jerry Jackson, who was represented by a high power lawyer from Philadelphia. Both of them knew to show up for the court date. But neither even responded to the DOJ lawsuit. This lawsuit also was filed against the Black Panthers, but there was no response from them, either.

The DOJ won the case by default. Then it was dropped. (Adams didn’t say who gave the order.)

By the way, Shabazz and Jackson weren’t just standing there as the video shows. Eyewitnesses gave sworn testimony that these two guys physically stopped voters from entering the polling place. Other voters saw Shabazz, turned around, and left without voting.

Apparently the case CAN be prosecuted again under another administration because the evidence is overwhelming. Under the Voting Rights law, you can go to trial on one cause of action; in this case there are four.

1. attempted intimidation of voters
2. actual intimidation of voters
3. attempted intimidation of poll watchers
4. actual intimidation of poll watchers

The US Commission on Civil Rights is now investigating the case. Christian Adams, along with a couple of other DOJ lawyers, was subpoenaed to testify to the commission. According to federal law, government employees who are subpoenaed by such a commission MUST obey. However, Adams received a written memo that ordered him NOT to testify. That’s when he quit the DOJ.

There is open hostility at the DOJ toward equal enforcement of the law. Adams said he’s heard people in the hallway say things like “I didn’t join the DOJ to sue black people.” The lawyers there were TOLD never to bring cases against minorities, and that until we have economic equity between the races, we shouldn’t prosecute minorities.

An example of DOJ extremism: the DOJ was going to shut down sales of the Kindle because Amazon was marketing the device to college students for text books. The DOJ claimed the Kindle is discriminatory toward blind students! Amazon caved in and stopped trying to attract the college market.

Adams spoke at length about the New Black Panthers. This group is totally different from the ‘60’s Black Panthers and the original members vehemently deny any association with it. Kalid Mohammed founded the New BP – he’s so radical that he was expelled from Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam.

Watch these videos to see how they’re teaching blacks to kill whites and the police.

Maroon Society B.A.N.G.O.U.T

Training Day (around minute 7)

Adams urged us all to volunteer to be poll watchers. This helps cuts down on voter fraud.

In closing, he talked about the fact that 17,000 military votes were not counted in 2008 because the military mail system takes up to 60 days. Congress has passed the Move Act, which requires 45 days. But 12 states have applied for an exemption in the Nov. elections. These are Delaware, New York, Maryland, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Hawaii, Washington, Colorado, Wisconsin, Alaska, and DC.

The exemptions are under consideration right now. The Dept. of Defense is handling them. If you live in one of these states, call the DOD and ask them to grant NO exemptions!

More info can be found at Christian Adams’ website:

This is obviously a very troubling situation, but par for the course for the most corrupt administration, and the most corrupt president in our nation’s history. The voter intimidation by the domestic terrorists is simply an extension of the massive (and institutionalized) voter fraud that the Marxist-democrat party, through groups like ACORN, has been carrying out for decades.

A lot of folks want to help save our nation, but aren’t sure how. If you really want to insure Freedom and Liberty, sign up and get trained as poll watcher. Every single polling place needs them during every election.

Maintaining Liberty and Freedom is EVERYBODY’S responsibility. Doing nothing is the same as helping the enemies of all that is good.

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