Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Minnesota Voters to Michele Bachmann: "Just Go Away!"

By Gary P Jackson

Here's a interesting poll that hasn't been reported on. It seems voters in Minnesota aren't too keen on third tier presidential candidates Michele Bachmann and Tim Pawlenty. Stunningly 45% don't want their former two term governor, Tim Pawlenty, running for any office, and 47% just want Michele Bachmann to go away!


On the bright side, at least the majority of Republicans support a presidential run by Pawlenty [57%] only 26% can say the same of Bachmann.

From Public Policy Polling:

Voters in Minnesota are not terribly into home state politicians Tim Pawlenty and Michele Bachmann running for President next year. Only 28% think Pawlenty should seek the White House to 17% who think he should run for the Senate and 45% who think he shouldn't run for anything. There's even less interest in a Bachmann Presidential run- 14% think she should seek that office to 23% who think she should run for the Senate, 10% who think she should run for reelection to her House seat, and 47% who just want her to go away.

Pawlenty at least has some level of interest in his running for President from the party base- 57% of Republicans think he should run. GOP voters though would much rather Bachmann ran for the Senate (43% think she should do that) than President (which only 26% think she should aim for.)

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