Friday, June 3, 2011

Muslim Republicans: Sarah Palin Seems To Be One Of The Only Republicans To Have Gotten It Right On Egypt

The Egypt situation sounds complicated and troubling, but it isn't. There is no doubt that this will change the Middle East forever. History is unfolding before our very own eyes. We need to realize this and seize the moment and momentum.

The only conservatives making any sense on Egypt are Sarah Palin and Paul Wolfowitz. No one else sounds even remotely credible.

By Gary P Jackson

This is an interesting bit of opinion I ran across from the Muslim world. It seems those who actually want a stable Egypt, and a broader stability in the Middle East, are looking to Sarah Palin as the one who "gets it." In March we reported polling that showed Americans thought Sarah Palin was the strongest of all presidential contenders when it comes to national security.

She has been outspoken against the President's foreign policy, and his tendencies to embrace our enemies and snub our fiends. She has said Obama was "on the wrong side of history" in his dealings. Sarah recently hammered Obama for borrowing money only to give it to Egypt, a nation in turmoil.

Here's more of what the Muslim Republicans have to say about Sarah Palin:

We will end with Sarah Palin. Surprisingly, one of the few conservatives that is displaying courage, independent thought (sometimes too independent), and visionary leadership.

Sarah Palin seems to be one of the only Republicans to have gotten it right. Palin said on Fox News:

"It is important that we root for people who are truly seeking democracy and freedoms."

"Over 30 years of standing by Mubarak’s side and he essentially standing with America on a lot of our interests it makes sense that we have a reciprocal relationship but no it is not moral or ethical. We are watching Mubarak and realizing the billions of dollars that have been spent, he’s become rich, a lot of the dictatorship has personally benefited. So where do those funds end up? We need to pull back on those countries where the money isn't doing any good."

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Sarah has said more on Egypt, Libya, and the foreign policy as a whole here, here, here, and here.

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