Saturday, June 4, 2011

Mitt Romney, The Father Of Gay Marriage In America, By Illegal Executive Fiat

By Gary P Jackson

This isn't about gay marriage, it's about Mitt Romney's complete and total lack of respect for the Rule of Law.

We all know Mitt Romney is the father of socialized medicine in America, and one of two people in the Republic with a socialist plan named after them, the other being Barack Obama.

Well, it seems that's not the only usurpation this Big Government extremist has visited on the people of Massachusetts, and the nation as a whole. You see Romney illegally FORCED gay marriage on the people of the Bay State, even after the state's Supreme Court banned the practice.

Ann Barnhardt discusses this illegal situation as well as more despicable acts by Romney here.

Bryan Fischer has written this:

Former Massachusetts' governor Mitt Romney announced his official intention to run for the presidency this week.

His candidacy has one potentially insurmountable problem: America has same-sex marriage because of Mitt Romney.

This is just one of several huge vulnerabilities Mitt Romney has as he tries to convince the members of his own party that he is conservative enough to claim the Republican mantle for 2012. His flip-flops on abortion, RomneyCare in Massachusetts.

But same-sex marriage is the biggie. The first domino to fall in the crusade to give marital recognition to same sex unions fell in Massachusetts, and it fell because then-governor Romney pushed it over.

While the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court declared that Massachusetts' marriage law was unconstitutional in the summer of 2003, the Court explicitly declared that the original law, which does not authorize same-sex marriage, was left intact. "Here, no one argues that striking down the marriage laws is an appropriate form of relief."

The court acknowledged that the original law, left intact by its ruling, banned homosexual marriages and gave the legislature 180 days to "take such action as it may deem appropriate." The legislature did precisely nothing.

Gov. Romney, acting on his own, ordered town clerks to begin issuing marriage licenses to same sex couples on May 17, 2004, in contravention of Massachusetts state law and under threat of termination.

Gov. Romney in essence told these town clerks that if they did not break the law, he would fire them.

Town clerks meekly complied, and became lawbreakers in the process. Massachusetts state marriage law is quite explicit: "Whoever, not being duly authorized by the laws of the commonwealth undertakes to join persons in marriage therein shall be punished by a fine of not more than five hundred dollars or by imprisonment for not more than one year, or both."

Re-read that carefully. Town clerks must be "authorized by the laws of the commonwealth" to issue marriage licenses. They are not allowed to do so under the authorization of the Supreme Judicial Court or the governor. The "laws of the commonwealth" to this day do not authorize the granting of same-sex marriage licenses.

Massachusetts state marriage law has never been changed. Same-sex marriage is still illegal in the Bay State.

So the bottom line here is that Gov. Romney broke state law and ordered his town clerks to do the same.

After Gov. Romney legalized same-sex marriage by fiat in a burst of executive branch activism, Connecticut's Supreme Court followed suit in 2008 and Iowa's Supreme Court in 2009. Same-sex marriage was not legalized through the legislative process anywhere in the United States until Vermont's legislature overrode a gubernatorial veto in April of 2009.

There are just two states now, New Hampshire being the other, where the elected representatives of the people have solemnized same-sex partnerships. In every other case, same-sex marriage has been forced down the throats of residents by an activist judiciary or, in the case of Massachusetts, by an activist governor imposing an activist ruling on his own citizens.

For time and eternity, Mitt Romney will go down in history as the man who abused the power of his office to give the United States homosexual matrimony.

For most social conservatives, this will simply be a breach too far.

For the record, I think marriage should be between one man and one woman. With that said, I also believe in States Rights. If a state, through LEGAL legislative process, wants to have gay marriage, then fine. This doesn't effect me, as I don't live in such a state. As long as it's done legally, then no one has any ground to stand on.

Here's the problem though. Mitt Romney didn't do it legally. In fact, he defied his state's Supreme Court and shoved this unwanted law down the people of Massachusetts throat's. This puts Mitt Romney in the same box with Marxist radical Barack Obama, who thinks the Rule of Law doesn't apply to him either. This makes Mitt Romney, like Obama, an incredibly dangerous man who has no respect for the Constitution, or Separation of Powers.

As reported above, thanks to Mitt Romney's radical activism, extremists in other states have been emboldened to by-pass the legislative process, and through judicial fiat, created  a process that allows gay marriage. Had Romney not acted illegally, and gotten away with it, would these other states have been so bold?

Gay marriage is the first issue visited on the Republic by Mitt Romney, the second being RomneyCare, a TOTAL usurpation of individual Liberty and Freedom. In fact, one of the most egregious acts of tyranny visited on mankind in the past century. Worse, RomneyCare embolden the Marxist democrats in the Obama regime to go for their own version. RomneyCare was the blueprint for ObamaCare.

With Romney, one quickly sees a pattern of a dictator, not a public servant. Romney had absolutely NO PROBLEM stripping away Liberty and Freedom from every single Massachusetts resident "for the greater good." Forcing every Massachusetts resident to buy something, just because they are alive and living there. This goes against absolutely EVERYTHING this nation was founded on.

Romney also had no problem forcing gay marriage on the people of the Bay State for support from activist groups. The man sold out his people for a few pieces of silver. 

Mitt Romney is just as dangerous as Barack Obama and can never be allowed to have the power of elected office again. The man has no respect for the Rule of Law or the First Principles our nation was founded on.

This nation must reject Mitt Romney, and all those like him. There is no place for men like him in our political system.

If we continue to elect men like Mitt Romney, our Republic will not survive.

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