Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Preview Movie Clips From The Undefeated

By Gary P Jackson

Here's a couple of clips from the new movie, The Undefeated, which tells the story of Sarah Palin and her record as city council woman, Mayor, and Governor.

A couple of things stand out in these clips, but the most important is explaining Sarah's role as Governor. Each state constitution defines the role of it's governor. Some, like Texas, have a relatively weak Executive. In Texas the Lt. Governor is more powerful. Alaska is the exact opposite, with the Executive position being the strongest, and one of the most powerful in the nation. Sarah Palin was truly the CEO of Alaska. This unique position is what makes her imminently more qualified than any of the other candidates. Her position in Alaska, including her duties as Commander-in-Chief of two military forces is as close to being President as it gets.

The first clip deals with the incredible mess and corruption in the oil business. Sarah Palin cleaned this up.

Big hat tip to Ray at SarahNet for the video.

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