Sunday, June 12, 2011

Survey: Voters In United Kingdom Overwhelming Want Sarah Palin As Next President

By Gary P Jackson

So much for the meme Sarah Palin is not well liked and doesn't have the ability to change the mind of skeptics!

The survey yields some interesting information. Almost three-quarters of the Brits surveyed want to see the GOP have a chance to lead America after the dismal Obama years. A huge majority, 62% would prefer Sarah Palin be the Republican nominee, and our next President.

What's very interesting, almost half of those who do not currently support Sarah Palin [47%] say they would be willing to support her if they knew more about her policies and what she would do to improve Anglo-American relations after years of the Obama regime giving them the finger!

This is encouraging, because the British press is often sleazier in their coverage of Sarah than our own corrupt media. They tend to be more like tabloids than newspapers. It seems despite best efforts, Sarah Palin's message of Liberty and freedom is getting through.

From Political World View

An overwhelming majority of voters in the UK want to see a Republican candidate installed in the White House rather than a second term for Barack Obama, PoliticalWorldView can reveal.

The poll, which asked the opinion of 1,262 voters from all backgrounds and political persuasions, found that Obama has been considered ineffective and a significant disappointment during his time in office thus far. 71% felt that the GOP deserved the opportunity to lead America in 2012 with a similar figure, 68%, saying that they would prefer the Republicans to win next year because the party is similar to Britain’s Conservative government.

Of the Republican candidates hoping to win their party’s nomination and stand against Obama, a clear majority supported Sarah Palin. 62% of voters backed Palin to win should she choose to declare her intention to stand for her party’s nomination.

Interestingly, 74% of those asked felt that Palin had been "unfairly" or "extremely unfairly" treated by the media and portrayed negatively in a deliberate attempt to influence voters away from supporting her.

Amongst those who did not back Palin, almost half (47%) said that they would be willing to reconsider supporting her if they knew more about her policies and, specifically, if she could demonstrate that she would do more than Obama to improve Anglo-American relations.

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