Friday, March 11, 2011

Sarah Palin Takes On The Budget, Union Leaders, Michael Moore, NPR, Energy Policy And 2012

If your cause is worthy and just, and if it's worthwhile, then you should have the ability to defend it. You shouldn't just retreat and duck and cover as the democrats did in Wisconsin.

~ Sarah Palin on Wisconsin's fleebagging democrats

Sarah Palin speaks with Sean Hannity in a hard hitting interview. She takes on all of the big issues, and offers up some common sense solutions.

The entire interview is strong, but I especially enjoyed it when she called out the GOP for not having the cojones to really take on the budget issues. She thanked Rand Paul for his leadership, then said we need to cut $500 billion right now, not the paltry $61 billion they are looking at.

As we are reminded, the United States has a $14 trillion debt! Our budget deficit for the month of February 2011 alone is more than the entire deficit President Bush accumulated in his 8 years in office!

I also love how Sarah continues to separate the hard working rank and file union members from their leaders who are nothing more than thugs. It's essential that we defeat these thugs and give workers real rights.

Sarah also takes on Michael Moore, who is calling for war. Moore is out there trying to start an insurrection, ginning up hate and violence among the union thugs and professional protesters. She points out that while Michael Moore is out there shilling for the unions, he refuses to hire union workers for the films he makes! Of course, the union leadership has been hiring non-union "rent-a-thugs" to show up at protests for years, so this sort of hypocrisy is nothing new.

Sarah also sets up the scenario for her presidential run. I think most of us agree, the person she's looking for is staring back at her in the mirror every morning.

BTW, for those that will ask, that is a traditional native Alaskan outfit Sarah is wearing.

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