Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Sarah Palin The National Security President

The latest Gallup polling has some very interesting statistics.

While it shows Sarah Palin in a dead heat with Mike Huckabee and Mitt Romney, it also shows that Huckabee is up a tad in support, while Mitt Romney is faltering. Looking at a period from September 25,26, 2010-February 18,20, 2011, Huckabee gained two points, Romney lost three points, and Sarah's supporters have stayed rock solidly the same.

Were it gets interesting is when you break down voters into sub-groups.

Looking at Republican leaning independents, Sarah and Romney are tied for the lead. Huckabee, however trails behind them by six points, and Newt Gingrich, who is also included, is behind by eight.

While Huckabee, for reasons we can't even fathom, has a lead among Conservatives, Sarah leads among "moderates" and liberals. Mitt is is a statistical tie with her.

Sarah also leads among young voters between the ages 18 and 49, voters who make less than $90,000 a year (which is most of us) and those without a college degree, though Huckabee is statistically tied with her on non-college grads.

One statistic that caught our attention was about church goers. Those who attend church weekly like Huckabee the most. Those who only attend church monthly like Mitt, with Sarah and Huckabee right behind. What really caught our eye was the ones who seldom or never attend church. Sarah wins that group, with Mitt well back of that. Huckabee is eight points back, and Gingrich is a full 18 points behind.

This tells me that Sarah Palin appeals to independents and centrists more than the rest of the field. Something I've maintained all along.

You can read the full details here.

On the issues, Gallup shows a mixed bag. One thing is clear though, among Republicans and Republican leaning independents, Sarah Palin is the chosen national security candidate.

I suspect Huckabee wins on social issues because of his religious background, though I'm puzzled as to why Romney wins with people who think the economy is the main issue. I suspect they haven't researched Mitt's record very well. Romney trails Huckabee a full twenty-one points on social and moral issues.

Now I know when most people think of Sarah Palin, they think of energy policy. Sarah has a long record of pushing for energy independence, and has spoken to energy regulation. She's also talked extensively about economic issues. People forget that Sarah Palin was a budget hawk in Alaska. She tackled the tough stuff: balancing budgets, taking on pension issues, and so forth, in good times.

Sarah has also been outspoken on Israel, on many occasions.

With all of that said, Sarah has spoken to foreign policy and national security in-depth. She's generally tied our fiscal policy to national security. She's most certainly tied energy independence to national security.

Sarah has spoken forcefully on Iran, Egypt, and Libya.

Sarah was was proven right on Egypt and Iran, on multiple occasions. She has been influential on Libyan policy as well.

As Obama has proven to be a completely inept leader, having lost the world, it's been Sarah Palin who has been the voice of reason and clarity.

As we move closer and closer towards 2012 and the contest at hand, we must remember that although economic issues will be front and center, the world is more complex than that. In order to have a strong economy, we must have a strong leader with experience and a record of performance not only on economic issues, but but on all of the issues.

Energy independence will be the key to our economic well being and our national security. In fact, as much of our foreign policy revolves around our energy needs, I'd say becoming energy independent, through Sarah Palin's strong all-of-the-above policy of using oil, natural gas, clean coal, nuclear, AND alternatives [that actually work] is a sound plan, not only for national security, but economic security as well.

Single issue voters bother me as much as "One-Note-Johnny" candidates. The President of the United States doesn't have to be an expert on everything, that's what their Cabinet and advisers are for, but they do have to have a solid grasp on the most important issues facing the nation, and the world.

While several candidates may look and sound good on this issue or that, Sarah Palin is the one candidate who has not only shown that she has a solid grasp on all of the issues, she also is the only one who has the solid record of positive achievement to back that up.

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