Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Christian Science Monitor: If Obama Can Bomb Libya, President Palin Can Bomb Iran Without Congress' OK

Your basic liberal rant from Robert Naiman over at the Christian Science Monitor. Obviously, Naiman is worried about Obama's unauthorized attacks on Libya, and even more worried that if this is allowed to stand, President Palin will bomb the hell out of Iran once she takes office. Actually this is a legitimate point:

To put it crudely: As a matter of logic, if President Obama can bomb Libya without congressional authorization, then a future President Palin could bomb Iran without congressional authorization. If, God forbid, we ever get to that fork in the road, you can bet your bottom dollar that the advocates of bombing Iran will invoke congressional silence now as justification for their claims of unilateral presidential authority to bomb anywhere, anytime.

Again, this is a good point. The President must go to Congress before involving the United States in a shooting war.

It just tickles me that every time one of these sort of articles comes out, they always pre-suppose a "President Palin" not someone else. Not sure what that means, but the left always tells you who they fear the most!

Read the rest of the article here.

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