Monday, March 7, 2011

Sarah Palin: The Obama Anti-Oil Agenda Has Got To Be Stopped Now

…..….Gaddafi…If you touch a hair on one American citizen’s head, we’re gonna hit you…we’re gonna hit you hard, and you’re not gonna be left standing!

~ Sarah Palin on how she would have handled Gaddafi from the outset of the Libyan situation

You want some red meat, here ya go! Sarah Palin talks with Judge Jeanine Pirro on all of the big issues of the day. From Governor Walker in Wisconsin and the fleebagger democrats .... Sarah says fire 'em [recall them] .... to energy policy, to foreign policy. This interview has it all.

There are only two silly questions here. Both at the end. One about has-been "comedian" Kathy Griffin, and her continued stalk-fest. The other about her shoes. Pirro goes on and on about how women love their shoes.


Anyhow, Sarah, who is known to wear some stylish footwear from time to time, was wearing a pair at the Long Island event that caught the Judge's eye.

Our buddy Sheya has a few comments for the Judge which you can read here.

All in all though, a powerful interview. Enjoy.

Video courtesy of our friends at SarahNet.

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