Thursday, March 17, 2011

Bobby Zee: It's Time To "Cowboy Up" And Fight For Sarah Palin!

I would be honored to have her as my commander in chief.

~Bobby Zee, US ARMY ret


Sometimes when we are out and about on the interwebs we run across a statement by someone that just stops us in our tracks and has us saying "Hell yeah!" Such is the case with this comment we saw from retired soldier Bobby Zee. Bobby's impassioned comments get right to the core of the problem.

It's not just us against the democrats, it's us against the democrats, their media partners, and the GOP establishment too! It's the entire Ruling Class. Jackwagons in BOTH parties that have put America in a tail spin. They are all the enemies of Liberty and Freedom. None any better than the other.

Here's where the problem starts though. We have someone who is willing to take on all comers. To fight with every ounce of her being. To do anything and everything in her power to not only stop our headlong rush into the abyss, but turn us around and head in the right direction at full throttle. Sarah Palin has proven over and over that she is the only one with the backbone to stand up to the Obama regime, the corrupt blood libel media, and the Republican establishment. Hell, in Alaska she sent a large group of GOP elites to prison!

So what's the problem?

Us. We are the problem!

Oh, not all of us, but many of us. We sit back and love the fact Sarah Palin is the greatest political warrior we have seen in our lifetimes. We love how she whips Obama like a rented mule on almost a daily basis. We also love how she has no problem taking on the corrupt media. We really love how she's someone who speaks her mind without regard of how it plays politically. With Sarah Palin, what you see is what you get. She doesn't just talk the talk, she walks the walk.

Thing is though, Sarah is just one person. The feckless elites in the Republican Party aren't going to back her up, and even some Conservatives lack the backbone. [though they loved it when she helped them out!] Nope. These people, and even many of her supporters, just set back and allow attack after attack to come her way. Never bothering to engage those who spread lies and hatred toward her. Not having the steel spine that she does to take on any and all who would stand in her way.

People forget that Sarah is out there fighting for US. Trying to make the United States a better place. Sarah Palin promises to bring common sense leadership to the White House. The same common sense she used to govern so effectively in Alaska. But she can't do it on her own. She needs our support. She needs supporters that will spread her message, and defend her when attacked. People who will take the time to learn her REAL record [not the crap the left made up] and tell it to anyone and everyone they see!

If we are to save the nation, we must all be willing to put some skin in the game. We must all be willing to fight. To do whatever we can to support Sarah, and those Conservatives who align with her. That share our values and are also willing to put it all on the line.

Bobby's comments below were born of frustration. Many of us are like Bobby. We hear people say they want a better country, but won't invest the time it takes to get us there. They want HONEST politicians, but when one comes along, they let her twist in the wind, because it's just too damned hard to stand up and be counted.

Frankly, we have one shot left to get this right. If we don't stand up and make sure Sarah Palin is our next President, it's over. The rest of the so-called "presidential hopefuls" are weak. At best they are nothing more than democrat-lite. Watered down versions of the Big Government liberals who have been destroying this country for 100 years.

When choosing between Barack Obama and the pathetic pack of losers who are looking to become the GOP nominee in 2012, we are simply choosing if we want to be driven over the cliff at a brisk 100 mph or a more leisurely 70 mph pace. Either way, we are still going over the cliff and into certain disaster. One will just take longer to get us there!

As a friend pointed out the other night, if Sarah Palin isn't our nominee, we will simply be choosing who will go down as our Nero, the leader who oversaw the collapse of the United States. With that kind of choice, might as well re-elect Obama and get it over with! Let him take all of the blame!

Upon seeing Bobby's comments, we contacted him and asked if we could re-publish. His answer was: "Post it anywhere you want. It is time our side COWBOYS UP. I just can't stand the cowardice anymore."

Being a retired combat soldier, Bobby uses some salty language, so be forewarned! We just couldn't bring ourselves to edit out the expletives from such an excellent rant. It just wouldn't be right!

She is "divisive" because the conservative movement is full of cowards who bend over because they are afraid of the left and the media. Why not fight against the smears? Why not fight for the truth? Instead conservatives run and hide and then wonder why even after 8 years of BUSH the country moved to the left!!!!!!!

While Governor, her state was one of 2 out of 50 that created net jobs. I COULD WRITE FOR HOURS ABOUT HER ACCOMPLISHMENTS, but it would not do a damn thing for people like Krauthammer and other fraud cowardly so called conservatives. How come the other intellectual governors that Krauthammer praises could not eke out some job gains? Odd huh?

WAKE UP!!!! Do you want to know why the jobs are gone? Do you want to to know why your nation is turning into a shit hole? IT IS BECAUSE OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE. We let it happen. WE CONSERVATIVES LET IT HAPPEN BECAUSE WE SAT ON OUR FUCKING ASSES AND REFUSED TO FIGHT the left for the last 20+ years. Now Sarah is ready to fight, and most of us just let her go out there with no backup, no nothing. She is used as a human shield for LESSER MEN. She is fighting multi-billion dollar left wing media companies and two hack political parties every fucking day of her life, and we cannot even muster a defense with the exception of a few websites and the OCCASIONAL defense on talk radio. PATHETIC.

I served in Korea and Vietnam in combat. When I say combat, I mean COMBAT. After that, I worked for the government "unofficially" (use your imagination.) I killed with my bare hands for this country and it makes me sick that even most of my fellow conservatives will not lift a finger to help her. If I was younger and still serving I would be honored to have her as my commander in chief. You can keep the phony tough guy men that get trotted out as candidates. I saw REAL leadership up close and I know what it looks like. Sarah Palin has "IT." I saw men blown to pieces and other men who still ran forward with the entrails of their best friends still on them. My oh my, how far we have fallen. Those boys had integrity and valor. Today’s conservative movement by and large is not fit to shine their fucking shoes.

The state of our conservative movement today sickens me. It is full of frauds and cowards. We cower in fear because the media is too mean and unfair to Sarah Palin, so we should just throw her over the fucking side because IT'S TOO HARD to fight back. AWWWW, poor babies. It would be so much easier to just nominate another fraud republican who can sell us down the river for a few pieces of silver as the country continues to move left as we descend into European Socialism.

As far as coward Charles Krauthammer goes….The day I take advice on conservatism from a guy who worked for Mondale and Carter is the day I put a loaded .357 in my mouth and pull the fucking trigger! That clear enough or should I use more big words to be on the same "intellectual stage" as the media elites?

These cowards remind of the guys in battle who said "we can’t win," and then NEVER LIFTED A FINGER TO HELP US when the battle began. Well yeah no thanks to you!

Please commence the flogging of me. Call me every name in the book. When you have been through what I have, there is nothing anyone can ever do to harm me. I pray you young people wake up because the cold hard truth is that you have more than likely already lost your nation to a secular decline that is irreversible. There is a chance for you to save it, but from the looks of it, you don’t have the mental fortitude to make it happen.

Cut all the bullshit and ask yourself this honest question. DO YOU REALLY THINK THIS NATION WILL BE SAVED AND PUT BACK ON THE COURSE OF TRUTH, JUSTICE, and OPPORTUNITY by electing the same tired old political hacks that our media betters APPROVE OF? DO YOU REALLY? How has that worked out for you these past 20 years or so? More debt, more joblessness, more danger. WOW SIGN ME UP! SIGH. But yeah, let’s not even fight for a true conservative. It’s too hard.

Bobby, US ARMY ret

The choice is yours. Do you really want to see America rescued from disaster, or is it just too damned hard hard?

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