Thursday, December 2, 2010

Word For The Day: Palingenesis

palingenisis \ pal-in-JEN-uh-sis \ , noun;

1. Rebirth; regeneration.

2. In biology, embryonic development that reproduces the ancestral features of the species.

3. Baptism in the Christian faith.

4. The doctrine of transmigration of souls.

A friend sent me this yesterday. It was the “word of the day” on It got me to thinking how appropriate it was the word starts with “Palin.”

One of the real struggles we have in this this nation is between the radical left, headed by Barack Obama, who want to destroy America as we know it, and the Common Sense Conservatives, led by Sarah Palin, who want to rebuild and restore America to the greatness first envisioned by our founding fathers. In other words reproducing the ancestral features of the nation.

It wouldn't be a stretch to say that Sarah herself hasn't went through a bit of palingenisis of her own. The entire world said she was through back in July of 2009. Of course, they've pronounced her career dead before, like when she resigned the AOGCC chairmanship over mass corruption. [and threats of jail if she blew the whistle] Sarah turned “political suicide” into a landslide victory and the keys to the Governor's office. She also made sure a lot of corrupt politicians went to prison.

Since the last time Sarah was pronounced finished by the chattering class, she has become the nation's leader against the Obama regime. She has stood on principle over politics and taken on the regime on every defining issue of the day.

This is bigger that Sarah Palin though, and she'd be the first to tell you that. It's more about what Sarah Palin represents. Her ideas, her vision. These are not new “cutting edge” ideas. [which rarely work] No, these are time honor truths, time honored solutions that always work. Nothing complicated or imposing, just good old-fashioned common sense.

Ronald Reagan once said: “There are no easy solutions, but there are simple ones.” He was right then, and Sarah Palin is right when she says it now. All throughout my business career one of the tenets of good business was the use of the KISS method. [Keep It Simple …. Stupid] This applies to life as well. The more complex and complicated you make things, the more chances for failure. Government has become incredibly more complex and complicated than it was ever designed to be, or needs to be. It no longer functions properly.

Of course, the radicals love this. It allows for all sorts of chicanery, simply because it's too hard to keep track of it all, and by the time we do see it, it's too late. The entire Ruling Class, the democrats and the establishment Republicans, love this complicated mess as well. It allows them to build their little power bases and feel important. It also insulates them from the will of the people.

Sarah Palin represents an end to this nonsense. Her ideas and vision, along with the proven ability to get things done, is why she has such strong support among the American people. Now she's not some superwoman, she can't do this alone, she'll need all of our support. She'll also surround herself with the very best people who share her vision. That's what successful leaders do.

Barack Obama came to office saying he wanted to “fundamentally change” America. Many people who voted for him had absolutely no idea what that meant. Now, almost two years later, we understand Obama and his fellow travelers mean to destroy the very foundation of America and replace the values and ideals that have made the United States the most envied nation in the world for 234 years. Obama and his cronies want to create their version of Utopia based on communist principles that have failed every time they have been tried. Failed miserably.

It's time for a real leader to restore and rebuild America in the image our founders had. For America to once again become that Shining City on a Hill. It's time to reproduce the ancestral features of our nation.

It's time for a Palingenesis.

It's time for Sarah Palin.

H/T Jackie Siciliano

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