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Reporting On Sarah Palin In Haiti: The Corrupt Media Has Finally Jumped the Shark

Jumping the shark is an idiom used to denote the point in a television program's history where the plot spins off into absurd storylines or unlikely characterizations. These changes were often the result of efforts to revive interest in a show whose audience had begun to decline.

From 1974 thru 1984 one of the most popular shows on television was Happy Days, a nostalgic look at the 1950s that starred Henry Winkler and Ron Howard, along with a strong supporting cast. Happy Days was one of those shows that everyone watched and pretty much everyone enjoyed. It was one of the rare shows that was so good it spawned a spin-off series using beloved characters from the show that was also a major hit.

Cindy Williams and Penny Marshall would star in another wildly popular show called Laverne and Shirley.

Happy Days is the kind of show that really becomes part of the culture, and can run pretty much forever in syndication. Sadly, the show ran into a brick wall and destroyed the integrity of the series. What radio personality Jon Hein described as “A defining moment when you know that your favorite television program has reached its peak. That instant that you know from now's all downhill.

In 1977 as part of a three episode opening, the show's central characters visit Los Angeles. Henry Winkler's character, “Fonzie,” has his bravery challenged. In what turned out to be better on paper than on TV, the script called for “The Fonz” to jump a captive shark. So here's one of the most popular characters on TV, dressed in swimming trunks, and wearing his trademark black leather jacket, on a pair of water skis. It was as ridiculous as it sounds.

The show continued for six more seasons, but it was never the same after that. The writers had gone from believable situations to the ridiculous, and it effected the viewer's perception of the show.

So significant was this to our culture, “jumping the shark” has become almost synonymous for failure. For doing something so ridiculous it destroys the credibility of everything one does going forward.

This leads us to 2010 and the corrupt lamestream media's reporting on Sarah Palin. Now it's been dishonest to the point of ridiculousness and absurdity for quite some time now, but I think Sarah's trip to Haiti with Reverend Franklin Graham and Greta Van Susteren, on behalf of Samaritan's Purse, is the final straw. The true “jump the shark” moment.

As usual the media got pretty much everything wrong in it's reporting. In other words, lied. I use the word lie, because these so-called “journalists” are old hats at this, and know full well how these trips work. They made a choice to lie to their readers. A willful, knowing, and deliberate choice.

Stacy Drake wrote a hard hitting piece calling out the Associate Press' Jonathan Katz for his completely dishonest reporting. You should read it here.

Stacy points out a serious problem. The media is corrupt and lies outright  to create the narrative they want you to believe, rather than the truth. While this is dangerous to the Republic and a direct assault on Freedom and Liberty, it's not what you could call a “jump the shark” moment. No, that's what we call “business as usual.

The true “jump the shark” moment would come from this: The media attempts to destroy Sarah's street cred as an independent, hard working, everywoman constantly. They claim she can't really shoot, though we watch her shoot quite well during her 8-part travelogue, Sarah Palin's Alaska. They claim she can't fish, even though we see her and her family pull in salmon by the hundreds, as well as watch her help haul in ginormous halibut on the open seas.

When all else fails, they go for the Diva angle. That's easy for mindless liberals to understand. Of course, that theory has been blown all to hell by Sarah Palin's Alaska as well. We've seen Sarah with no make-up, covered in fish slime and guts. Sweating from working out, and from climbing the face of a glacier. Of course, we've seen her dressed up as well, just as you would any other woman in real life.

Anyhow, since it's easy, and hack “journalists” are lazy ….

This brings us to the trip to Haiti and the jumping of the shark.

As pointed out above, one of the folks who went on this trip was Greta Van Sustern. She has traveled with Franklin Graham before on these relief missions. She does a good job of reporting. Anyhow, bless her heart, Greta loves all things techie, and really loves blogging. She always posts photos when she is out and about. In the photo below you'll notice Sarah and Todd, and you'll see Bristol, second from the right, with a pony tail and scarf:

Now fast forward a bit.

The far left hate site, Palingates, came up with a photo of Sarah, posted it and of course sent it, and their latest conspiracy theory, around to their enablers in the so-called “straight” media. If you aren't familiar with these loons, once based in France, now we believe in  Germany, they are insane Palin haters. And I DO mean insane! They are the ones who started the lie that Sarah's son Trig is really Bristol's baby, a lie they continue to peddle to this day. [and many media outlets give credence to]

This photo, and the corresponding lie, was picked up by the notoriously vile Huffington Post. HuffPo of course has strong ties with anti-Palin bloggers including those hand picked by Obama's now Chief of Staff, Pete Rouse. They give space to all, and the so-called “respectable media” picks it up like it's the gospel truth.

One would think HuffPo would be more interested in getting it's own house in order rather than pushing nonsense on the American people. Just a few days ago, noted Palin hating Huffpo blogger, and Columbia professor, David Epstein was busted for having a long term incestuous relationship with his daughter. This is sick to say the least, but sadly typical of the “quality” of writers allowed to work for HuffPo, so long as they trash Sarah Palin. Stacy McCain has all of the sordid details on this sick bastard, Epstein, here.

The photo in question? Look for yourself.

Now bear in mind, Palingates is pushing the idea that Sarah, the Diva that she is, had a full staff with her, including a “hairdresser” to keep her looking good. They somehow divined this knowledge from studying this single photograph, and most likely some heavy narcotics intake. Without batting an eye, HuffPo and others, like the UK's Daily Mail used this lunacy to paint Sarah as someone who cares more about how she looks in front of the cameras than the poor people of Haiti and their suffering.

Now it should worry the hell out of all Americans that media worldwide use sources like Palingates, a bunch of absolute loons that make Jesse Ventura and Alex Jones look credible, as “trusted sources.”

Looking at the photo what we REALLY see is Sarah standing there while her “hairdresser,” daughter Bristol, fixes something that is awry. We see mothers do this all of the time to their daughters when something like a hairpin comes lose, and well, obviously daughters return the favor. This doesn't mean anyone is vain, it just means most folks want to look groomed and nice, and their loved ones want that as well.

The true jump the shark moment here is the fact the media absolutely knew this was Bristol, but chose to call her “Sarah's hairdresser” and characterized what is little more that having some stray hairs put in their place, to “having her hair done.”

This is where the plot spins off into “absurd storylines or unlikely characterizations.” It proves the media is so desperate that it will actually publish photos showing one thing, and one group of people, and yet tell you something totally different is happening, and other people, not those in the photo are actually there. It would be hilarious, if it wasn't so dangerous.

This sort of thing is destroying the Republic. A free nation cannot survive and be successful without a free and honest press. Something that is increasingly hard to find in the 21st century. The media does this with more people and more situations than Sarah Palin and her activities, of course. It's just their lies are so blatant, and easily debunked, that it shows the desperation among the left to create a false reality about what is really happening in America.

For Sarah's part, her message from Haiti is clear. She urges Americans to not forget Haiti. Damned shame the Palin hating progressives can't get on board with that message, instead of the lunacy they spout.

For the corrupt media, and the progressive movement, from now's all downhill. They have truly jumped the shark.

H/T: Kristinn from Free Republic.

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