Thursday, December 16, 2010

Sing It With Me: Sarah Palin Is Right Once Again!

As Obama tries to use the Democrat majority one more time, Palin proves she is a leader with political and governing sense!

~ Mark Vogl

Sarah Palin was right!” I think this is a phrase we are going to be hearing for many years to come. This will be of great delight to Sarah's millions of supporters and cause massive heartburn among democrats and the Republican establishment, the Ruling Class of America.

As soon as the “compromise” tax deal between President Obama and the GOP leadership was announced Sarah Palin, along with Senator Jim DeMint came out strongly against it. The American people got hosed, and Sarah knew it! There were all sorts of little add-ons to appease the left. Unfunded add-ons that make an all ready unsustainable budget deficit grow by billions of dollars.

If that wasn't bad enough, days later the radical left, who are never satisfied, ever, decided they didn't like this thing either and all hell broke loose. The legislative process took on the feel of an Arabian street bazaar, with politicians from both parties selling of their “yes” votes for billions of dollars to fund their little pet projects. Billions of dollars we don't have, putting us even further in debt. A debt we will likely never be able to repay if this nonsense isn't stopped.

Thanks to the geniuses in Washington, they turned a really bad idea into a double-decker crap sandwich. One of many crap sandwiches we have had shoved down our throat by the democrat controlled 111th Congress, which mercifully, is set to expire at the end of the year.

As I write this, pretty much everyone is against this thing, the President is telling his people if this bill doesn't pass his presidency is over [yeah like passing it will help] and Conservatives as well are radical progressives are in revolt. The crap sandwich passed the Senate “The World's Greatest Deliberative Body” [snort] and is hung up in the House.

Here's the deal. The tax cuts that were put in place by George W. Bush and the Republican Congress have an expiration date: December 31, 2010. When they expire, Americans will see the largest tax increase in history. It will devastate an economy that is already on life support.

Obama knows if these tax increases happen he'll have to be put in the Witness Protection Program! It's hard to feel sorry for the President and his Congress though. They have known this was coming for years. While they were working so hard to destroy the finest health care in the world [ObamaCare] and scheme to give union thugs total control of the private labor force [card check] work on cap and tax, amnesty for illegals, and so on, they ignored the looming tax explosion that's about to happen.

I guess the democrats thought they could run out the clock on the lame duck session, just before they lose control, and hope they could force the Republicans into eating a crap sandwich, along with the American people, out of fear.

Here's the deal. In January the 112th Congress will be sworn in. The House will be overwhelmingly Republican, with strong Conservative leadership, and the Senate will have some new Conservative firebrands as well. Even better, for the country, a whole lot of democrat Senators will be up for re-election in 2012, and they will likely be very open to supporting Conservative ideas, instead of those pushed by the radical left.

As both Sarah Palin and Jim DeMint recommended early on, let this crap sandwich die and in January come back and put the tax cuts back in place, negotiating from a position of strength. They can make the tax cuts retroactive to the first of the year.

Jim Vogl at his America Today blog has this to say:

Governor Palin was ahead of the pack when she rejected the bill which passed the Senate yesterday.

Republicans in the Senate once again collapsed. They could have stopped this bill, but they didn't.

Do we need an extension of the Bush tax rates? Yes, but permanently! Why? For two reasons. First, because a permanent extension of the Bush tax rates would help create a long term business friendly environment thus "stimulating" the economy. Second, because permanently lower tax rates would completely change the direction of government growth. Lower tax rates means a limit to spending to force cuts in government spending.

What else is wrong with the present bill? How bout billions in earmarks spending. This is spending which is important to one member of Congress, and is added to larger legislation to get their vote. Earmarks is a tool to get your representative to vote for legislation they would not otherwise support!
The last campaign was, in part, about the abuse of earmarks and the credit card mentality of the Obama Administration and the Democrats.

[ …. ]

Sarah Palin had been almost alone when she opposed this bill. Now, most Americans reject this bill. A sign of a leader is knowing the mind of the nation, before even the nation knows...Sarah seems to be a leader with that skill.

It's pretty easy to know what's on the mind of the American people when you are one of them. Unlike most politicians, Sarah Palin is one of us, and not part of the Ruling Class.

There is another piece of legislation that is just as dangerous and just as big of a crap sandwich as the extension of Bush tax cuts legislation, and that's the omnibus spending bill. The democrat controlled Congress has ignored it's one constitutionally mandated duty: to create an operating budget. Instead of doing their job, they have passed “continuing resolutions” that keep governments doors open, with little or no oversight and control over spending. [And we wonder why we have a $14 TRILLION budget deficit!]

Anyhow, at the last minute, the democrats have gotten religion and decided we absolutely MUST have an actually budget. The dollar figure is 1.1 TRILLION. This damned bill is 1900 pages long and filled with all sorts of porkulicious waste. This is a crap sandwich on steroids!

Thankfully Jim DeMint is all over this one and is using a parliamentary procedure that will force this bill to be read into the Senate record, aloud and on the Senate floor. Obviously this will take days. The idea is to run the clock out so the new Republican Congress can create a budget that makes sense.

There really should be a law that says once an election is held, there will be no more Congress [lame duck] until a new one is sworn in. The amount of mischief the democrats are up to is amazing. They are still going to try and pass amnesty for illegal aliens [the “Dream Act”] and repeal DADT so that gays can serve openly in the military. Things the American people just threw the democrats out of power over. It's immoral, and should be illegal for these losers to get the opportunity to shove these unpopular and dangerous initiatives down Americas throat, especially after America just gave them one of the loudest “ Hell Nos!” in election history.

BTW, if you are keeping score of how the major players for 2012 stand on the tax “compromise” crap sandwich, Sarah Palin and Jim DeMint are dead set against it. Newt Gingrich and Mike Huckabee loves them some tasty crap.

After a couple of weeks of focus grouping the hell out of it, Mitt Romney came out, saw his shadow, stuck his finger in the air, and decided he was against the bill. The rest are either unsure [clueless] or in hiding.

The key word going into 2012 will be LEADERSHIP.

Some have it, most don't.


As I was about to publish this piece, news came that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, realizing the effort was futile, pulled the $1.1 TRILLION omnibus spending bill off the table. It's dead.

A lot of solid Conservatives worked hard to stop it. Of course, Jim DeMint played a big part, but so did Senator John McCain who took to the Senate floor reading every ridiculous waste of money that was crammed into that mess. McCain has long been one of the loudest voices against earmarks and wasteful spending in general.

This was a good day

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