Monday, December 13, 2010

The President's Disgraceful Treatment Of A True American Hero

On November 16th this year a true American hero was honored. Army Staff Sergeant Salvatore Giunta, of Hiawatha, Iowa, was awarded the Medal of Honor. This is the highest honor a member of the American military can receive.

Of course, this isn't an honor one competes for. You don't “win” this honor. There is no competition. This honor is given to those who go well far and above what is expected of any man or woman in service to the nation. The effort these heroes display, with little regard to their own safety and comfort, is extraordinary. So extraordinary that most recipients of this honor were not able to accept it in person, having perished while saving others. The last time a living warrior was honored was during the Vietnam War.

That makes the honor given to Staff Sgt Giunta so special. Not only did this brave soldier save his fellow warriors from capture and death, he lived to tell about it. Cause for celebration indeed.

If you haven't already seen the account of the battle, and the heroism displayed by Staff Sgt Giunta, the Blue Star Chronicles has a full report, along with video interviews here.

Every time I read stories about these sort of men I always have to ask, where do they come from. What sort of upbringing and training creates such men. Men that would willing give their lives in exchange for the safety and comfort of their brothers. I always find myself in complete awe as I contemplate this.

That's why when a good friend of mine, a veteran, and proud father of a Marine, sent me the video below, I got sick to my stomach.

We know the President doesn't really respect the office he holds. He disgraces it daily, but one would think that he would take this solemn occasion, as the military's Commander-in-Chief, to show some respect for those before him, those being honored, and all of those honored in the past.

The fact Staff Sgt Giunta, his family, and fellow warriors were not front and center, instead of Obama's political cronies, is disgraceful and an insult to this humble American who describes himself as just an “average soldier.

Again I ask: Where do we find such men of fine character, grace, and humility like Staff Sargent Salvatore Giunta?

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