Thursday, December 2, 2010

Interesting: Sarah Palin's Support Among Moderates Skyrockets As Support For Mitt Romney Collapses

Remember how we are told Sarah Palin is “polarizing” and “extreme” and how we need to pick a “safe” [read unprincipled RINO] candidate, because Sarah only appeals to hard core Conservatives?

Yeah, we all know that's BS, and evidently so do voters in North Carolina. Now this is just one poll, and in a Southern state, but North Carolina isn't all that Conservative, and could be the start of a major trend.

Mitt Romney is considered the front runner among the party establishment. He's their boy because it's “his turn” and all. [Qualifications and ability mean little to these cats] Their idea is Romney appeals to those precious moderates everyone courts. Except it appears Romney isn't all that appealing.

There's the interesting dynamic going on here. In the latest poling from PPP 24% of those polled self identify as moderates. Out of those moderates, Sarah Palin leads all comers with 27% of the vote. Mitt Romney the supposed champion moderate, only gets a dismal 12%.

Sarah also leads Romney in the favorable to unfavorable department with 65/20 vs 49/23

This is consistent with the national polling PPP released yesterday showing Sarah is the front runner for the nomination.

Again this is only one state, but it's significant. It also reminds us that Conservatism, real Conservatism works every time it's tried. Voters, even moderates, are looking for a leader. The problem with moderate candidates, like Romney is they are not leaders. They are finger in the wind folks. Not only that, but their ideology tends to skew pretty progressive.

They may look good on paper, by appealing to “a wide rage of people” [in theory at least] but in reality, they come off as democrat-light. And this is where the problems come in. When voters, especially those moderates, are faced with the choice between a democrat-light candidate and an actual democrat, they'll go ahead and vote for the real thing. This has always been the case.

Voters want real choices and they want real leaders, not blow in the wind, go with the flow “managers.” Only dead fish go with the flow.

So much for the meme Sarah Palin won't appeal to moderates. It seems like Sarah Palin is actually the “safe” choice after all.

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