Tuesday, September 28, 2010

You Know ... Bristol Palin Really Is A Great Dancer

You know, if someone told me a few months back I'd be watching a show about ballroom dancing, let alone writing about said show, I would have laughed in their face. My entertainment generally includes 8000 horsepower nitro burning engines going down the quarter mile, and I write about politics and the shape our nation is in, because I feel that is what matters.

One of the cool things about being a Sarah Palin supporter is you never really know what's coming next. There is always so much excitement surrounding Sarah, and so many opportunities. Now we can add Bristol Palin to the mix.

Bristol, sans Ricky Hollywood, is quite an interesting person in her own right. We've all witnessed some of the hard times, the craziness caused by her unfortunate time spent with professional leech, Levi Johnston, but Bristol has gotten past all of that and really stepped up.

As a single mom, she's worked like everyone else, earning a paycheck to support her son, but having such a high profile and well respected mother has opened up some other opportunities as well. Bristol has had the opportunity to advocate for causes she cares about, and has recently taken to the lecture circuit, like mom, and is giving speeches to groups and sharing her message.

Then came Dancing With The Stars.

I wasn't sure what Bristol was capable of. I watched the first installment and frankly was quite impressed. For someone who had never danced, I thought she was more than acceptable. Doing this in front of a live audience is tough, but knowing over 20 million people are also watching, well, that's intimidating. Her performance was quite good.

Of course, this is a team sport, and man, Bristol couldn't have gotten a better partner in this deal. Mark Ballas is an incredibly talented guy. He's a great dancer, and an even greater teacher. He is incredibly patient, and really takes care of Bristol.

I was struck by one thing watching this week's show, as well as last week's. With a lot of the couples, there is a tad bit of tension. This simply doesn't seem to exist between Bristol and Mark. There is a serious chemistry there. Good chemistry is needed for a team to work well, no matter the sport.

It was simply a delight to watch Bristol and Mark dance this week. They are quite beautiful together. Technically they were perfect, but past that, they were exciting, even playful. You could tell both Bristol and Mark were really enjoying the dance, and the footwork was just incredible.

During the judging portion it was said that Bristol should learn a bit more about acting, for the performance. I totally disagree. Bristol and Mark do so well together that if one didn't know better, you'd think they were an item. That's how much chemistry they have together, and how much fun they are obviously having.

How well did they do? Well, last week they scored mid pack with an 18 out of a possible 30 points. To put that in perspective, the top score was Jennifer Grey's 24. This week Bristol and Mark scored a 22. That's a 4 point jump in the scoring, a HUGE improvement. Most dancers either stayed the same, or scored less than last week.

Their performance was exciting and beautiful.

There are several good teams in this deal. Jennifer Grey, for example, is simply marvelous. She really is spectacular. Mark Warner is doing well, mostly because his partner is so good, and so fun. However, no couple has that spark that Bristol and Mark do. They've made this hairy legged old boy a fan of ballroom dancing!

Of course, Monday night's show wasn't without controversy, ginned up by the corrupt lamestream media. If you were following out Twitter feed late, you know what I mean.

The audience booed the judges several times during the night, mostly for remarks they made to the dancers. The really loud booing came after Jennifer Grey danced. Jennifer again had the high score of the night, a 24, but everyone clearly thought she deserved more, including me. It was quite clear that Jennifer put every ounce of her soul into that dance. The boos were long and loud.

Enter the corrupt, lamestream media. Before the show was even over all of the radical lefties were reporting the crowd was booing Sarah Palin, an out and out lie.

Of course, this was the headline of the day today. The corrupt media choosing this, rather than the FBI probe of Barack Obama’s best buddy, SEIU union thug, Andy Stern, the person who has visited the White House more than anyone since Obama has been in office.

A huge scandal, with one of Barack Obama's closest advisers, by clearly, lying about Sarah Palin was more important to these corrupt losers.

Stacy Drake covered this very well here.

Our friend Sheya at Palin TV put together a video of clips from DWTS as well as the Entertainment Tonight's visit to Wasilla. As you watch the video above, you'll see Sarah introduced to cheers, not jeers. One would thing if the malcontents that were supposedly booing Sarah, were going to do it, that would have been their day in the sunshine.

When Bristol and Mark were introduced for their dance, the audience cheered loudly, and cheered several times during the performance. Like the judges, the audience really likes these two .... a lot.

My take-aways?

1. At this point the corrupt media has become a joke. They are so partisan, so ridiculous, and frankly, so afraid, they can't even control themselves long enough to report honestly on a friggin’ dance contest.

2. Bristol Palin really can dance. Like her mother she is a quick study. She and Mark are a delight to watch. Just plain good stuff. These two are serious contenders for the win. Jennifer Grey will be tough to beat, she's a great dancer and there is a sentimental connection with a lot of folks, but if any team can beat her and her partner, it will be Bristol and Mark. They have really captured America's imagination.

Thanks again to Sheya at PalinTV for putting the video together.

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  1. Loved this blog. I so agree with all you have said about Bristol. I would bet that we will be seeing more of this young lady in areas that will make her Mom look like the great Mom that she is. Of course, I love Sarah for the great Politician that she is.