Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Christine O’Donnell’s Hannity Interview

This is another home run for Christine O'Donnell. The more she speaks the more you realize she is the exact opposite of the caricature the media and the GOP elites have been trying to paint her as.

I love the fact she is wading right into the false accusations against her and ripping the liars apart. It's easy to see why Sarah Palin gave her the "Mama Grizzly Seal Of Approval." Christine is fearless. Handles herself quite well.

I love how she works right past the attacks, as well as the nonsense from dirt bag Bill Maher, and her appearances on his show over a decade ago. Christine is quick to point out that her opponents have yet to say she is wrong on the issues.

It's also interesting how she handles the issue of Mike Castle. Christine shows that she is a class act, and above the petty nonsense the GOP elites have engaged in. To me it proves that she is made of good stock.

As a bonus, check out coverage of the first debate between Christine and Chris Coons courtesy of WDEL, here. She sounds great. Reminds me of a young Ronald Reagan.

Video courtesy of The Right Scoop.

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