Saturday, September 25, 2010

CBS News: When Sarah Palin Speaks, People Listen

The main focus of this report is the worry that if the large number of impressive candidates Sarah Palin has endorsed score in November, the Republicans might actually grow a pair and stand up to the insane Obama agenda.

The crew at CBS are really fretting over the fact that a big win for Sarah’s favorites will ensure the Republicans will be unlikely to compromise when it comes time to deal with the expiration of the Bush tax cuts, which are going to give Americans the largest tax increase in our history, come January.

The Marxist-democrats, you see, decided to punt that issue down the road, choosing not to deal with it at all, until after the election If the Republicans actually do find some conservative religion, and a backbone, the M-ds only have themselves to blame.

The tax and spend Marxist-democrats have an almost demented desire to hurt the very people who not only create all of the jobs, but already pay in the most in taxes. They must be stopped.

CBS also points to Sarah’s powerful indictment of the Obama regime, over ObamaCare, in: Lies, Damned Lies – Obamacare 6 Months Later.

I find it interesting that CBS chose to mention Sarah’s tweet linking to her Facebook post, mentioning her nearly 250,000 followers, rather than her Facebook entry itself, and the over 2.2 million who read her entries daily. That's how media bias is done at the "Tiffany Network."

CBS also highlights Sarah’s brand new website: Take Back The 20 which is dedicated to defeating the 20 Marxist-democrats in districts that McCain-Palin won in 2008, who voted for ObamaCare. This is what has the left in full panic mode.

Think about it, with the number of solid candidates Sarah has endorsed, in both Senate and House races, not to mention races for Governor, she has built a solid common sense conservative power base. All of her endorsees are looking good for a win.  November will be a pivotal month for Sarah Palin.

I'll give CBS credit though. This is a pretty fair and balanced bit of reporting here. They point out, quite well, the fact that Sarah Palin has become the most powerful and the most important leader in the Republican Party.

As they say at the end, when Sarah Palin speaks, people listen.

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