Saturday, September 25, 2010

Breaking: Bob Dole Endorses Christine O’Donnell For Senator

This is exactly what Christine O'Donnell needed. After acting like spoiled children since Christine O'Donnell took out far left radical "Republican" Mike Castle in the Delaware primary, the Republican elites needed to be taken to the woodshed.

Charles Krauthammer, and Karl Rove, who has some serious explaining to do, really jumped the shark after Christine won a crushing victory against Mike Castle. These elitist fools seemed genuinely disturbed that a regular person was about to become a United States Senator, then set about trashing her for days. Then they had the audacity to complain her poll numbers hadn't received a large victory bounce.

That's kinda expected when the "smart" people in your own party are trashing you. Idiots.

Of course, Christine isn't the first to beat an establishment hack for the Republican nomination this year, Nikki Haley, Dr Rand Paul and Sharron Angle were savaged by the "good old boys" after they won too. In Nikki Haley's case, it was a full court press during the primary as well.

That's what makes this endorsement so special. Bob Dole, a war hero and elder statesman in the party, by endorsing Christine, is telling his fellow Republicans to grow up and support our candidate and stop acting like spoiled brats.

Dole, who is in Walter Reed Hospital, awaiting knee surgery, had this to say:

Christine O'Donnell message resonated with the voters, and to the surprise of many she defeated Congressman Mike Castle, who many of us thought would win. The primary is over and in my opinion it is time for voters to join hands and support Christine O'Donnell. The Delaware seat is important and the winner in November could well determine whether Republicans or Democrats control the Senate.

I find many of the attacks on O'Donnell to be personal and lacking in balance and fairness. If her campaign wishes I am willing to assist in a limited way since I am still a patient at Walter Reed Army Medical Center. I will have surgery Monday, September 27.

An aide said Dole also contributed the maximum donation amount allowed by law to Christine's campaign.

Bob Dole has always been a class act. A principled politician who got things done. This is a very generous gesture from one of our true statesmen.

We wish the Senator well on his surgery Monday and pray for a speedy recovery.

Meanwhile, Mike Castle is looking to join Lisa Murkowski as one of the newest members of the "Sore Losers Club" that also includes DeDe Scozzafava, Arlen Specter, and Charlie Crist, to name just a few. Jim Geraghty is reporting that chances are 50/50 that Castle will enter the race as a write in candidate.

Honestly, in my opinion, this would be about as perfect as it could get. For one thing, since Castle is such a far left guy, and very well known to the people of Delaware, he's certain to hurt Harry Reid's "pet bearded Marxist" Chris Coons, more than Christine O'Donnell.

This would also continue to make the case that we truly do need to rid the party of this sort.

Castle was solidly rejected by the Republican voters in the primary. Wasn't really close. It would be hard to see a scenario where all but the most ardent Castle supporters, i.e. close friends and family, would vote for the guy, especially with the stakes so high. After all, the ONLY justification to vote for Castle any of our precious, sainted "moderate" friends (including Rove and Krauthammer) could come up with was making that seat red!

They literally could make no other case for giving the far left George Soros approved Castle the nod, except they thought he could beat Coons. Never mind the polls showed Christine O'Donnell, not Castle beating Coons, until the GOP elites turned on the juice trying to help Castle beat Christine.

The likely scenario will mirror Alaska, where the polls have shifted dramatically now that Daddy's Girl is mounting a write-in campaign. The latest Rasmussen polling shows Joe Miller cruising to a victory with 42% of the vote in a tree way race. Murkowski and the democrat, Scott McAdams, basically split the rest of the vote with Daddy's Girl getting 27% of the vote and McAdams getting 25%.

The dynamics in Delaware are even more in favor of Christine O'Donnell should Castle make one last pathetic attempt to hold on to his power. .

Murkowski is a center-left Big Government Statist, who certainly appeals more to the base of the democrat party than the base of the Republican party, but there is no comparison between her and Mike Castle, who is a hard core leftist. Granted, Chris Coons is a self described Marxist, but he's almost bankrupted his county, and raised taxes a total of 43% during his tenure, and is looking to do even more.It's completely reasonable to think democrats, given a chance to vote for Coons or Castle, will choose Castle, simply because they know him, and they know chances are he'll caucus with the democrats anyway, should he win.

On the other hand, the Republican turnout in Delaware was three times as high as the democrat turnout on primary night. The expected turnout for the Republicans was 30,000. More than twice that many voters pulled the handle for Christine.

There is at least a 2:1 enthusiasm gap, nationwide, between the energized Republican voters and the democrats.

With Bob Dole stepping in and bringing some unity to the Republican Party, things are looking quite good for Christine O'Donnell indeed.

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