Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Glenn Beck Discusses The Latest Evil Plot The Obama Regime Has In Store For America

Glenn Beck's afternoon show on Fox News is appointment TV. It's one of those shows that simply should never be missed. Party history class, part latest news, Beck has found a winning formula.

Monday's show was exceptionally informative as Beck once again showed the connections between the radical communists, the union thugs, the Obama regime, and the environmentalists.

It's quite chilling to see how the unions and the communist radicals have conspired with Congress to get us in the economic despair we are in, so they'll have the excuse to "fundamentally change America," as the only answer to our problems.

Like most Americans, the only "fundamental change" I want to see in America is a total housecleaning of Congress come November, and a return to using the Constitution and the Rule of Law as our guide to governing the Republic.

After that we can work on ending the Obama’s regime's reign of  corruption come 2012.

Video courtesy of The Right Scoop, where all of Glenn Beck's Fox shows are archived daily, as are many of his radio broadcasts.

I encourage readers to check out their Beck archives, especially the Friday shows. Beck devotes Fridays to the teaching of history as you have never learned it before.

Riveting, must see TV.

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