Thursday, September 16, 2010

Yes, Delaware, And The Nation, Is Better Off Without Mike Castle

Readers know that I got rather invested, and even angry over the Delaware Republican primary. This was one of the most important elections of the season, even though for the most part, it had been running under the radar for much of the year.

Though the election in November decides who represents Delaware, it's not like the rest of the elections this season. This is a special election for the unexpired term of Vice President Joe Biden, who won re-election in 2008 despite also being Barack Obama’s running mate. The term expires in 2014.

What makes this so vital is the fact the winner of this seat will be sworn in immediately, and become part of the current lame duck Congress. If you have been paying attention, you know the Marxist-democrats have a rather aggressive lame duck session planned as a very special "going away" present to the American people. One last shot at passing their destructive legislation like cap and tax, amnesty, card check for the unions, and so on.

The reason this win is so vital, and why Christine O’Donnell’s supporters have been so passionate is we know she will be able to be the most important vote to stop the radicals in their tracks. On the other hand, Mike Castle supports it all, and was a sure vote for the complete Obama agenda.

Now that the election is over, the GOP elites, the Ruling Class, has lamented the loss of such a noble "moderate" from their ranks. Karl "Tokyo Rove", Charles Krauthammer, and others have made themselves look foolish by caterwauling over their good buddy Castle's huge defeat at the hands of Christine O'Donnell. It's been quite telling.

The naked lust for this seat, no matter who was in it, as long as they had an "R" after their name was disgusting to see.

At least we now have proof the so-called "smart people" aren't really all that after all.

As we worked hard to point out, Mike Castle is no "moderate." Frankly I hate that word, especially when applied to politicians, because it is usually used as cover for some left wing poseur. Remember, the corrupt media still calls Obama a "moderate."

Anyhow, as we found out, not only was Mike Castle a far lefty hiding among the Republicans, he also co-founded the Republican Main Street Partnership along with Nazi sympathizer George Soros, the self-proclaimed owner of the Marxist-democrat party.

The Republican Main Street Partnership is almost like an al Qaeda sleeper cell. Posing as a Republican group The Republican Main Street Partnership PAC supports ACORN-friendly, Big Labor-backing, tax-and-spend, abortion radicals in GOP clothing like Dede Scozzafava.

As Michelle Malkin pointed out:

This isn’t "Main Street." This is the road to progressive hell. We already have one too many shady Soros Republicans in the Senate — and John McCain doesn’t need any more company.

You can read more of Michelle's expose here.

As damning as this is, and frankly, to me being tied to George Soros is as bad as it gets, there is more. Let’s take a look at this analysis courtesy of gekkobear:

Mike Castle has a 52% Lifetime ACU Rating. But how’s he done recently; say post 2000? How’s he trending?

2000 68% … not solid, but not bad… election year.
2001 48% ... More against than for.
2002 76% … pretty good. And an election year.
2003 40% … Solid Democrat.
2004 52% … barely conservative, election year.
2005 28% … Serious Democrat
2006 52% … barely conservative, election year.
2007 20% … beats quite a few Democrats there.
2008 28% … I guess he didn’t have a hard election challenge?
2009 56% … Senate election, or just breaking the pattern?

Now since the Senate only has elections every 6 years; lets re-run those numbers.

For an election year since 2000 he’s hit a 68, 76, 52, 52, 28 or 55.2 ACU rating average.

For a non-election year since 2000 he’s hit 48, 40, 28, 20, 56 or 38.4 average.

Figure 5 years at 38.4 and 1 year at 55.2 gives us an estimate that we can count on his vote about 41% of the time.

Or just look at his trend over time. Averaging his last 6 years (3 terms) listed (2004-2009) he’s got a 39.3.

This analysis uses data from Project Vote Smart, one of the best places to research congressscritters.

Once you really look at Castle's voting patterns, you realize that he isn’t even nominally a Republican, and most certainly not a Conservative. If you do your research you'll find a good number of House democrats that have a better rating from the American Conservatives Union (ACU) than Mike Castle.

Here's the danger of people like Castle, and how they fool the "smart" pundits and voters. They will vote with the party on rather meaningless procedures, but on the most issues of our time, the RINOs let you down every single time. They will always vote for radical leftist legislation. They cover this up by voting heavily with the party in election years.

Castle was relatively harmless, even with his ties to Soros, while he was in the House. First of all, he was but one of 435 members, so in most cases his vote had little impact, and since House members come up for re-election every two years, he had to watch his votes, lest he be found out, and voted out.

Had Castle become a United States Senator, his vote would have had major impact. In fact, in close situations, it may have been the single most important vote. Being as he is a leftist anyway, it wouldn't be hard to entice him to vote with the Marxists. Reports were he had already made deals to switch parties when elected. These reports are kind of hard to blow off, especially since Castle hasn't had time to make the traditional call of congratulations to Christine O'Donnell, but has had time to talk to both Barack Obama and Joe Biden.

The other problem of course, and this is a problem with all Senators, they are only up for re-election every six years. Voters have short memories, or at least they used to. Easy to sneak by some less than popular votes. Of course, Castle is 71, and this might have been his one and only term as a Senator. His last hurrah. His last chance to advance the anti-American agenda of his partner, George Soros.

In other words: Delaware, and the nation, is better off without Mike Castle.

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  1. Thank you for finding all of this info. Castle is much worse that I expected. Thank God for the Delaware Republican voters.