Thursday, July 1, 2010

Sarah Palin Speaks At The 3rd Annual Troopathon, Standing For Our Soldiers

As we are about to celebrate our nation's 234th birthday, Sarah Palin joined a host of great Americans, to offer her support for the heroic men and women, who serve in our armed forces. When asked about the poor treatment our Vietnam veterans experienced when they returned home, Sarah had this to say:

I’m ashamed of the way our Vietnam vets have been treated and if there’s anyway we can make it up to them, let us do so. And learning from the experience that some had participated in with that mistreatment of vets returning way back when, let us make sure that never happens again and that we always can keep in mind what it is in terms of the sacrifice being made by our troops today. Let’s show them the support, let’s show them the respect that they so deserve. Bottom line, our men and women in uniform truly are a force for good in this world and it’s nothing to apologize for – it’s something to take pride in! The are our true American heroes!

Troopathon helps raise money to send much needed care packages to our brave fighting men and women. You can help by visiting their website or by calling (866) 866-6372. You can also text by cell phone. Text keyword "Care Pack" followed by the donation amount to: 27138.

Help support our bravest as they keep us secure.

Video courtesy of The Right Scoop.

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