Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Dick Morris: Sarah Palin Is Still The Clear Front Runner In 2012

Dick Morris offers that Sarah Palin is the clear front runner for the 2012 Republican nomination, and always has been. Morris, who was Bill Clinton's political guru, is a best selling author, political commentator, as well as a consultant to leaders world wide.

From the Newsmax interview:

By: David A. Patten

Fox News commentator and best-selling author Dick Morris says former GOP vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin is the clear front-runner for the Republican nomination for president.

Morris says that, despite his respect for the political and intellectual talents of former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, who expressed keen interest Monday in running for the nomination, Palin remains the favorite.

"Oh, I think she always had front-runner status," Morris tells Newsmax.TV in an exclusive interview. "The person who is the vice-presidential nominee last time almost automatically has front-runner status if they did a good job, which she did. And I think that she was a fabulous candidate for vice president."

The problem Palin will face, Morris says, is that the media treated her so badly "with sexist and biased coverage" that it "built up this huge pile of negatives against her."

Adds Morris: "I'm just worried that that might be too heavy a burden to carry in the 2012 election against Obama. But I think she's fabulous. I think she's wonderful."

Morris also notes that candidates Palin has endorsed have a very good track record of winning their races.

"The reason the people she endorses win is not only that her endorsement is significant, but she has good taste," Morris tells Newsmax.

Obviously we agree with Morris that Sarah is the front runner, and has been since, oh .... around November 4, 2008. You knew Sarah had struck a cord with the American people when you saw groups like Our Country Deserves Better running national television advertisements like this one, and the one below, at Thanksgiving, just a few weeks after the election, simply thanking her for being her. America knew Sarah Palin was someone very special.

Since then Sarah has only raised her profile, and had more sucess. Besides going nationwide supporting Common Sense Conservative candidates, patriots who are solid winners, Sarah has been the one strong, clear, consistent voice speaking up for Liberty and Freedom. Sarah has been leading the fight to stop the Obama regime and the tyranny and oppression that comes with it.

Throw in a best selling book, over 2.5 million sold and counting, with a new one on the way, a sold out speaking tour, and a high profile gig that finds her talents as a political analyst in big demand at both Fox News, and the Fox Business Channel, and it's easy to understand why Sarah Palin has become such a powerhouse in the political arena.

I do take issue with Dick a little though. The idea that somehow the corrupt "lamestream media" has damaged Sarah Palin's reputation one bit is just wrong. Remember, this is the same corrupt media that fawned over Obama, called him the "Lightworker" and other such nonsense. They built him up as a "Messiah" and "The One." Half the country already knew you couldn't believe anything the media told you, or at best you needed independent verification of everything said. Now the other half is waking up to that fact, as well.

Americans realize the same people that lied to them about Obama, also lied to them about Sarah Palin. They no longer trust the dinosaur media when they spew their nonsense. Couple that with the new media, and the ability to find the truth at the touch of a button, and everything one once thought about how this thing called politics worked is out the window.

Past that, Sarah is incredibly media savvy in her own right. No one uses the new media, and social networking, as effectively. One strong Facebook post, or even a pithy tweet, can start a firestorm of activity. She's like the E.F. Hutton of politics. When she speaks, everyone listens. No one else commands that sort of attention.

It's really this simple. Every single bit of "news" the left wing media has put out there about Sarah Palin has proven to be a lie. I mean all of it. None of it was based on anything substantional. It never is.  It was all petty nonsense. The left can't compete in the marketplace of ideas, so it's all about the smears. In Sarah's case, this all has backfired magnificently.

The results from the two year (and counting) smear-fest aimed at Sarah have actually been positive, for her. For one thing it turns out Sarah Palin is one of the most vetted human beings in history, and will certainly be the most vetted presidential candidate ever.

After sending platoons of "journalists" to Alaska to dig up dirt, and all of the other nonsense, it turns out that Sarah is just a normal person, and has nothing to hide. No scandals, nothing. What all of this craziness ended up doing was prompt people to do a little reserch on their own about Sarah. Unfortunately, for the left, people discovered a solid public servant with a record of great success and accomplishment, instead of who ever it was the corrupt media was talking about.

The second result of the left's intense panic, is a real case study in the law of unintended consequences. They hoped all of the nasty attacks would scare her off. The vile sexist, racist stuff, most too nasty to print, only did one thing. All of this proved that Sarah Palin can stand up to anything and everything the Marxist left has, and not only survive, but flourish, and fight back. This is a quality absolutely none of the other GOP hopefuls possess. It's something few people anywhere possess.

Sarah Palin is a person of such strong character, who has such deep faith, that she cannot be intimidated by these people. That's a quality that Americans love and respect about her. No one can picture any of the other potential Republican candidates withstanding a tenth of what Sarah has, let alone have a career after the fact.

As we are already seeing, with all of the hateful rhetoric coming from the left, 2012 will be the nastiest election any of us have every witnessed. We need someone who isn't phased by it. Someone who looks evil right in the eye, smiles, and says "bring it!" Sarah Palin is the only one who fits that description.

Morris mentions Newt Gingrich by name.

Newt has recently been talking 2012. Personally, I think he's just getting a buzz going for his new book, but who knows. Gingrich has a LOT of baggage, both personal and professional. I'll let someone else go into the personal. The professional is big stuff.

The two things that make him a non-starter with Conservatives, the base of the party, are his embrace of Al Gore, and DeDe Scozzafava. When Newt teamed up with Nancy Pelosi to shill for Al Gore's global warming scam, and sat canoodling with her on a bench for a TV commercial pushing it all, that ruined his street cred with Conservatives. However, the real kicker, the last straw, was his stuborn backing of DeDe Scozzafava over Doug Hoffman in the New York special election.

Even after Sarah Palin, and every Conservative worth mentioning, endorsed Hoffman, Newt clung on to Scozzafava. When it was pointed out that Scozzafava, a "Margret Sanger Award" winner, was to the left of the Marxist-democrat in the race, Newt started badmouthing Conservatives, and claimed she was "conservative enough." Newt went through some serious verbal gymnastics trying to justify his pick. In the end, Scozzafava dropped out while Hoffman surged. To pay back Newt and the rest of the GOP establishment elite for their loyalty, she promptly endorsed the Marxist-democrat, who won in a squeaker.

Newt ain't happenin'.

Same can be said for Mitt Romney. Oh, he'll run, but between his less than stellar record as Governor of the Bay State and his lifelong record of flip-flopping on every single issue, depending on who he needed to be to what group, it seems like the supreme exercise in futility. Oh, and do we even need to mention RomneyCare?

No one, but Sarah Palin knows what her plans are for 2012. Right now she is focused on November, like we all must be. She knows if we don't take back Congress, and stop Obama, there won't be anything left to be President of. It's our gut feeling though that once she helps place some strong leaders in Congress, and takes a short breather to promote her new book, she will indeed announce her run, most likely on Ronald Reagan's 100th birthday. This will be the time to celebrate.

Obama and the rest of the Marxist-progressive movement will never know what hit them.

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