Monday, July 5, 2010

Goodyear And NASCAR Team Up To Support Our Troops

Fans who attended the NASCAR Coke Zero 400 Saturday night in Daytona, or watched on TV, were treated to a wonderful salute to America’s armed forces, as well as a unique program designed to raise money for Support Our Troops ®, a nationwide program whose mission is to bolster the morale and well-being of America’s troops and their families.

Along with the iconic Goodyear logo in the familiar yellow, every tire on every car that competed in the Coke Zero 400 had "Support Our Troops" proudly displayed in red, white, and blue.

This was, in my opinion, pretty cool all on it’s on, but the purpose of this was to create a unique souvenir for NASCAR fans, as well as raise money for Support Or Troops ®. Between now and July 17th, you can bid on tires that were on the race car of your favorite driver during the actual race.

The special-edition tire comes complete with a certificate of authenticity furnished by Goodyear that includes the driver’s name and car number, the race the tire was used, the driver’s finish in the race and the tire’s Radio Frequency Identification (RFID).

This is a great program, and a way to get a premium souvenir, while at the same time supporting the best this nation has to offer, our brave men and women in the United States military.

Whether you’d like a tire from race winner Kevin Harvick’s car, or one of the other 42 drivers, you’ll have a cool piece of history. In addition to the tires, you can also bid on an authentic hood from Brad Keselowski’s car, and a replica mini-hood from Dale Earnhardt Jr.

From Support Our Troops ®:

For the first time in history, The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company, exclusive tire supplier of NASCAR’s three major national series, has rebranded all Goodyear Racing Eagle tire sidewalls with a patriotic red, white and blue "Support Our Troops" color scheme.

It is a very loud and very strong ‘thank-you’ to the men and women of the United States Armed Forces who do so much for each of us.

"What the troops do for us each day, under impossible demands, is an awesome miracle", points out Martin C. Boire, Executive Director of Support Our Troops. In fact, the red in the flag stands for them because they’re giving their all to America, not asking what she’ll give them. So isn’t it time to show them how much we all care? And I want to thank Goodyear and NASCAR for stepping up for the troops in a major way to help everyone do just that."

[ .... ]

The tires will run on the NASCAR Sprint Cup and Nationwide Series races on the 2nd and 3rd. They launch the Goodyear Support Our Troops Program that then runs through November. You can get in on the action at

First, Goodyear will auction off online the special edition driver-autographed Support Our Troops tires used in the July 3rd Coke Zero 400, at

That is everyone’s first chance to step up for the troops the way they have stepped up for all of us.

Second, Goodyear is jump-starting this fundraising drive with a $20,000 donation to Support Our Troops, Inc.

This is a challenge for other great American companies who have what it takes to match that corporate gift to Support Our Troops, Inc.

Third, through November the Goodyear Support Our Troops Program will operate through and Goodyear Tire dealerships across America to provide everyone a variety of ways to show their support for the troops and participate in a series of fund-raising initiatives to benefit members of the U.S. Armed Forces and their families.

100% of funds raised go to Support Our Troops®, the nonprofit nationwide organization which bolsters the morale and well-being of America’s troops and their families. Funds raised through the Goodyear effort will benefit highly effective programs which deliver over $8 million per year in care packs and requested items to the front lines, positive support at home, military kids’ camp assistance and more.

Martin C. Boire, Executive Director of Support Our Troops, says, "I want to thank Goodyear and NASCAR for stepping up for the troops in a major way."

Ryan Newman autographs one of the Goodyear Racing Eagles:

This is a fun way to support out brave men and women, and you’ll have a neat souvenir. Add a couple of supports inside the tire, lay it on it’s side, put a piece of tempered glass over it, and you’ll have a cool coffee table and great conversation piece.

To bid on one of these unique tires, or a hood, visit:

To learn more about Support Our Troops ® visit their home page:

Bid early, bid often!

Goodyear is the exclusive tire used in the NASCAR Sprint Cup, Nationwide, and Camping World series, as well as NHRA Full Throttle Championship Drag Racing.

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