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Feeling The Heat, Lisa Murkowski Is Now Lashing Out At Joe Miller’s Supporters

As readers know, from time to time, we will endorse and promote Common Sense Conservative candidates from around the country. Many of these are candidates endorsed by Sarah Palin, others are people we learn of, check out, and feel are worthy of a little time, energy, and ink.

We’ve supported Joe Miller since we learned of his candidacy. We like the guy. He’s a solid Common Sense Conservative who believes in the Constitution and the Rule of Law, and a genuinely nice guy, with a compelling story.

In early June Sarah endorsed Judge Miller and Stacy Drake laid out a strong case in support of the endorsement, which you can read here.

In her article, Stacy points out some of Lisa Murkowski’s troubling record, including her flip-flop on repealing ObamaCare. Of course, Lisa isn’t the only GOP Big Government, establishment elite, who has gone soft and is ignoring the wishes of the American people, the majority of which strongly support repealing this unconstitutional nightmare. All of the usual suspects are there with her.

A few days ago, we received a video of Lisa Murkowski, that backed up the article Stacy wrote quite nicely. In her article, Stacy quotes Murkowski as saying:

Repealing this is not the answer in my opinion, because if you just repeal and you do nothing, we will not have addressed health care reform.

When I posted the video, I opened with these remarks:

The above video hit my inbox a day ago and serves to remind us all of a real danger America faces: squishy, "moderate" Republicans. Look, we know what we have with the Obama regime, and his Congress. They are all hard core communists, hellbent on grabbing as much power as possible, and destroying the very fabric of American society, hoping to replace it all with their sick vision of life and government. As horrifying as that is, at least we know it, and can fight it. There should be no delusions about who these Marxist-democrats are.

On the other hand, many people see "Republican" and think "conservative" which can be very dangerous. While real conservatives believe in the Constitution and the Rule of Law, these squishy establishment Republicans, like Lisa Murkowski, have no real solid principles, and end up being nothing more than enablers for the Marxist-democrats who are destroying our nation. Many are all too eager to help, so they can say they are "bi-partisan" and call themselves "statesmen."

I stand by that statement fully and you can read my entire post here.

The timid, milquetoast moderates in the Republican Party have destroyed it, and while doing so, aided the Marxist-democrats in their quest to destroy the Republic, and it’s Constitution. Part of the problem is they are spineless cowards. Another problem is they are incredibly stupid and don’t realize we are at a state of war in this nation for the very soul of the Republic. Of course, there is also the question of corruption, and the raw lust for power.

Our readers can judge for themselves how many of these descriptions fit the good Senator from Alaska.

Anyhow, we were able to clear up some space and add a link to Joe’s campaign in our sidebar to make it easier for people to support him.

Evidently, seeing the growing support for Judge Miller, and realizing she will soon lose the seat that she was appointed to by her daddy, then Governor Frank Murkowski, Lisa is upset at all of us who love the idea of seeing her soundly defeated.

Checking out one of our favorite Alaskan blogs, the Wasilla based Finding Myself In Alaska, Tracey writes about the latest Joe Miller news. As she is on the ground up there, I’ll let her tell the story:

Joe Miller is THE only conservative choice for Alaskans

As many of you may have seen by my posted pics and sidebar endorsement, I am supporting Joe Miller for US Senate in Alaska. There has been quite a bit of flap in Alaska Republican circles recently regarding an email that was forwarded to many prominent republicans in this state by John Bitney on behalf of Lisa Murkowski. I received this email, as did others on an undisclosed list. In it was a response from the Murkowski camp stating that "political operatives" were "outright lying" in regard to her record.

While it is true that, on occasion, Sen. Murkowski appears to have voted conservatively in the past, a closer look at her record shows she's always been a RINO and personally lost me way back, in particular on her stance during the national healthcare reform debate. I could not condone her stance on Obamacare and other issues, so I was more than thrilled when Joe Miller threw his hat in the ring to run in the primary for the US Senate seat in Alaska.

You can read more here.

Here is the letter Judge Miller’s campaign sent out:

Dear Fellow Republicans:

Recently the Murkowski campaign circulated an email through the Alaska Republican Party asserting that "political operatives are mischaracterizing Lisa’s record [and] some of these claims are outright lies." We wanted to assure Party members, and the Murkowski camp, that our campaign has not engaged in such behavior. We decided to look into the charges, and here is what we found. It turns out that they were responding to emails being circulated by concerned citizens acting of their own accord. They were not being directed to do anything by Joe Miller for US Senate. Some of the material being circulated may have originated with us, but we were unable to decipher what material may have come from us, and what did not, since the specifics of what the Murkowski campaign was responding to is still somewhat in doubt.

However, we would like to take this opportunity to set the record straight as to what it is that we are saying. It is clear to us that by any objective measure, Senator Murkowski is not a conservative and her record will bear that out. Her campaign has insisted that "Lisa is well known for her conservative voting record." Rather than engage in a "he said – she said" moment, let's take a look at what the conservatives inside the beltway have concluded, based upon her voting record and their observation.

The American Conservative Union (Lifetime) – 70.19%

Freedom Works – 50%

Human Events – Top Five RINO's in the United States Senate

National Taxpayer's Union (Lifetime) – 63%

Citizens Against Government Waste (Lifetime) – 54%

Senate Conservatives Fund (2008) – 50%

Eagle Forum – 63%

American Family Association – 33%

Family Research Council – 55%

The aforementioned letter states, "She [Murkowski] recently led efforts to stop the massive power-grab by the EPA which President Obama threatened to Veto." The Senator's EPA Amendment is well-rehearsed and we applaud her for her attempt to stop this naked power grab, but we should be clear about what the Amendment would, and would not have done.

Following is Senator Murkowski's own statement about her EPA Amendment delivered to The Council on Competitiveness' National Energy Summit and International Dialogue on September 23, 2009:

"Since my amendment has stirred a bit of controversy, I want to take a second to 'clear the air'. My amendment would not stop this process forever - it would simply give Congress a year to debate climate policies and determine the best approach for reducing emissions. Given that no climate bill would take effect before 2012, my amendment would not slow down or detract from the overall process. And given that almost everyone involved in the climate debate prefers legislation to regulation, I'm hopeful that it will draw enough votes to pass. I am equally hopeful that the climate debate, without the cloud of economically harmful EPA regulations hanging over it, can move forwards toward a bill that can pass the Senate. I want my colleagues and constituents to know that I'm serious about climate change . . ."

Further, it has been asserted that "[Senator Murkowski] has an A+ rating from the NRA." We would point out that the Senator has demonstrated marked improvement in this area, considering her D rating with the NRA while in the Alaska State House, but she is still labeled a "pro-gun compromiser" by Gun Owners of America.

As to the Senator's opposition to tax increases, we would not deny that she has opposed some tax increases, but has certainly not opposed them across the board. She voted against the 2008 Bush Tax Rebates, against multiple points of order requiring a super-majority to raise taxes, voted in favor of tobacco tax increases, and is currently entertaining the possibility of a new carbon tax on emissions.

It has also been asserted that the Senator has voted to fully repeal, and "unequivocally supports the repeal of Obama Care." But it should be pointed out that the "repeal" vote took place before the reconciliation bill actually passed. Five days after the reconciliation bill passed, the Senator said "repealing [Obamacare] is not the answer in my opinion . . ." You can view, or read it, here:" It should not be difficult to see why we are somewhat confused as to where she really stands on the issue.

As to the claim that "Senator Lisa Murkowski opposes Big Government, Government Spending, Government Bailouts, Government Takeover, and Deficit Spending," we can only refer you to the record.

Voting for the largest new entitlement program in a generation (Medicare, Part D), in addition to unwarranted federal health care expansions (SCHIP/CHIPRA) that even the big-spending President George W. Bush vetoed on the grounds that it was "a move toward socialized medicine," is hardly an effective way to prove your opposition to Big Government.

Voting against the majority of your Republican colleagues on six excessive Appropriations packages just in the last year is not a convincing argument against Government Spending.

Voting for TARP (Big Bank and Wall Street) bailouts, voting to bail out Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, and voting to protect the Obama Administration's plan for a $108B slush fund for International bailouts does not make a persuasive case for opposition to Government Bailouts. It should also be also be pointed out that the Senator's campaign operatives would have us applaud her for attempting to clean up her own mess (TARP). One might say, 'she actually voted for it . . . before she voted against it.' Does she really get credit for a failed attempt to fix what she broke herself? Really?

Without even going further, which could be done at some length, the aforementioned votes prove conclusively that the Senator is not serious about curbing deficit spending.

On the illegal immigration front, it is an ineluctable fact that the Senator voted for Amnesty in 2006, and against a border security amendment taken in December of 2009 that would have required the southern border fence (physical barrier, not a virtual fence that is virtually porous) to be finished by December 2010. If the Senator is such an advocate for the conservative position on illegal immigration, why did she vote for the amnesty bill in 2006 and vote to take up the bill again in 2007? Why did she have to be strong-armed into voting no on cloture in 2007? Why has US Border Control only given her a 33% score for her stance on border issues?

And finally, "as Alaska’s US Senator, Lisa Murkowski opposes the use of federal funds for abortions." While we accuse nobody of lying, this statement simply does not accord with her record. We need go no further than the Anchorage Daily News last week, where it was reported that 662 abortions were funded through Denali Kid Care:  "" is the Senator's CHIPRA vote at work.

She has voted no less than four times for repeal, or against reinstatement, of the "Mexico City Policy" put in place by President Reagan to bar Federal dollars from foreign non-governmental organizations that provide or promote abortions.

I would also point to Senator Murkowski's unequivocal statement in voting for a sense of the Senate Amendment that reads as follows:

"It is the sense of the Senate that--the decision of the Supreme Court in Roe v. Wade was appropriate and secures an important constitutional right; and such decision should not be overturned."

The Senator has been named a Wish List Star. The Wish List is a pro-choice organization whose mission is stated as follows: "The WISH List raises funds to identify, support and elect pro-choice Republican women." You can visit the website here:"

While one can argue about votes, we would encourage inquiring minds to consult our website where there are links to many of Senator Murkowski's votes. Feel free to contact the campaign; we would be happy to assist you with information you might need to make an informed decision on this crucial race.

While we understand that tensions are high in an election cycle, it is incumbent upon us all to take a deep breath and look at the facts. This is not finally about personalities, it is about the future of the greatest nation on earth. We are committed to running a clean campaign. We invite the Senator to debate the issues, and we will do our part to keep it civil.

All the Best,

Joe Miller Campaign for US Senate

(907) 929-9563

Pretty damning facts, I’d say. And while Lisa Murkowski can whine all she wants, we have her on video, in her own voice, stating she doesn’t want to repeal ObamaCare and views it as a "work in progress." Only a Big Government Statist would look at one of the biggest power grabs in history, an unconstitutional boondoggle that will not only destroy the quality of health care in the nation, but bankrupt us all as well, and see a "work in progress"! These people are insane!

Here’s an idea for you Senator Murkowski: Instead of whining about how "political operatives" are being all mean and junk, how about you take a look at what is going on with RomneyCare?

Mitt Romney’s "crowning achievement" in Massachusetts is a disaster of biblical proportions. It’s destroying health care in the Bay State and bankrupting those poor bastards as well. Remember, RomneyCare was the absolute blueprint your buddies in Congress viewed as a "work in progress", as well as the blue print for the lunacy they created and shoved down America’s throat.

Investor's Business Daily has the latest nightmarish fiasco created by RomneyCare, which you can read here

As for being a "political operative," get real Lisa! A lot of people, including Conservative bloggers, support Judge Joe Miller, and think it's time for you to go. We don't need to be directed by anyone to act on these strong feelings. We want to see all of the GOP establishment types, the Marxist-democrat enablers, defeated. We have grown rather sick of all of you!

While I appreciate the complement, as I do think we help shape reader opinion here, which is kinda the point, I have neither the time, or the temperament to be a "political operative.". Though I will certainly support those I feel are true Common Sense Conservatives, who believe in the Constitution and the Rule of Law, my time is taken up with researching and writing.

My only contact with Joe Miller has been on Twitter, where he has thanked me, as well as many others for our support, and re-tweets. This is something few politicians take the time to do, and is a just a nice gesture. It says a lot about the man’s character. So does Sarah Palin’s endorsement!

We think this little video kinda conveys our feelings about Senator Murkowski, and well, we just like it! Hit The Road Jack .... er .... Lisa!

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