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Support Sarah Palin's Alaska...Today!

As we wrote previously, Barack Obama’s minions over at were in high dudgeon over the fact that Sarah Palin, a true environmentalist, and lover of Alaska, has a new show that will soon debut on the Discovery Networks The Learning Channel (TLC)

When we last left you, the Obama regime was shilling for the radical Defenders of Wildlife Action Fund. In fact, Texas For Sarah Palin's own Josh Painter has a brand new post that exposes that radical group, and discusses Sarah Palin's Alaska that you must read... here.

Now there is a new group that is also being promoted by the regime, a group named CREDO. CREDO is featured prominently in e-mail solicitations from

CREDO is of a San Francisco based company formally known as Working Assets. (Ever notice how often these left wingers have to change their names and start new groups?)

Wikipedia offers this:

CREDO (formerly Working Assets) is an American for-profit company that offers mobile and long distance phone service. Based in San Francisco, California, Working Assets has raised over $65 million for nonprofit organizations such as GreenPeace, Planned Parenthood, Democracy Now etc.

Working Assets was founded in 1985. Laura Scher is the co-founder, chairperson and CEO of CREDO. Michael Kieschnick is the co-founder and president. Its first product was the Better World Credit Card. Following telecom deregulation, it introduced Working Assets Long Distance in 1991. In 2000 it launched its mobile service under the name Working Assets Wireless.

n 2009, CREDO was recognized by the nonprofit Planning and Conservation League as the Environmental Business of the Year.

In the run-up to the 2008 presidential election, CREDO helped 2.5 million Americans register to vote. To increase voter turnout, CREDO Action launched several programs: Pollworkers for Democracy, which hired volunteers to staff polling places and ensure fair voting practices; Text Out the Vote, a Web site where you could enter your friends’ phone numbers and send them a free reminder to vote on Election Day; support for Election Day registration, which was approved in several states; an online voter-registration tool; and, another online resource where voters could look up their nearest polling place

Although the Working Assets credit card is now offered through Bank of America, the product came under criticism when it was issued through the bank MBNA, the top contributor to George W. Bush's 2000 Presidential Campaign. When asked about this, Working Assets' employees have made differing claims. In one letter, it was stated that Working Assets chose MBNA regardless of its political views and entirely for its experience and quality customer service.[4] In another letter, president Michael Kieschnick stated that Working Assets ended up under MBNA when the company purchased the credit card business of Fleet Bank, which had previously issued the card. Kieschnick said it was not Working Assets' choice to select MBNA and cannot change banks without violating its current contract. MBNA was subsequently purchased by Bank of America.

Wow...long distance services and credit cards, you know, those EVIL credit cards that charge the consumers usury rates....Hmm.

It’s interesting that the radical Marxists, who are against capitalism, sure don’t mind using it to further tyranny and oppression!

And that’s what this is, tyranny and oppression. These whack job environmental groups don’t have a clue about the environment! This is just a vehicle for them to further their Marxist agenda. If slaughtering all of the world’s wildlife at once would further their ends, they’d do it in a heartbeat, and don’t you forget it.

You can check out CREDO’s website here, and see they are the stereotypical radical leftists, almost cartoonish in their delivery of propaganda.

These groups target Sarah Palin because she makes them money, and they hate her Conservative politics. That’s the only reason her name is ever mentioned. Many other states have longstanding predator eradication policies, some more aggressive than Alaska’s, but no matter, the Marxists are united in trying to stop Sarah Palin, and her message of real hope, and American greatness, by any means possible.

To this end, we are sponsoring, through our blog, a counter petition to show our support for Sarah Palin, and Sarah Palin’s Alaska. We know this will be a show that celebrates Alaska, and America, just the type of wholesome entertainment America loves.

The petition reads as follows:


David M. Zaslav, President and CEO, Discovery Communications, Inc., One Discovery Place,Silver Spring, Maryland 20910

Dear Mr. Zaslav:

As President and CEO of Discovery Communications, Inc., your good taste and sound judgment were evident in your acquisition of the contract for Governor Sarah Palin’s documentary series about her home state of Alaska. Who better to tell the story of Alaska than her most famous daughter? Sarah Palin’s captivating personality will definitely be an asset to your network as you partner with Governor Palin to showcase the majestic beauty of Alaska’s natural wonders.

I join millions of others in my anticipation of this unique and exciting series about Alaska, its history, and its natural wonders. Governor Palin’s presence alone should ensure outstanding viewer ratings.. Oprah Winfrey and FOX News can attest to that. Governor Palin’s initial appearance on the Oprah Winfrey Show gave that show its highest ratings in two years. Her debut as a FOX News analyst drew more viewers than all the other cable news programs during that hour combined. Likewise, the first installment of Real American Stories drew more viewers than all her competitors combined. To put it simply, Sarah Palin is "ratings gold".

In this petition, I also want to express my concern about the mischaracterization of Governor Palin’s management of Alaska’s wildlife by extremist environmental groups.

In a 2009 letter to Governor Palin, the U. S. Sportsmen’s Association succinctly described the principles of predator management used by Governor Palin during her term in office:

"After years of research, it is recognized by practically all state and federal wildlife officials that predator management is a prerequisite for guaranteeing stable populations of prey species. Given that many Alaska residents rely on moose, caribou, and other wildlife species for food, it becomes imperative that those species not be decimated through lack of predator management. The Alaska wolf management program accomplishes this. It does so through a rigorously regulated, scientifically based system targeting only those predators in areas where wildlife populations are not able to reach adequate levels of sustainability in the program’s absence."

That letter can be found at

In her New York Times op-ed entitled "Bearing Up," Governor Palin explained how placing polar bears on the endangered species list was not good science and described the measures that her administration was using to protect wildlife.

That op-ed can be found at

Although politically-motivated groups are trying to smear Governor Palin concerning her stewardship of Alaska’s wildlife, the facts are contrary to their assertions.

In conclusion, I stand with USSA and likeminded groups in my support of Governor Sarah Palin and in opposition to the political attacks that have been made against her. Governor Palin has been a role model for ethical and responsible conduct throughout her political career. She has expressed and demonstrated her love of Alaska and the U. S. A. on many occasions. I look forward to what I believe will be an outstanding series about Alaska by its most noteworthy spokesperson.

We feel it’s important to stand up for real American values and if you do too, please go and sign the petition here. This is a no cost deal, and no one is going to ask you to donate anything more than the time it takes to sign your name in support of the American way of life.

You can also send Discovery an email about its programming by clicking here or call Viewer Relations at 1-859-342-8439. Let them know you suport Sarah Palin's Alaska.

A message from Fay at the Sarah Palin Information Blog, who has worked tirelessly to put all of this together:

Radical environmentalist efforts against Governor Palin are not new. We are all familiar with Ashley Judd’s propaganda against then Governor Palin’s predator control program. (See here also.) As U. S. Sportsmen’s Alliance (USSA) pointed out then, predator control is essential to ensure that there is enough caribou for Alaskans to hunt for food. Predator control was conducted responsibly and scientifically by Governor Palin’s administration.

Environmental extremists have also attacked Governor Palin over her call to "Drill Here, Drill Now!" As Governor Palin has explained on numerous occasions, energy independence is essential for national security and prosperity. In Alaska, the gas and oil industry provides a significant portion of its citizens’ income. Again, her administration responsibly monitored the oil and gas industry so that there was minimal impact on the environment.

As the fiasco in the San Joaquin valley has taught us, we have to balance the needs of human beings with our need to protect the environment. Due to the uproar of eco-terrorists over a three-inch minnow that wasn’t even indigenous to the region, that fertile valley, the bread basket of the nation and even the world, was turned into a dust bowl. Thousands lost their jobs and their livelihood before the federal government was forced to respond to citizens’ demands to turn the water that supplied the farms in the valley back on.

Read more here.

While we support Sarah Palin 100%, and have since the first time we learned of her, this is about a lot more than Sarah. This is about the tendencies of the radical left to try and silence everyone they disagree with. To demonize, to spread lies and hatred to further their cause.

Sarah Palin is the single most powerful threat to the Marxist agenda, and the Obama regime. Any way they can stop her, or just harass her, is fair game to them.

Mark Hendrickson writes a fascinating piece in American Thinker today called: Sarah Palin and the Elites, that helps explain why Sarah is so powerful, and strikes fear in the heart of all of those who worship Lord Obama and the Marxist ideologies he touts. You simply must read, here.

Quite simply, we stand by Sarah Palin and hope you do too, and will show it by signing the petition here.

Let me leave you on a better note with this Karen Allen video that simply says "If you don’t like Sarah Palin’s Alaska...Then it’s Time For You To Go!"

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