Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Following Sarah Palin’s Lead, RedState Boss And Devore Supporter Ready Now To Support Fiorina

Once again Sarah Palin’s wisdom and political savvy has been proven to be spot on. Sarah saw weeks ago what others are just now realizing: Chuck DeVore has no hope. He has no chance of winning the Californian Republican primary against Carly Fiorina and Tom Campbell.

As we have said before, it was shaping up to be a great battle and California, and the Nation would have been well served by either a Senator Fiorina or a Senator DeVore. Though not a Californian, I was an early DeVore supporter, however, ethics issues that have surfaced trouble me greatly.

Had this race remained a two way competition, I seriously doubt Sarah would have stepped in and endorsed anyone, saving her political capital for the general election and Barbara Boxer. Life throws one curves though and Tom Campbell is a serious wrench thrown into the works!

Campbell, who is arguably to the left of Boxer, and has some very troubling ties to radical Islam, and a palpable hatred for Israel, was running for Governor. With Meg Whitman being the darling of the Romney-Bush-Establishment wing of the party, and Conservative champion Steve Poizner surging in the polls (he’s wiped out Whitman’s 50 point lead) there was just no place for Campbell.

Of course, as we as seeing many career politicians do, rather than go quietly into the night, they try some other path to worm their way into government. In Campbell’s case, he decided to muddy the waters in the Senate race.

With that said, it’s been quite aggravating this week dealing with indignant and irrational DeVore supporters. How a group of folks can become so divorced from reality is simply beyond me. As we have written extensively, we supported the notion of a Senator DeVore. But it simply isn’t to be.

Since Campbell entered the race, support for DeVore not only stopped growing, it actually fell off, with him having a hard time getting double digit numbers in the polls. DeVore has simply failed to capture the imagination of enough Californians to be a viable candidate.

Now we are faced with a horrific proposal. With the Conservative vote somewhat split, California could end up electing Tom Campbell as the Republican nominee. This would be a terrible outcome. Tom Campbell would be the weakest against Boxer, as he and Boxer are so similar, and even if he won, the Nation loses, as he would be as bad a Senator as Boxer, if not worse.

Rational people are quickly coming to understand why Sarah Palin took the initiative to try and right this terrible wrong. While the armchair quarterbacks bemoan her as some sort of traitor to the cause, other major political players are acknowledging Sarah’s wisdom and standing beside Carly Fiorina.

The latest to do this is Editor-in-Chief Erick Erickson, who has been a staunch DeVore supporter using the pages of RedState to sign his praises. Tuesday, while appearing on CNN, Erickson gave DeVore and his supporters what amounts to an ultimatum. Get in gear or step aside.

A prominent conservative is issuing an ultimatum, essentially telling the candidate he supports to do better in the polls – or lose his support.

Erick Erickson, editor-in-chief of, backs Assemblyman Chuck DeVore in the California Republican senate primary. DeVore is locked in a battle with former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina and former Rep. Tom Campbell for the right to face Democratic Sen. Barbara Boxer in November.

Speaking Tuesday with CNN Chief National Correspondent John King, Erickson – a CNN contributor - said he won't support DeVore much longer if the candidate does not improve his political standing.

"Look, if Chuck DeVore hasn't gone up in the polls within two weeks significantly, I'll be with Carly Fiorina because Tom Campbell is that bad," Erickson said.

DeVore is considered the more conservative of the three candidates. But Campbell has maintained a steady lead over his opponents in recent polls even as both DeVore and Fiorina attack him as too liberal.

"There are a lot of Republicans who feel like Chuck Devore, with four weeks left, hasn't been able to surge," Erickson said on CNN's John King, USA. "And it's everybody, anybody but Campbell."

You read more and see video here.

While we fully support Carly, and firmly believe she will make an outstanding Senator, make no mistake about it, the "any one but Campbell" sentiment is strong among rational thinkers.

Once again Sarah Palin has not only shown a political savvy that few in modern politics possess, she has also proven she has the courage to take bold action when the rest are simply too timid and too afraid. Unlike others who put political maneuvering above all, Sarah looks at a situation, asks herself what is the right thing to do, and then does it, political ramifications be damned!

One has to ask if a Mitt Romney, or any of the other 2012 presidential wannabees would have had the savvy to understand the California situation, the courage to act on it, or the ability to withstand the vitriol that would come their way from making the unpopular, but correct choice.

One can think of no better a test to judge one’s presidential timber than to see how they handle themselves when it is time to make tough, correct, but unpopular choices. America needs a real leader, not someone who has to have multiple polls and focus groups to tell them what to think, and how to act. .

Sarah Palin is that leader. She is the one with that courage, and forthrightness.

Karen Allen has put a great video together that explains Sarah’s strength, wisdom and courage where others falter:

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