Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Sarah Palin: Barack Obama’s American Apology World Tour Continues

Still I can’t help but feel outraged on behalf of Arizona’s citizens for the incompetence shown by these Administration officials. Arizonans have the courage to do what the Obama administration has failed to do in its first year and a half in office – namely secure our border and enforce our federal laws.

~Sarah Palin

We wrote earlier, that while Sarah Palin was standing firmly with Arizona Governor Jan Brewer, and her brave action to help curb the violence and other crime that her state faces as it is invaded by foreign forces of illegal aliens, the Obama regime was making a full throated apology to China!

China is one of the world’s worst violators of human rights on the planet. How DARE Barack Obama, or anyone representing the Obama regime, apologize to any nation, but especially China, for upholding the Rule of Law in THIS Nation.

Sarah Called out Obama and John Huntsman, et;al yesterday, this morning, and now has this to say via Facebook:

American Apology Tour Continues

On Fox News this morning, State Department Spokesman P.J. Crowley became the third Obama administration official in short succession to admit that he hadn’t actually bothered to read Arizona’s 10-page long "secure the border" bill before condemning it and criticizing Americans who support Arizona’s necessary efforts to do the job the Obama Administration should be doing. Crowley’s statement follows similar admissions from Attorney General Eric Holder and Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano.

At first blush this revelation seemed unbelievable, but maybe I shouldn’t be surprised. This now seems "the Washington way" of doing things. If the party in power tells us they have to pass bills in order to find out what’s actually in them, they can also criticize bills (and divide the country with ensuing rhetoric) without actually reading them.

Still I can’t help but feel outraged on behalf of Arizona’s citizens for the incompetence shown by these Administration officials. Arizonans have the courage to do what the Obama administration has failed to do in its first year and a half in office – namely secure our border and enforce our federal laws. And as a result, Arizonans have been subjected to a campaign of baseless accusations by the same people who freely admit they haven’t a clue about what they’re actually campaigning against.

The absolute low point of this campaign came last Friday, when a U.S. State Department delegation met with Chinese negotiators to discuss human rights. Apparently, our State Department felt it necessary to make their Chinese guests feel less bad about their own record of human rights abuses by repeatedly atoning for American "sins" – including, it seems, the Arizona immigration/pro-border security law. Asked if Arizona came up at all during the meeting, Assistant Secretary of State Michael Posner answered:

"We brought it up early and often. It was mentioned in the first session, and as a troubling trend in our society and an indication that we have to deal with issues of discrimination or potential discrimination, and that these are issues very much being debated in our own society."

Note that he said "We brought it up" – not the Chinese, but the U.S. State Department’s own delegation. Instead of grilling the Chinese about their appalling record on human rights, the State Department continued the unbelievable apology tour by raising "early and often" Arizona’s decision to secure our border.

Arizona’s law, which just mirrors the federal law, simply allows the police to ask those whom they have already stopped for some form of identification like a driver’s license. By what absurd stretch of the imagination is that the moral equivalent of China’s lack of freedoms, population controls (including forced abortions), censorship, and arbitrary detentions?

Surely our U.S. Ambassador to China, John Huntsman, must disagree with the Obama Administration’s continued apology tour? We have nothing to apologize for. If Administration officials want to apologize to anyone, apologize to the American people for the fact that after a year and a half in office, they still haven’t done anything to secure our borders, and they join our President in making false suggestions about Arizona’s effort.

- Sarah Palin

In short Obama is the most un-American scoundrel this nation has ever had in our government. I honestly expect "Barack Obama" to replace "Benedict Arnold" as the universal name for a traitor in American society. At least Benedict Arnold served his nation honorably, for a time.

Barack Obama’s entire life has been dedicated to the downfall of American society. It’s past time to no longer accept the hate and division Barack Obama preaches. It’s past time to no longer accept the unabashed anti-Americanism that spews forth from Barack Obama, the Obama regime, and the Marxist-democrat party.

We know that many in the Obama regime, and no doubt Obama himself, admire Communist China. One of Obama’s closest advisers, Anita Dunn told school children that Mao Tse Tung a brutal, murderous dictator, who killed tens of millions of his own people, was her favorite philosopher! Some of Obama’s Czars, like Cass Sunstein, John Holdren, and Ezekiel Emanuel actually advocate the very human rights violations that Sarah lists, including forced abortions, censorship of free speech, and arbitrary detentions.

With that said, America is not a communist nation, yet, and if the Americans have their say, it never will be.

This nation cannot wait until 2012 to be rid of this guy. We must take back the House and Senate this fall, and we must do it in unprecedented numbers. Once achieved our new Congress must start working toward both neutering the Obama regime, and ultimately removing it.

Barack Obama and his people are embarrassments to the entire nation. Their deep hatred for America, and the American people cannot be allowed to continue to effect our once proud standing in the world.

Sarah's ongoing effort to unite America, as Barack Obama works every angle to divide us, is the inspiration for this Karen Allen artwork:

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