Saturday, May 22, 2010

Mexican Pirates Terrorize Boaters On Texas Lake

This would be bad enough on it’s own, and enough of an outrage that heads should roll, but seeing this, after that clown from Mexico, Calderon, comes to our country, insults us, and our laws, while our joke of a President cheers him on, and the Marxist-democrats in Congress give him a standing ovation....Well it’s just about more than one can bear.

In case you missed it, here is Calderon addressing a joint session in the House chamber. The people’s House.

Doug Powers writes for Michelle descibing this disgusting video:

If Jan Brewer had been the territorial governor of Hawaii in 1941 and these same Democrats were in charge, they would have applauded the Pearl Harbor attack, had a State Dinner for Hirohito, and the memorable quote from Obama’s post-attack speech would have been, "The only thing we have to fear is that the Hawaiian authorities will start profiling Japanese."

Think about it — a foreign leader comes to the U.S., bashes a state within the U.S. for doing something that it’s well within their constitutional rights to do, and Democrats stand and cheer. This isn’t surprising but it never ceases to be amazing.

Also look for Attorney General Eric Holder at about the 23-second mark, who slowly stands up to applaud the President of Mexico for bashing an American law he hasn’t even read.

You can read more here.

Now that you are sufficiently worked up, take a look at this from the National Terror Alert website:

Pirates Terrorize Boaters on Texas Lake

KVUE News reports with machine-guns in hand, Mexico’s deadliest cartel is patrolling the waters of a Texas border lake. These pirates have already ambushed three, possibly four boats, operating with virtual impunity as they make off with cash and electronics. It’s happening on Falcon Lake in Zapata, 200 yards from the Mexican border.

Source – KVUE News – KENS TV.


Investor’s Business Daily has more on this:

Fairly Warned Be Ye: The Pirates Of Zapata County

In Zapata County, Texas, there is a lake that overlaps the U.S.-Mexico border. Buoys in Falcon Lake mark the border — and you’d better not cross it:

With machine guns in hand, Mexico’s deadliest cartel is patrolling the waters of a Texas border lake.

These pirates already have hit several boats on Falcon Lake near Zapata, which is about an hour south of Laredo.

If you go too far across the lake and past the international boundary buoy, you are in Mexican territory and subject to attacks by pirates toting assault weapons.

Known as the Zeta cartel pirates, they have robbed at least three boats so far. Once an American boat passes the border, there is nothing the U.S. authorities can do about it and there is no Mexican law enforcement on the other side.

There are five bass-fishing tournaments between now and July on the lake that help the local economy. So the Zapata County Chamber of Commerce has issued a press release saying that boaters are safe — as long as they stay on the American side.

That’s understandable but perhaps unwise. After all, pirates that have no compunction about laws against armed robbery probably don’t have much concern about border laws either.

One has to ask,... just where is Rick Perry on this deal? In times past the Texas Rangers would have made fast work of these pirates and that would have been that. Nowadays, with these terrorists, and make no mistake, that’s what they are, we need serious firepower down there.

Perry has been a rather vocal opponent of the tough measures that Arizona’s Governor Jan Brewer signed into law, and Sarah Palin has gotten behind, with the Secure the Border campaign that you can visit here.

Look, we know that Obama is not going to protect America and the treasonous scoundrels in Congress are most likely drafting an invite for these pirates to come speak to them and tell us how wrong our laws are!

This is serious business. For all intents and purposes, we are at war with Mexico. The Mexican government actively promotes and aids illegal immigration into the United States. Illegals sending money back to relatives in Mexico is vital to the Mexican economy. It would collapse without it.

Since the Obama regime is on the side of the Mexican government, and the terrorists, rather than

with the American people, this is left to states to handle. That means Governor Perry needs to take swift action. Put the Texas National Guard on the border with the authority to do what needs to done.

The longer we put off decisive action, the fewer options we will have. At some point, if not nipped in the bud, we will be in a shooting war with Mexico. about it Governor Perry...are you paying attention? that your blood pressure is at "stroke" level, how about a nice palette cleanser courtesy of Congressman Tom McClintock. Of California. After watching the spectacle of the Marxist-democrats kissing Calderon’s butt, this is a welcome site and the right way to address Calderon, as well as the Obama regime:

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