Thursday, March 4, 2010

The World's Greatest Remote Control

What could possible go wrong here?


Diabolical villains and married couples alike should be able to appreciate the driving concept behind the
Control-A-Man and Control-A-Woman remotes: getting your better half to stoop to your level. For women, that means being able to stop a man's bodily functions at the press of a button, have them talk about shoes and their emotions, put the lid down on the toilet, and, ultimately, propose. For a man, the most prominent button on the remote is labeled "Remove Clothes." That's pretty much all that has to be said.

The remotes are being sold by
ThinkGeek for $6 apiece (so $12 for the pair). Do they work? Maybe, according to the product description: "Point at subject, press button, hope for the best."

Check out a bonus image down below, where you can read the buttons.

If only it was this easy, eh?

Via ThinkGeek

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