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Silly Democrats (And Media): "Sarah Palin Is Going To Shoot Us"...Or Something

If you haven’t noticed, and how could you not, this week the Marxist-democrat party has given it’s partners in the media the job of scaring the American people with tales of "violence" against them. Doing what they do best, they are playing the victim.

It all started last week when the race baiters in the Marxist-democrat party claimed members of the Tea Party called them "
niggers." Funny thing, Stacy Drake, and everyone else, have poured over video from every angle and locations of the claimed insults, and as expected, you can’t hear the "N" word at any time. Just peaceful protesters yelling "Kill the bill!" Read Stacy’s take here.

Last night, on the
Sean Hannity Show, S.E. Cupp announced that Andrew Breitbart and others have offered a $10,000 reward, which will go to the Negro College Fund, for anyone who can bring actual evidence the "N" word was ever uttered.

Funny thing, the media, and even members of Congress have absolutely no problems calling patriotic members of the Tea Party movement "
teabaggers." For the more gentle readers, "teabagging" is slang for a rather vulgar sex act. Again, tune into any of the Marxist-democrat’s media partners, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, the print partners, left wing blogs, and so on, and you will always see patriotic Americans referred to as "teabaggers."

Basically, the Marixist-democrats effort to smear the peaceful Tea Party protesters have failed.

Once again, they and their media partners have been caught lying to the American people. Note to the media, especially
CNN and MSNBC. There’s a reason why the Cartoon Channel is pulling in more viewers than your two networks combined!

Lying is standard practice for Marxists, communists, and socialists. So is staging false "
attacks" to blame others. All of the operators manuals from Karl Marx’s books to Saul Alinsky’s "Rules for Radicals" teach their disciples to go out and be agents provocateur.

The Nazis used these techniques very effectively, so did the communists in Russia. On a larger scale, both Hitler and the Japanese staged sabotage incidents in order to fabricate a reason to invade other nations.

How many times have we seen stories of nooses hung on some black Marxist’s door knob at an indoctrination center (university) or some other conspicuous place, only to find out later that it was the Marxists themselves that placed it there? This sort of thing happens all of the time.

Now let’s look at the latest
jackassery from the lying Marxist-democrats and their media partners in their coordinated effort to scare the American people.

This started a few days ago when Lawrence O’Donnell went into an insane rant that is standard practice over at
MSNBC. Jeff Hedgpeth at News Real Blog brings us this:

Lawrence O’Donnell is as Scared as a Little Girl of Guns and Mean Old Sarah Palin

Correct me if I’m wrong, because I’m not, but didn’t David Plouffe say that Democrats needed to avoid "
bed-wetting" in 2010? Perhaps someone failed to get the message to MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell. Substituting for the equally large-headed Keith Olbermann, O’Donnell said on Tuesday in an over-the-top dramatic fashion,
Sarah Palin’s rhetoric gets even more incendiary…She announces her list of Democrats to target and she uses cross hairs, gun cross hairs to target them
O’Donnell, last seen losing all semblance of journalistic integrity (not to mention his mind), on Morning Joe while interviewing Marc A. Thiessen, read the above words as though Sarah Palin was going to pull out a rifle, climb in a helicopter, and start shooting Democrats from the skies.

It is amazing that even when the far-Left wins it still wets itself in fear over imagined threats. Mr. O’Donnell, beyond recommending decaf, I would suggest you make an occasional visit to the real world where people use analogies and don’t mean them literally. And Lawrence, I know guns scare beltway Liberals but the rest of us know how to use them and aren’t scared by them.

By the way, if someone shoots a response to you, you don’t need to duck – or wet the bed.

Although Barack Obama has broken every single promise of making his government transparent, the Marists are incredibly transparent. They always overreach. If they had left O’Donnell’s cartoonish rant stand on it’s on, they might have had something, but these people can’t help themselves. So we are seeing silliness like this that was published in the
Anchorage Daily News:
Palin's firearms-themed rhetoric called dangerous

RELOAD!" Sarah Palin shouted at right-wing supporters via Twitter on Tuesday after President Obama signed the House health care bill. On her Facebook page, she posted a U.S. map with crosshair targets in states where she's planning to campaign against moderate Democrats who voted in favor of the health insurance overhaul. "We'll aim for these races," she wrote, in the "first salvo" leading up to the midterm elections. A few liberal commentators don't find that kind of rhetoric amusing.

Rob Kezelis,
Capitol Hill Blue: Honestly, where in any decent, civilized society is there room for Sarah's latest tweet, "Don't retreat, RELOAD!"? While some may dismiss that as silly rhetoric, or even humor, it is anything but. One only has to recall some of the weirder moments during the last presidential campaign, especially the Sarah Palin rallies. Some of those people were not only whacked-out, conspiracy nuts, they were more than willing to take "justice" as they define it, and use whatever means necessary to achieve it, including violence. And they are armed.

Margo Howard,
The Women on the Web: I would not find it surprising if someone from the Department of Justice rang [Palin] up to advise her that what she is doing is inciting violence - which is a federal offense. As if it weren't bad enough that people were spitting on legislators, yelling epithets and wearing sidearms into Starbucks, here comes Sarah Palin using the language of guns ... and this in a country that has seen political assassinations in our lifetime. Hate speech, anyone? I would suggest to McCain's Mistake that she, well, think before she speaks. Or better yet, just stop talking.

Rep. Steve Israel (D-NY), on
Twitter: Reload? @SarahPalinUSA Is your choice of words inciteful or ignorant?

Joan Walsh, Most (but probably not all) Palin supporters may insist the tuckered-out former Alaska governor meant "reload" metaphorically. But in a country where angry right-wingers carry guns to see the president speak, and spit on African-American congressmen, I thought it was a chilling statement. Will any Republican denounce Palin's language?

Rachel Maddow,
MSNBC: The armed and dangerous theme isn‘t just in the streets and at the protests. It‘s now the vernacular by which supposedly mainstream conservative politicians address their followers.

Jeffrey Feldman,
Huffington Post: Palin's rifle scope map is the kind of image one might expect to see in an ad for a violent, first-person shooter video game. Again, neither the language nor the imagery Palin uses are neutral. For Palin, the concepts of political "organizing" and "volunteering" are recast as the functions of a rifle. "Campaigning" is re-imagined as a counterassault on a war battlefield. Even more disturbing, Palin re-imagines the traditional U.S. map as a military kill list. Engaging in election politics is framed as violent assault.

When seen in the context of this violent rhetoric by the highest-profile figures in the Republican Party, recent calls for gun violence seen at Tea Party rallies on Capital Hill take on new meaning.

Jed Lewison,
Daily Kos: Of all the images to convey about her movement, it is revealing that Sarah Palin chose one associated with violence. Palin's rhetoric comes amidst a surge in right-wing extremism, a time during which she should be urging cooler heads to prevail instead of fueling the most radical elements of her base. ... I don't care how much money Sarah Palin might want to make off her political celebrity, if she were the patriot she claims to be, she'd be doing everything in her power to rein in the rising tide of right-wing extremism.

Holy over-the-top crazy Batman! These moonbats are beyond pathetic! And could they BE more obvious with this? We know the White House sends out talking points to their media partners daily. You think they’d try and mix it up, rather than everyone saying the same thing at the same time. Marxists are evil, but they aren’t all that smart.

As you notice, they quote the biggest left wing hacks out there including those from vile hate sites like the
Huffington Post and Daily Kos. These are two hate filled websites that publish attacks on women, children, whoever they disagree with. Kos is particularly vile and throws regular celebrations when a Conservative gets sick or dies.

I will never forget the celebration they held when well respected, and much loved, journalist and White House Press Secretary Tony Snow was battling cancer, and ultimately lost that battle. Tony was one of the classiest, most decent guys around, and the left wing thought it an occasion to dance on his grave. Pure evil.

Anyhow, Back to Sarah. The sane among us know that it was Sarah’s dad, Chuck who first said, after Sarah stepped down, that she wasn’t retreating, she was reloading. Normal Americans knew what Chuck was saying, and when Sarah started saying it, we got it then, too. Sarah was stepping back, regrouping, resetting. Getting ready for the big battle ahead.

This is for the odd Obama supporter who might wander in and read this:

Chuck, Sarah, and well... pretty much every Alaskan, owns a gun.

Most own a lot of guns. People in Alaska hunt for their food, and are taught weaponology at an early age. With that, comes a certain vernacular.

Every sport has it’s own language and those that follow it take up the language of it. For example fans of baseball may describe a job well done as a "
home run." Football fans may talk about "tackling a problem at work." Hmmm, that brings up all sorts of "violent" images doesn’t it? I’m a racer, we talk about "hammering the throttle." That could be violent. In fact, in drag racing we describe launches by their degree of "violence." Oh my.

OK, enough of that, back to our regular readers:

Reloading is a fairly benign and generic term. In fact, Hollywood uses it, or variations of it all of the time. I went over to the Internet Movie Database, the absolute authority on all things movie and television. I plugged "
reloaded" into the search and found some interesting titles including The Matrix Reloaded, The Osbournes Reloaded, MTV Reloaded, Dominatrix Reloaded, and my favorite, Barney Cam II: Barney Reloaded.

This is one
scary dog!

Then we found an even scarier movie:
Herbie Fully Loaded!

See, I told you. Isn’t this called "
shooting paint"?

Talk about fully loaded!
Those are dangerous. You could put out an eye or something!

Look, these people, the Marxist-democrats and their media partners, are idiots. They are also incredibly disingenuous. Not only was nothing done when a couple of losers in North Hollywood hung Sarah Palin in effigy, at Halloween 2008, the media picked it up and Marxist-democrats cheered them on!

When decent people complained, nothing was done, and they were told the homeowners were just "
exercising their free speech rights." Try hanging Obama in effigy and see how far that gets you!

Google "
Kill George Bush" and you will find all sorts of violent images. There were even movies made, and hailed as great pieces of work, where Bush was assassinated. Try that with Obama!

Truth is...all of the real violence comes from the left. Remember, one of Barack Obama’s close friends, mentors, and the ghostwriter of his first book, is the ultra-violent Bill Ayers, an unrepentant domestic terrorist who set off fire bombs nationwide in police stations, at Army recruiting centers, The US Capitol Building, the Pentagon, and even the private home of a judge! All in an effort to overthrow the government.

Ayers of course, is married to Bernardine Dohrn, a former member of the FBI’s
Most Wanted. She was once called the "most dangerous woman in America" by the agency. She was tried and convicted for her part in a failed Brinks robbery that left security guards and police dead.

These two used to babysit the Obama’s kids!

Dohrn was helping another violent group at the time of the slaughter, the
Black Panthers. And yes, this is the same Black Panthers whose members were convicted of voter intimidation after the 2008 presidential election when they showed up at a polling place armed to the teeth and sporting paramilitary uniforms. And yeah, this is the same Black Panthers whose convictions were overturned by Obama’s Attorney General, Eric Holder.

Violence and Marxism go hand and had. We’ve seen plenty of protests by left wing groups turn violent. We’ve watched the
Code Pink anti-war protesters violently attack Condi Rice and others. Hell, the democrats actually slipped a couple of the Code Pink crazies into a Senate hearing just so they could attack Rice, who just happened to be black, BTW. These loons got within inches of Dr Rice, screaming and covered in fake blood!

There are more examples though. During the 2008 campaign Obama repeatedly told his supporters to "
get in their faces" as a tactic to argue that he was "The One."

That sort of thing followed the Chicago street thug into office. Last summer, at the height of the town hall protests Obama gathered his minions and implored them to "
punch back twice as hard."

In response, Obama’s purple shirted union thugs from the SEIU promptly showed up at a town hall meeting in St Louis. There these thugs found a black man, Kenneth Gladney, outside selling
Gadesen Flags and other patriotic goodies. These union thugs pounced on Gladney, and beat him unconscious, all the while shouting "nigger" and other obscenities.

Look we can go on forever with this deal, but the American people know the truth. All of the violence you see at protests all of the heated rhetoric comes from the leftists, the Marxists. It’s in their blood, it’s how they operate.

There are a couple of things at work here. First, the Marxist-democrats, lead by Obama, just passed the most unpopular law in American history. Three out of every four Americans are against it. Those are big numbers. While not violent, the American people are angry. They are as angry as they have ever been, and don’t kid yourself, this includes
pre-1776 anger!

The democrats need a distraction, and they need it bad. They need something their media partners can make some headlines with. Anything to try and take America’s mind off the fact they just had their freedom and liberty destroyed. Anything to distract from the usurpation of the Constitution. Anything to distract from the ongoing
coup d'état that is being attempted by Obama and his thugs.

As Tammy Bruce pointed out yesterday, the Marxist-democrats are also using this nonsense to gin up donations. Seventy-five percent of the nation is strongly against these people and their plans. They have lost the nation. They have also lost millions of donors and their much needed dollars. This phoney-baloney cooked up controversy is a pathetic attempt at raising funds from the mind-numbed zombies that make up the base of their party. Read more here.

And of course, they are focusing on Sarah, she is the left’s
bete noire, she is the one person who can and will take these people down, and they know it.

Look, this isn’t to diminish the efforts of anyone else. There have emerged a good number of real leaders among the Republicans in Washington, but it was Sarah Palin’s gutsy performances, her never give up stance, that has embolden others. Sarah Palin is the leader of the
FREE world, and the Marxist-democrats all know it, from Obama on down.

The Marxists fear Sarah. In case you forgot, many of Obama’s top advisors, including Pete Rouse and Anita Dunn come from Alaska. They have seen Sarah in action, firsthand. They know for a fact that she is a capable leader and a true reformer. They know she was fearless when she took on corruption at all levels, including corruption in her own party. They know she was fearless when she stood toe to toe with executives from Big Oil and told them how it was going to be!

They also know That Sarah is completely and totally unimpressed with Barack Obama. Unlike many, she isn’t going to handle him with kid gloves. Sarah doesn’t feel the need to be gentle or "

Something else. Sarah Palin lives in a bi-racial marriage. Her children are bi-racial. She doesn’t feel that timidity others feel when it comes to getting tough with our bi-racial President. And sadly, for the Marxists, it’s pretty hard to call someone in Sarah Palin’s position racist and make it stick. That age old Alinsky tactic won’t work with her.

The day John McCain introduced Sarah Palin to the world, is the day the Obama campaign ceased running against John McCain. If you go back and look at all over the coverage, and all of the efforts by the Obama team, and their media partners, you’ll see from that day forward, the bulk of the effort was aimed at Sarah Palin.

Obama’s own campaign team immediately elevated Sarah to Obama’s level of importance and stature. Of course, most of us know that in the grand scheme of things, Sarah is far more important and has way more stature than this little "
community organizer" from Chicago.

Always has, always will.

We all know, that should she wish, the 2012 Republican nomination is Sarah Palin’s for the asking. She is the one true leader of the American people. The Marxist-democrats know this as well.

They also know Obama is done. He has made himself completely and totally unelectable with the passage of ObamaCare. So have most, if not all of the Marxist-democrats currently occupying offices in Congress. They are finished. Their only hope, only chance of seeing their outrageous programs continue is for the GOP to elect their usual "
squishy" type of presidential candidate, who would not be bold enough to really tinker with their mess.

Sarah Palin, on the other hand, will come in and clean house. They know it. They know, first hand, what she did in Alaska and how many corrupt politicians ended up in prison. They know Sarah will serve the people, not their buddies in the labor unions or the trial lawyers.

They know she will trim the fat and run a tight ship. She will rebuild our relationships with our allies that Obama has destroyed, and will be hard core with our enemies, that Obama has coddled.

In short, Sarah has already strengthened the Republican brand. Not only is she the real deal, but her passion and, her strength has emboldened other strong Republicans, who are also reenforcing the once sagging brand. That’s is the real danger Sarah represents to the Marxist-democrats. Sarah inspires. Sarah emboldens. With Sarah Palin as President the entire nation will be inspired to get back to our roots, to get back on the solid path our Founders put us on.

Much like Ronald Reagan defeated the Soviets, the "
evil empire," Sarah will defeat the Marxists in this country and stop our march toward communism. Generations worth of destruction caused by these people will be reversed.

Obama and his crew know this. They also know that their defeat is eminent. They are all dead men walking, politically. Their only hope for their un-American policies to survive is to defeat Sarah Palin and hope the GOP nominates it’s usual establishment candidate, who will embrace Big Government.

You know, as I finish this, there are a lot of endings I could throw out there, but I ran across a couple of photos that say it all when it comes to the differences between Sarah Palin and Barack Obama:

Our next President:

Our current model:

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