Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Hey Democrats: See You In November!

Thomas Lifson over at American Thinker posted this great video and commentary that says it all:

Democrats and their media allies are counting on voters forgetting the intensity of their opposition to ObamaCare and other elements of the state takeover of parts of American life formerly safely in private hands. "
Six months is an eternity in politics," goes the mantra they chant to reassure themselves that retribution at the polls will not be so terribly bad for them, because, after all, the common folk are pretty stupid and unable to carry an idea for very long.

Dr. Chris Link disagrees. Laughter is a potent remedy to forgetfulness. He has produced, with his family, a charming video based on the pop song "
See you in September," foreseeing the November elections, when America has the opportunity to fire those who have so badly bungled their responsibilities as federal legislators. It is two and a half minutes that will cheer you up:

Nice and light, and a catchy tune us old guys will remember! The best way to save the nation is to vote out every democrat at every level in every contest. None can be trusted. They all proved that with the unconstitutional vote for ObamaCare. They forever killed the myth of the "
conservative" or even "moderate" democrat. They are all Marxists devils and must all be removed from office.

November is coming!

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