Saturday, March 20, 2010

Sarah Palin: "Obama In Over His Head, Too Inexperienced." Hammers GOP Too.

Sarah Palin, repeating what she said during the 2008 campaign, reminded America last night that this is what you get when you elect an inexperienced "community organizer" to the top job in the country. We all saw it, of course. Here's a guy who has never run anything as complicated as a lemonade stand, and it shows. Obama, a State Senator who was noteworthy for the fact he missed 30% of the votes, and voted "present" more times than not when he was there, is not a leader.

Not only was Obama uninspiring as a State Senator, he was an outright joke as a U.S. Senator. Obama only worked 143 days as a Senator before he abandoned that job to spend two years running for President. (Something he promised his voters he
would not do!) Of course, drawing a paycheck from the taxpayers all the way, for good measure. This is not the profile of a leader, and America needs leaders, not "organizers" or "constitutional law professors."

Here Sarah talks health care and Obama.

To me, what is noteworthy though, is at the end of the interview where Sarah hammers the Republicans as well. We have some fine Republican leaders who are really standing up and fighting, and fighting hard, but we also have some who are "
no" votes, but not seen standing with the leadership and the American people.

Sarah is quick to point out this is not the kind of leadership we are looking for from our side either, and those too timid to fight may very well find themselves replaced with someone more willing to get out there and slug it out with the rest of the team. Sarah has thrown down the gauntlet to the GOP. The status quo just won't cut it any longer!

This is the where Sarah's competitive streak comes out in her. This is the girl who helped take her team to a state championship, and earned the nickname "
Sarahcuda" for her tenacious play. Sarah understands leadership, she's been a leader all of her life. This is a woman who expects 100 percent from her team. No Bench warmers!

I think the American people feel the same way. We expect 100 percent from the people we elect to represent us.

There are some in our party that just do not understand that we are in a fight for the very soul of our nation. The fight is whether we remain a Constitutional Republic, or allow Obama and his people to pervert it, and change it, into some sort of Marxist dictatorship, run by a central command and control apparatus in Washington. Something that resembles the failed Soviet Union.

Sarah understands how things work, and how to make things work. What we have in Washington now, coming from the democrats, is frightening. It's a mixture of power mad zealots blinded by ideology, and truly stupid leadership, an incredibly dangerous combination.

I sincerely hope America has learned it's lesson with Obama, and I'm not just talking the hazzards of electing communists to positions of power! Traditionally, Americans have sought to elect Governors to the Office of the Presidency. There is simply no better training to be President, than being Governor of a state. Other than going to war, every single issue a President would encounter, is also encountered on the state level.

Not to say there aren't leaders in Congress, but it's one thing to lead there, and quite another to lead at an executive level. I don't care how strong of a leader you are, there is no substitute for executive level experience. Nothing like having to sit at the desk with the sign that says "
The buck stops here!"

I'm hoping in the next presidential election we will see two solid and proven Governors on the Republican ticket. Obviously, for me, that ticket would include Sarah Palin in the top spot. Sarah has nearly two decades of executive level experience, the kind of leadership experience that is sadly missing in our nation's capitol. Being a Texan, I'd love a
Palin/Perry ticket, and think those two would be unstoppable. They would also bring some proven commonsense leadership to the job, being the two of the most successful Governors in the nation. But that's 2012, a lifetime away in politics.

This is 2010, and as the elections loom, we need to make sure we pick bold leaders, people not afraid to get in there and mix it up with those who wish to destroy America and refashion it into their supposed utopian paradise. People who will not waver, no matter how tough the fight gets.

To get our nation back on track, and headed again towards prosperity, we need to put strong people in the leadership positions and stop fantasizing about these "
flavor of the month" kind of pop culture figures, like Obama, who promise rainbows and unicorns, and deliver heartache and destruction.

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