Saturday, April 25, 2009

Is The Mainstream Media America’s Version Of Suicide Bombers?

So I’m reading the 9,324th story on the absolutely ridiculous “ethics complaint”against Sarah Palin, filed by operatives of the DNC, namely Sondra Tomkins, who is aided by Shannyn Moore, Jeanne Devon, and Linda Biegel.

Standard boilerplate left wing lunacy. This time written by so-called “professor” Amanda Coyne, who runs the Alaska Dispatch, a small internet newser, that’s main purpose seems to be printing attacks against the Governor.

Nothing surprising there, as Coyne has turned her hate into a cottage industry. Between her unbalanced and unhinged hate for Palin, she also spends time attacking Palin’s supporters, and filling the pages of the left wing Huffington Post with her rants.

Thinking about Coyne, made me think of her husband, and his ties with the Anchorage Daily News, which itself has turned into nothing more than a house organ for the Obama administration.

The ADN, as it is known, goes out of it’s way to print smears about the Governor, and any other Republican. They go so far as to help the aforementioned Moore, Devon, and Biegel coordinate well placed comments, from out of state bloggers, posing as angry Alaskans in their comment sections, trying to create a false sense of anger at Palin. The ADN even recycles stories, under new headlines, just to make sure all of the out of state bloggers, and newspaper columnists, get enough space to rant.

Now of course, thinking about the ADN, got me thinking about it’s parent company, McClatchy.

McClatchy is a very left wing outfit, that publishes 30 newspapers all across the country. They have always been a liberal bunch, most big newspapers seem to be. But during the last election cycle McClatchy moved hard to the left, and started shilling for the hard left’s causes. And Barack Obama.

A year or so ago, McClatchy stock was worth a little over $12 a share. Friday the stock closed at 53 cents a share, and Moody’s downgraded their credit rating, calling their $2.2 billion debt, “unsustainable”.

Now of course, McCaltchy is not alone. Many of the nation’s largest newspapers are in deep trouble. And they all have one thing in common. They have all become shills for the left, in a big way.

You know man has sacrificed himself for what he felt was a greater cause since the beginning of time. Even for noble causes. The old greater good.

Now of course, we are more familiar with suicide warriors like the Japanese Kamikaze pilots, and the Germans who became the human guidance systems of missiles at the end of WWII.

Nowadays, we think of Muslim extremists who strap bombs on themselves, and walk into a crowd of civilians, or military, and blow themselves up.

All three of these groups have one thing in common. They were/are in the throws of defeat, and this was/is a last ditch attempt to win.

Now I know some folks will say the reason these newspapers are dead and just too dumb to lay down, is because of the economy, or (gasp) the internet.

Now that would be a good argument, except for some stubborn facts. One, there are plenty of good newspapers across the country, newspapers that print straight news, you know: Facts. These papers are still making money. And, they have been able to keep advertisers, as well as create an online presence.

But this problem isn’t just with newspapers.

One of the well know bottomless money pits in left wing broadcasting is Air America. 10's of millions of dollars have been flushed down that toilet. And it is a complete failure. It’s basically NPR, except funded by rich liberals. On second thought, it is exactly like NPR!

But AM talk radio isn’t a dying breed, internet, or not. In fact, there are many talk show hosts that do quite well, and have used their talk shows to move into TV gigs, book writing, and so on.

Any radio station that carries Rush, Hannity, Levin, Beck, or Ingraham, pretty much has it made.

So, as we see, even in a poor economy, it’s possible for radio to make money.

Well, then what about TV?

Now we have come to realize that NBC and MSNBC have an agenda. The Chairman of their parent company, Jeffrey Immelt, is a member of Barack Obama’s advisory group, and General Electric, the parent company, stands to make billions of dollars if they can get Obama and Congress to push through all sorts of, so called, green legislation. GE makes a lot of the implements of the green movement. Machines that, unless mandated, have limited value or desirability.

So one can understand why NBC and MSNBC are now part of White House Press Secretary, Robert Gibb’s, staff.

Immelt appears to have instigated a plan to take the once respectable NBC, and it’s sister networks and turn them into propaganda tools of the left. And for his trouble, he has all but destroyed the value of General Electric with it’s stock down 62 percent since last year.

But again, at least one can see an end game. It’s not very ethical, of course, and has the ability to destroy democracy, but at least we know about it, and can understand that it’s just good old fashioned greed, thrown in with the almost cartoonish left wing loonacy from the anchors and guests on the two main networks!

Never mind the week long assault of “green” on all of the NBC/Universal networks pushing the global warming hoax.

But what is CBS and ABC’s excuse? Both networks are losing viewers, with CBS being in last place for a long time. And yet, with few exceptions, these networks tow the democrat party line. Much of the time skewing hard left.

And how about CNN? CNN started the 24 hour news craze. They were the only game in town for some time. Now they always tilted to the left, but since Barack Obama became the nominee, and now the President, they took a hard left turn.

And how have they been rewarded? They are now number 4 out of 4 major cable news networks. Their own sister network, Headline News, which basically has headlines running on a loop all day, beats them!

During the recent coverage of the April 15th tea party protests, both Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert, of Comedy Central, who do fake news and satire, had more viewers than any of the prime time CNN shows!

But cable news isn’t bad business. Fox News, which at least attempts to play it straight, and clearly tells you the difference between their hard news offerings, and their night time opinion shows, has more viewers than the other three networks, combined.

Now even a simple minded guy like me can look at the facts and figure out that the paying customer isn’t all that excited about a steady diet of left wing rants, like one finds on the various radio station or TV channels, or reads in the newspapers mentioned above.

In fact, it’s pretty easy to understand why all of these media outlets are either going broke, or causing a significant financial drain on their parent companies.

The question is why?

Why are these media outlets doing this?

Now, during WWII, the Japanese and Germans were desperate. They had almost no hope in winning a conventional war. So many brave men were persuaded to sacrifice themselves for the cause.

We see the same thing today, with the Muslim extremists. They have very little in real technology, and weaponry. They honestly have no hope of ever winning a conflict against any well trained army, and yet, out of desperation, they use their own lives, sacrificing them to inflict death and terror upon the world. Hoping to win some kind of victory.

Now I ask, isn’t the left wing media, the so called mainstream media, doing basically the same thing? I mean they have sacrificed profits, the lifeblood of any business.

The investors, some willingly, and some not, have sacrificed their personal wealth to keep these left wing outlets going.

Years after it made a lick of sense.

So, could it be that the left is really that desperate?

I mean they all are crowing like they won some big victory in November. But did they?

With protests in the streets, and Barack Obama’s falling poll numbers, it’s obvious that whatever they did in November, the gains are quickly being lost.

Now this left turn didn’t happen yesterday, but the media has went all in since November.

So you tell me, is this continual abandonment of all sane business practices, in order to spread left wing propaganda and lies, the last attempt of desperate liberals?

A sacrifice for the cause?

Or just plain insanity!


  1. You got it, Gary. All of the above is just....plain....insanity. Right wing tinfoil hat territory. Fantasia.

    When you look in the mirror do your pupils whirl around like pinwheels?

  2. KaJo, When you look in the mirror, do you see dancing unicorns and sugar-plum bailouts?

    This blog could not be more accurate or timely. The media’s deliberate self-destruction has been a long time coming. Last week when the Pulitzers were announced, the winner in public service was no longer in his newsroom to celebrate with his coworkers. He had been laid off.

    And this is nothing new. It was a big scandal earlier this decade when LA Times, owned by the long-tanking Tribune Company, had five – COUNT ‘EM, FIVE – Pulitzer winners laid off before the awards were announced.

    The 2008 election was the end game. They knew they were going under. And they went for broke. This analysis is spot on.

    The worst part: they didn’t JUST commit hari kari to advance a partisan agenda. That was certainly a big motivator, as this blog quite correctly notes.

    But to add insult to injury, they also did it to secure artificial life-support from the administration they got elected.

    If it were up to their subscribers, you’d be hearing final death rattles.

    Just look at Rosa Brooks of the LA Times, the anti-Jewish radical tapped by Obama for, of all places, the Pentagon. On her way out the door, she published an article calling for Bailout Journalist. “Other democracies pay for accurate reporting, so why shouldn't the U.S.?”

    And just last week, John Kerry convened Senate hearings on the possibility of bailing out the US newspaper industry. He and fellow Democrat senator Ben Cardin are big advocates of this.

    It’s sad that your eyes are too full of moonbeams, KaJo, to see the obvious.

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