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A Time For Choosing......An Open Letter To The Republican Party

In October of 1964 Ronald Reagan addressed the Republican National Convention and a television audience. At the time America was headed into liberalism in a big way. Democrats were looking to grow the government in ways our founders never dreamed of. The "Great Society" was upon us.

Reagan, a newly minted Republican, remarked that he didn’t leave the democrat party, the party left him.

Reagan spoke of American exceptionalism and determination. He spoke of conservatism. He also spoke of the evils of liberalism, and communism.

Reagan’s speech, entitled "A Time For Choosing" is one of his best works. It is considered as the real awakening of the conservative movement. It is so iconic, it has come to be know as simply, "The Speech". And if you have never seen it, you cannot call yourself a conservative.

Ronald Reagan gave this most inspiring of speeches, in support of Presidential candidate Barry Goldwater. While conservatives were moved with Reagan’s common sense, wisdom, and patriotism, it fell on the deaf ears of the party elite: The blue blood, country club Republicans. Those today we conservatives call RINOs (Republicans In Name Only)

It would be 16 years more of moving towards socialism, and really poor government. This culminated in the total disaster known as the Jimmy Carter presidency, a complete and total mess that we are still feeling the ramifications of to this day! Think Community Reinvestment Act, and Radical Islam.

So, how did Ronald Reagan finally become President? Well, he basically followed the principles he set forth in his 1964 speech! President Reagan won two record landslide elections, including a 49 state win in 1984, by stressing solid conservatism to every single American, no mater the sex, race, or religious creed.

What Reagan knew then, just as we know now, is that conservatism is universal. It doesn’t belong to any party. Conservatism is a concept of freedom, and accomplishment. That all men should be free of tyranny, from oppression. All men should have an equal chance in life. Reagan knew that conservatism stresses the fact that we get all of our rights from our God, not from the government of man. Reagan knew that the Constitution was a covenant between the government and it’s citizens, that limited the power of government, not it’s citizens.

Reagan knew that government wasn’t the answer, but indeed was the problem. In that regard, things have only gotten worse since Reagan’s days in office.

But you know what else about Reagan and his historic wins?

Reagan never pandered. He didn’t sit around and think up ways to appeal to this group or that group. He didn’t worry about having one message for one crowd or another. He had but one message: The message of conservatism, true conservatism.

Again, conservatism is universal. The concept of conservatism works for every single group of people. White, black, Hispanic, etc. Straight, gay, male, female, Christian, Jewish, Muslim, it doesn’t matter. Conservatism works for every single human being.

Now, let’s fast forward a bit. Even though Ronald Reagan was the most successful President in our lifetimes, the Republicans didn’t learn their real lesson. We ended up with a moderate Republican President. Not a bad man. In fact a very good man. But a moderate none the less.

That of course led us to Bill Clinton. Clinton was a disaster from the get go, including his weak answer to bombing of the World Trade Center. In fact, his poor performance led to the second conservative revolution in 1994, spearheaded by Newt Gingrich, Tom Delay, and others.

Using solid conservative principles, the Republicans were able to balance the budget, pass welfare reform, and other common sense legislation. In fact, they did so well, that the common man on the street credited Clinton, and gave him a second term!

But why did that happen? Well, easy. You see, the Republican party still hadn’t learned it’s lesson. (This is, a recurring theme, huh?) The party put up one of our greatest Americans, for sure. A bonafide World War II hero, a man of great integrity, a true statesman: Bob Dole. The only problem, is Senator Dole is a true moderate. (You know how the word liberal has become a pejorative? Well, as far as I am concerned, so has moderate!) We never had a chance.

Senator Dole never forcefully took credit for all of the great things Clinton was said to have done, that were actually accomplished by conservative Republicans.

Now, thankfully, we then saw George Bush, another fine man. A decent man. But not really a conservative. But, we knew that going in. George Bush was tested under the fire of war, and performed brilliantly, keeping America safe. Something no one thought was possible right after 9/11.

The Republicans had control of Congress, as well. But, it wasn’t the same Republicans. Maybe they had been in Washington too long. Or maybe real conservatives left. Whatever the reason, the RINOs came to power, and conservatism, real conservatism was in exile again.

Now for sure, President Bush did a whole lot more right than wrong. But being a moderate, he let a lot of things happen on his watch. Most notable, even though there are at least 34 documented calls to put Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, both arms of the democrat party, in check, being a moderate, the President didn’t go to real battle with these people. And in the end, never named the names of the real culprits of the current financial crisis, instead accepting blame for the entire Republican party instead of naming all the democrats who actually caused this mess!

Which leads us to the 2008 election. Through silly Republican primary rules, and just plain insanity, the GOP showed that 44 years after Reagan’s blueprint for sure victory was written, they still didn’t have a clue. As such, we got the RINO’s RINO, John McCain! Now, John McCain is a war hero, a true American. But he is not a conservative, or even a moderate. He’s "democrat lite". A Liberal. A complete disaster.

But, just like in 1964....in September of 2008, another strong conservative walked to the podium to sing the praises of the Presidential candidate. This time in the guise of the Vice Presidential candidate. That strong conservative was Governor Sarah Palin of Alaska. Her speech, like Reagan’s before her, was inspirational. Like Reagan, Governor Palin spoke from her heart. She spoke of the greatness of America. As she spoke, you could see the shining city on a hill that Reagan often spoke of.

Governor Palin spoke of American exceptionalism. The greatness of the common man. She spoke of the solid conservative principles of freedom, and self determination. She spoke of security and self reliance, not only for Americans but for America itself.

Governor Palin was a hit, as we know. Her message resonated with Americans. A once dead campaign came back to life. Donations and volunteers poured in at a record pace. Between Palin’s common sense conservatism, and the fact that of the four people on both tickets, she was the only one with chief executive experience, and lots of it, for the first time, Republicans saw a win happening.

We saw Ronald Reagan when we saw Sarah Palin. In fact, even Michael Reagan himself said so. No stronger endorsement than that.

But sadly, the RINOs were in control of the campaign, and totally misused her talents. It was incredibly disheartening for those of us who had followed the Governor before she became a nationally know figure.

Worse yet, the democrats along with their media cohorts launched an unrelenting campaign of hate, lies, and dirty tricks against the Governor, which is in high gear to this day.

In the end, the moderates had it their way. The entire "democrat lite" wing of the Republican party prevailed, as did Barack Obama, the democrat candidate.

Now, this should have never happened. Barack Obama is to the left of Joseph Stalin. This is a man who was raised by communist parents, and grand parents. Mentored by communists like Frank Marshal Davis, terrorist Bill Ayers, and racist America hating Jeremiah Wright, among others.

No way in the world should this guy gotten past McCain/Palin. But, instead of listening to the cry of conservatives everywhere, our man John McCain actually defended Obama at every turn. Apologizing when Governor Palin turned on the heat, and even worse, refusing to defend her while she, herself, was being attacked with lies, hate, and dirty tricks. Another reoccurring theme for today’s Republican party of moderates.

So, again getting whipped badly taught the Republican elite nothing. If anything, the RINOs, the country club blue blooders are trying to move even closer to the democrats and further to the left! The true definition of insanity.

Sarah Palin touched Americans like no one has since Ronald Reagan. But, the Republican party is no longer the party of Reagan. It’s the democrat party watered down. So, the elites in our party not only didn’t listen to Governor Palin, they joined in the attacks, unable to face up to their own inadequacies! Including John McCain, who to this day, never misses a chance to disrespect the Governor, all the while sucking up to his buddies in the media.

So, the die was cast.

That takes us to 2009, and CPAC. This time it was Rush Limbaugh who gave the patriotic speech. This too was iconic. No one was surprised that Fox News carried his keynote speech live, but so did CNN. This was a big deal, and rivaled both Reagan, and Palin in it’s enormity of purpose.

Like Reagan, and Palin, Limbaugh spoke of American exceptionalism. Of America and her people’s greatness. Limbaugh spoke of solid conservative values, and how those values are what made America great. He spoke of how conservatism lifts people up, and how communism oppresses people. How, as conservatives, we want to build people up to their highest potential, and how communism punishes great achievement in the name of "economic justice".

Something else Limbaugh did. Just like Ronald Reagan forcefully attacked President Lyndon Johnson, and the democrats and Sarah Palin forcefully attacked candidate Barack Obama and the democrat/communist party, he attacked President Barack Obama and the party of radicals.

And just like Reagan, and Palin, Limbaugh did it with skill, humor, and good cheer. He was angry, as we all are, but when you are on the right path, you can speak with great ease.

Something else. Just like with Ronald Reagan, and Sarah Palin, conservatives cried tears of joy as they heard Limbaugh speak! These are the words we want to hear. The crowd at CPAC was screaming and people who were watching this live in their homes were as well. These are the kind of Republicans we want! We are tired of the country club RINO. The milquetoast moderates who are stumbling all over themselves to out democrat the democrats!

It's this moderate democrat lite type of Republican that has kept the party in the minority position for most of its existence. Only when true Ronald Reagan conservatism is practiced does the Republican party prevail. And as such, the American people!

Of course, true to form, all of the RINOs chose not to get behind Limbaugh. Oh no! Just like the blue bloods did back in 1964, and really until 1980 when they attacked Reagan unmercifully, and like today’s RINOs attacked, and still attack Sarah Palin, these people attacked Rush Limbaugh with as much vigor as the democrats!

If only the RINO wing would attack democrats with such vigor!

So once again, we are at a time for choosing. As a party, do the Republican leaders want to continue to be a minority party forever, or do you want to weed out the democrat lite RINOs, and become the powerful, unstoppable party of Reagan once more?

In the coming days I will be addressing individual ideas that are on every American’s mind. Ideas that are universal in their nature, and profound in their effect. And again, it will be a time for choosing!

Time to chose to listen to what Americans, all Americans, want, or again turn a blind eye, and a deaf ear to it all, and remain an insignificant party.

There is much urgency to this decision too. This isn’t just about winning elections anymore. We are in a fight to save this nation. Barack Obama, and the democrat/communist party plan to take this nation places it was never intended to go. They are destroying everything Americans hold dear to their hearts

So, as you see, your decision is urgently needed, and you had better make the right one.


Gary Jackson


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