Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Let Them Eat Cake......Or Some Other Tortured Cliche

You know, bashing our nation's CEO's has become somewhat of a sport in the 21st century. And absolutely no one has the game perfected as well as President Barack Obama, and the democrats in Congress. They have elevated the dangerous and destructive practice of class warfare to an art form. I mean they are really first rate!

And thanks to our absolutely corrupt media, they are able to sell this to the masses.

Who can forget the recent spectacle of the Big Three auto executives being grilled with such probing and important questions by our distinguished democrat members of Congress such as: "So tell me, Mr Car Guy, did you have the temerity to fly here to Washington today?"

Well, as one might imagine, these titans of industry were duly put in their place by these servants of the people, who are, of course, as pure as the driven snow. These men who oversee multi-national, multi-billion dollar corporations, where shoved to their knees and forced to grovel at the feet of our all mighty Congress.

Never mind, that upon becoming Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, herself a pillar of virtue and restraint, demanded and received, an Air Force jet to fly her to and from her California home at her every whim. I mean we just can't have this national treasure fly commercial, can we?

My point? Well, it's obvious the democrat members of Congress have never actually held jobs, and do not understand how these things work. For corporations, and high level executives, the most valuable commodity is time. That's what The CEOs and high level managers have precious little of, time. And they and must use it wisely. Even auto executives, who are, for the most part, just die hard car guys, who absolutely love driving, have drivers who shuttle them around.


Because while they are being driven, they can work!

The same goes for flying on private jets. We all know what a hassle it is to fly commercial. We also know that planes are often delayed for many hours. A CEO who runs a major corporation, and is flying for business, cannot afford to waste his valuable time sitting in an airport, or waiting on an airplane for hours to get where they need to go. They use corporate jets because they can literally leave for important business at a moments notice, get to where they need to go quickly, work the whole way there, and then get back home quickly. Flight time from Detroit to D.C. is very short. The execs could go, meet with Congress, and be back in their office all in the span of a few hours.

In other words, these executive jets save their companies money.

Of course, what was once a symbol of great success, a source of corporate pride even, is now verboten. And besides it was great fun watching the auto executives be further humiliated by our glorious Congress, when they were forced to drive to D.C.! Never mind they wasted the better part of two days of valuable time to make the nation feel better because Congress sure showed them.

Of course, this hatred for the successful has it's major drawbacks to the economy. You see, many corporations have now, in fear, either canceled existing orders, or deciding against ordering, new corporate jets. You see, they don't want to be demonized by Congress or President Obama, who is the Cheerleader-In-Chief of the class warfare crowd. So now, aircraft manufacturers will see a downturn in business, and normal hard working Americans, who have good, well paying jobs working for the airplane manufacturers, and their many suppliers, may face cut backs in pay, overtime, and even have to deal with being laid off, because of a lack of business.

Good job Mr President. Good Job Congress.

But that's not even the point of this story. No friends, I come to talk to you about another great evil facing our nation: Corporate retreats! Now these are the sort of things that will destroy the nation, for sure!

Now in all fairness to Congress, and the corrupt media, there were some companies that took "retreats" right after taking bailout money. Those folks might have been a little arrogant, and the people certainly are not on their side.

But, there are corporate "parties", and there are corporate parties.

Let's look at the good kind of corporate function. Recently, a major bank, that received bail out money, went ahead with an annual event. A major golf tournament and party for it's executives and clients. Of course, on cue, Congress, The President, and the media were in high dudgeon over this. Liberals are generally against the death penalty, but judging by the fervor of the attacks on these bankers, one became convinced they might make an exception in this case!

I am reminded at this time of the great movie Barbarians At The Gate, which was about the ins and outs of what was, at the time, the largest hostile takeover in history, as KKR bought RJR Reynolds tobacco company. In one scene in the movie, one of the mid level executives was complaining about the lavish money spent promoting their annual tennis match, the Doral Open. And in perfect Hollywood timing, one of RJR's guests walks by smiling in appreciation of the Gucci watch he had been given as a gift for coming. It was at the point that James Garner, in the role of RJR CEO F.Ross Johnson, proclaimed with much disdain to his underling: "Well, look around here and pay attention. Every penny you think we are wasting on all of this, comes right back to us, dressed up as a nickel!"

The point being, corporate events like this pay off in big ways for the companies that sponsor them. They use them to promote their companies to the general public, as a title rights sponsor. They also invite their very best customers, as a simple thank you for your valued business. This creates loyalty, and of course, many a big sale is either closed, or started at these functions. Something else that happens, is prospective clients are also brought in as guests. These are people who can potentially bring in millions of dollars for the sponsoring company. In this case, a bank.

Truly, every penny spent has the potential to walk back through the door dressed up as a nickel.

As a drag racer, I can tell you that at every NHRA national event, just like at every NASCAR race, there are many hospitality events that happen. Every major sponsored race team will have a hospitality area for their sponsors. They use them to entertain, service, and retain major sponsors. To allow the corporate people a chance to rub elbows with the stars, or bring their clients to rub elbows.

Of course, many event sponsors will also have hospitality. I can tell you, I always looked forward to the BBQ and hospitality that Mopar had for dealers, and their select guests at the NHRA race in Houston. Chrysler, which has a zone office there, always made sure we had fun. But this wasn't just about the food. I also looked forward to networking with Mopar fans, other people in my business, and even bringing a good customer or two, to reward them, and have some fun! This created loyalty among my customers.

Now, of course, in this year of our lord, Obama, these sort of things are evil, and must be stopped at all costs! That is, unless you are Congress, or Big Union. Then all is good.

Right in the middle of all of the demagoguery, Nancy Pelosi took the corporate jet to go see the Pope at the Vatican. The democrat Congress went to their own special retreat, where they could further plot against the evil earning class of Americans. But, that is OK, because they said so.

Even better, this past week, Big Union held a retreat at one of the nicest resorts in Florida. I mean we can't have the union bosses and their associates meeting in the bitter chill of the northeast, now can we. Besides, it's tough work when you are plotting to take away the American worker's fundamental right to a secret ballot to vote on whether or not they want to belong to the brotherhood of union members. Of course, those union members, the ones who were stuck freezing up north, paid for this retreat.

Now, much like the jet airplane guys, since it is now verboten for ordinary companies, who don't have the lofty stature of Congress, or Big Union, to hold retreats, or sponsor events, there is trouble. You see, resort cities like Las Vegas, or Miami, or those beautiful California spots, are hurting big time, as company after company cancels their planned events, all to make sure they aren't hauled before a kangaroo court made up of Congress members, or risk having their mugs splashed all over the media! Now these retreats, which are always used to being booked up, are in real financial trouble. Soon, the many cooks, wait staff, and other service employees will be hurt, and possibly lose their jobs. Cab drivers will have less fairs (and tips). Local restaurants will be hurt. Cities, like Las Vegas will lose a lot of revenue. Tax revenue.

Again, thank you Congress, and thank you President Obama. This is change we can.......Oh, who am I kidding here. This is sheer lunacy!

But again, I didn't come here to really talk to you about that either. That was just the warm up, to the main course.

You see, our President, our leader, Barack Obama loves to party. He is really enjoying the trappings of being President. Nothing like being able to take his fetching First Lady on date night, aboard Air Force One, to Chicago. Or, to fly cross country, to make a show of spending more money than the history of man, at one time, when he could have easily signed the most expensive, and dangerous spending bill in history right in his Rose Garden! I mean he still would have gotten on TV, right?

The major concern though, is Mr Obama's penchant for hard partying at the White House. Recently, President Obama and guests dined on $100lb Japanese Wagyu beef. It seems that weekly parties at the White House have become standard fare. Stars like Stevie Wonder, and the Jonas Brothers are noted guests. The menu features only the finest in hoity-toity food. No nachos and beer for this bunch!

Between the Greek Tragedy that Mr Obama staged at his DNC speech in Denver, complete with styrofoam columns that reminded me of a gag out of the movie This Is Spinal Tap. To Chicago party in the park on election night, to his record setting inaugural expenses, Mr Obama has expensive taste.

Now a group called Freedom Watch, www.freedomwatchusa.org , is looking into whether the taxpayers are footing the bill for all of this extravagant partying. As Reported today in World Net Daily, Freedom Watch is asking the GSA for any and all documents that will show what this constant parade of celebrities, and Hollywood style parties is costing the taxpayer.

Currently our economy is in deep trouble. Wall Street has absolutely no confidence in Mr Obama, or his ideas. Millions of hard working Americans have seen their life savings wiped out, by events that were set in motion 30 years ago and compounded by the last democrat president. But while these hard working Americans are worried about their livelihood, this inexperienced young president, who clearly has no real clue, and has picked advisors of the same caliber, is living the high life at the White House.

America, and her people deserve better than this.

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