Sunday, May 24, 2009

Dick And Liz Cheney, The Dynamic Duo

As we saw this week, the death of conservatism in America has been greatly exaggerated!

What America witnessed this week was a true American statesman at work. Actually, two great statesmen. The second being a woman, and daughter of the first.

This week, former Vice President Dick Cheney took on the President of the United States, Barack Obama, in a serious national security debate. And Mr Cheney made Mr Obama look small, and petty.

To fully grasp how Mr Cheney has changed the debate in America, one has to realize that his speech, which had been scheduled for some time, had the Obama team so flustered, they had to rush like a bunch of grade schoolers to try and preempt Mr Cheney!

Real rookie stuff!

By doing this, Mr Obama instantly made what Mr Cheney was doing just that much more important.

And the Obama team did it up right. They marched the President down to the National Archives, in front a copy of the Constitution, for goodness sakes! That back drop reminded me of the ridiculousness back in 2000, when Al Gore was trying to steal the Florida election, and every time he came out, he had more and more US flags staged around him, making sure he always had a greater number than George Bush did, when he spoke! Well, the echoing sounds of the National Archives aside, Mr Obama just looked small.

As always, Mr Obama can say absolutely nothing, better than any man alive, but, that’s exactly what he did say, absolutely nothing. Oh, he did his usual hand wringing and of course blamed everything on President Bush and others, something he pathologically does on a daily basis, But he said nothing else.

What Mr Obama, and the rest of the misguided left don’t seem to understand, is the “problem” with Guantanamo Bay, is all their fault! There is no sane reason on earth to close it, but, this rookie president, on his second day in office, stepped right in it, with both feet!

The far left in this country pretty much hates America, and everything about her. They perceive America as a bad place. A place that should be punished for her ills. The left, including President Obama see a moral equivalency between blood thirsty savages, who murder innocents at the drop of a hat, and American service men and women. In fact, the Obama cabal sees a moral equivalency between the terrorists, and average Americans.

Fast forward a few minutes, and Americans were treated to a speech given by an adult. A sober, calm, adult. No grandiose setting, no campaign style rhetoric. Just a good meat and potatoes speech that laid out Mr Cheney’s case, in terms that any red blooded American could understand, and appreciate.

Mr Cheney hit a home run. He won the debate, and totally knocked President Obama off the mound. Even the dishonest U.S. media couldn’t spin this one in Mr Obama’s favor!

But, Dick Cheney’s speech was just part of the excitement!

The most fun I’ve had in weeks, on the political observation front, was watching Liz Cheney, the former Vice President’s daughter.

Oh wow!

Liz Cheney has her fathers strength, her father’s guts, and her mother’s grace. Liz Cheney is a warrior!

Now, of course, she made the obligatory appearances on Fox News, where of course she was treated with respect. Not a hard job. But where Liz shined was by doing what she does best. She went into the belly of the beast, the most dishonest news group in America, NBC.

For those that haven’t figured it out, NBC, and MSNBC, are owned by General Electric, and GE CEO Jeffrey Immelt is one of Barack Obama’s advisors. This of course, makes NBC/MSNBC wholly subservient to President Obama, and the DNC.

So, it was great fun to watch Liz Cheney put on a clinic on how to take apart left wing talkers. I mean she was incredible. No matter what sort of insane, out in left field talking point these left wingers threw at her, she just did her own deal. She was tough, smart, and best of all, when they said something stupid, which was quite often, Liz simply refused to accept the premise of their question!

It was brilliant!

I’ve written before that one of the biggest problems with today’s Republicans, is they accept the democrat’s ideas, and then try to bring the “Republican way” to the table when they discuss them. The only way to describe this is sheer stupidity.

From total stupidity, like so called “global warming” and all of the schemes the liberals bring to the table surrounding that nonsense, to their attempts to destroy the best health care on earth, to their childishness on foreign affairs, Republicans could really learn something from Liz Cheney!

When liberals are saying dumb things, simply refuse to play!

Global warming? Simply use your brain, and explain to them what normal people already know: It’s a hoax, a hoax designed to make a lot of people, like Al Gore and General Electric, a lot of money.

The same tactics can be used when discussing health care, real energy exploration, illegal immigration, and so on.

The thing America saw this past week though, that really excites me, is this: America saw real leadership!

Dick Cheney and Liz Cheney are leaders, in every sense of the word.

The former Vice President, who is now a private citizen, saw a grave injustice being perpetrated on the American people, and as leaders do, stood up, and took the problem head on.

Even more exciting, Liz Cheney also took up the fight, and showed the world how it is done!

To paraphrase the great Ronald Reagan, it’s not that are moderate friends are ignorant, it’s just they know so much that isn’t so!

Folks that know me, know I have little use for moderates. I have even less use for the moderate “republicans”. I have written extensively about the damage the moderates have done to the party. I have written extensively about how moderates are incapable of winning national elections.

And yet, the Republican party is so bound and determined to commit suicide by moderate.

Of course, a lot of this is because moderates crave attention, and “love” from the media. And the media is more than happy to feed their egos. Your average democrat may not be all that bright, but the leaders of the party understand that a moderate is quite easy to beat. It’s why they were all John McCain’s best buddy, until he ran for President, that is!

Now we have the dishonest media trotting out people like Colon Powell, who endorsed, and voted for, Barack Obama, as well as people like Meghan McCain, who also generally votes democrat. The media is telling America that we must listen to democrats to tell us what the Republican party should be! It would be laugh out loud funny, if it weren’t for the fact that many in our party actually believe this nonsense.

Dick Cheney and Liz Cheney, in one short week, have shown the rest of the Republican party what leadership is all about. Leadership is not becoming moderate, or “democrat lite”. True leadership is about being bold. True leadership is about actually believing in something, and willing to risk everything to see it through!

We have few members of our party who are willing to take the heat by standing up for something. For being a leader. Of course, for those who do, the rewards are there!

Who are some of the most respected people in the Republican party? Here’s a clue, they are all conservatives!

Dick Cheney has seen his personal approval numbers rise greatly by speaking up. Liz Cheney has been praised far and wide.

Then there is Governor Sarah Palin. Governor Palin never, ever backs down from a fight. Frankly, with the sort of dishonest harassment the democrat party, and the left wing crazies have put Governor Palin through, no one would blame her if she laid low. But leaders don’t do that. True leaders, who believe in themselves, and their cause, cannot, and will not be stopped!

No matter what they throw at Sarah Palin, she just slaps it away, like King Kong swatting airplanes from atop the Empire State Building!

Note to the GOP: This is what leadership looks like!

The Grand Old Party needs to wake up, and understand that the people of America want a leader!

Currently, America is leaderless. We have a prepackaged, store bought image, in the White House. We have a relative child running the country. Mr Obama has never run a city, never run a state, and never even run a lemonade stand before now. He’s never had a private sector job. He’s never had to make payroll. He’s never had to balance a budget.

Of course, all of this shows in the direction America is heading.

The majority of Americans are fed up with all politicians. They are fed up with President Obama, and even more fed up with Congress, and they are totally fed up with both political parties, because there are no real leaders.

For the first time in history, most people self identify as independents! The dishonest news loves to say that the number of self proclaimed Republicans is way down, but what they leave out, is the fact the democrat party is losing members twice as fast!

This is the time for the Republican party to go back to it’s conservative roots. This is a time for the Republican party to step back into it’s leadership role!

But you won’t do it with the milquetoast, country club blue blood, democrat lite, moderates!

These are times that call for bold leadership. As Ronald Reagan would say, we need bright colors, no pale pastels! We need big ideas! Ideas that will put America back on top where she belongs.

We need a real economic plan that won’t destroy America forever, like Mr Obama’s plan.

We need to reduce the size of government, all government. Not create a socialist dreamland that Mr Obama and his minions are moving toward. In fact, there are many, many programs the federal government was never intended to be involved in. The number of out of control government agencies created in just my lifetime are staggering.

So, we need small government. We need to return the powers back to the states, as prescribed in the Constitution.

We need a real energy policy, one based on actually creating more energy, not some pie in the sky, scheme designed to make the dishonest warmongers money, and bankrupt the common man!

We have more oil and natural gas than we can use in several generations. We have more coal than the Middle East has oil. And we have completely forgotten about an incredibly efficient energy source, nuclear.

We need a real plan to save Social Security and Medicare.

We need a plan to make our health care, the best health care on earth, more affordable. One based on free market principles and tort reform.

We need a sane policy to stop illegal immigration. One that finally closes our borders, enforces the laws already on our books, and restores the rule of law.

All in all, this will take bold, solid leadership. This week two such leaders showed you the way!

If the GOP wants to survive, we need more leaders like Dick and Liz Cheney, and Governor Sarah Palin. Anything less, and we will remain a minority party forever!

It is a time for choosing.


  1. I love this dynamic duo! They are the REAL thing, the truth tellers. Add Sarah Palin to the mix and you will knock the liberal koolaid drinker to their knees.

  2. The Cheney duo has exposed one of Obama biggest Achilles heals ... national security. If Republicans were smart they would drum this message home. It would be a starting point for questioning the sainity of all his other proposals.