Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Sarah Palin: Obama Doesn’t Understand The Inherent Link Between Conventional Sources Of Energy, National Security, Prosperity, And Freedom

Mama Grizzly came loaded for bear last night when she appeared on the O’Reilly Factor to analyze the address Barack Obama gave from the Oval Office. As one of the nation’s leading authorities on the energy industry, Sarah wasn’t exactly buying what Obama was selling. She wasn’t all that happy with O’Reilly either!

For his part, Bill reminds the audience that Sarah Palin, knows the oil and gas business like no other Governor in the country, and had dealt with BP and other oil companies for years.

Sarah gives us some straight talk on the nation’s energy situation. She has always advocated an "all of the above" approach on energy, and restates this by saying oil is part of a "three legged stool" that includes conventional energy sources, renewable energy, and conservation.

People forget that while Alaska is known for producing 20 percent of the United States’ oil, it also leads the nation on renewable energy use. Sarah put the state on the path to get as much as 50 percent of it’s energy from renewables. Obama has proposed a plan to have the country use 25 percent renewables.

She also reminded us that under Obama’s plan we will end up dropping to our knees and bowing to the will of the Saudis, Venezuela, and Russia. Of course, we all know how good Obama is at bowing to others.

When asked the main problem she’s had with oil companies Sarah tells us it’s been their perception vs reality, how the oil companies seem to perceive a situation, and how they handle things. She goes on to hammer Obama for waiting too long to react, and for allowing BP to control the narrative.

Sarah also takes Obama head on over the fact he is using the oil spill as a way to push cap and tax, and the rest of his far left, radical agenda, and has made that the priority, not cleaning up this mess in the Gulf. Of course, she’s right. Obama’s entire speech was nothing more than set up for the insane legislation his cronies in Congress are going to try to shove down our throats.

Of course, as we wrote just yesterday, Obama has another reason for shutting down the oil industry in the United States. You can read more here and here.

Sarah talked about the fact that Obama should have suspended the Jones Act, and allowed foreign flagged ships to come to the nation’s aid. We found this article talking about the fact the Dutch, who have a lot of experience with exactly the kind of problem, offered their help just three days after the accident happened, and were flat turned down!

Dutch consul slams US foot-dragging on oil spill

Three days after BP’s Deepwater Horizon drilling platform exploded in the Gulf of Mexico, the Netherlands offered to help. Ships could have set about clearing the oil using Dutch sweeping arms, but the US government didn’t take up the offer. Dutch Consul General Geert Visser in Houston told Radio Netherlands Worldwide he was disappointed.

The US response, says Mr Visser: "‘Thanks for your help, but at the moment we can manage ourselves.’ And that was it." He puts the reticence down to pride.


Weeks later the pride was forgotten and the US came to the Dutch for help after all. "Almost a month later – a month too late, of course – Washington did make a request to send the sweeping arms to Houston in Texas," says Mr Visser. "They arrived in three 747s, ten days later. They were then transported to Louisiana to be mounted on ships."

US ships are now fitted with the arms and should be operational within a few days. Each pair of arms can clear around 20,000 tons of oil a day.


Mr Visser thinks Dutch experience with water management and dyke construction may have played a role in the change in US attitude. "They evidently realised that the Netherlands has superior equipment that can work quickly and efficiently."

The US also initially turned down another Dutch proposal. The Dutch knowledge institute Deltares and dredging company Van Oord put forward a plan to build a sand dyke stretching for dozens of kilometres within three weeks. And here too, Washington came round in the end.

Jones Act

Not only capricious US decision-making has made life difficult for the Dutch companies, but also protective US legislation. Consul General Geert Visser’s pet hate is the Jones Act: "It means that Dutch ships, or whatever other ships not under a US flag, can’t operate in US waters." According to the Jones Act, all goods in US waters have to be transported by US ships.

This is mighty frustrating. Sarah has shown her competence on this issue over and over, while the Obama regime absolutely wallows in their incompetence and corruption.

Is it 2012 yet?

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