Thursday, June 3, 2010

Mitt Romney A "Profile In Courage": Endorses Susana Martinez AFTER She Wins New Mexico Election

In a simply amazing show of outstanding leadership, Mitt Romney really put it out there and endorsed Susana Martinez for Governor of New Mexico. Of course, this "profile in courage" did this on Wednesday June 2.

The Republican primary was Tuesday June 1. Way to really lay it on the line Mitt!

Romney announced this via Twitter (below) and his PAC’s website here.

While I’m sure soon to be Governor Martinez is appreciative of Romney’s support, I find it laughable, but typical of Mitt, and his brand of milquetoast, squishy, never take a stand, blow with the wind, establishment Republican. Not a drop of leadership in this guy’s veins.

This was a five-way race, I guess it was just too much to ask for Romney to stick his neck out and actually choose. Of course, now that she is the nominee, it’s a no-brainer. It’s not like good old Mitt was going to endorse the democrat, right.

As a reminder, Sarah Palin endorsed Susana, back in May, as part of an entire group of outstanding, conservative women, who are ready to lead the nation. Stacy Drake wrote a great piece about Martinez, and her outstanding career as a corruption buster. You can read more here.

Martinez is the first Republican Hispanic woman nominee for Governor, and her running mate will be John Sanchez, making this the first all Hispanic ticket.

From Hispanic

Susana Martinez Wins GOP Primary Ticket in New Mexico Gov. Race

Republican voters in the state elected Susana Martinez, the district attorney from Dona Ana County, to be the GOP nominee to run against Lt. Gov. Diane Denish, who ran unopposed in the Democratic primary.

Martinez defeated former state Republican chairman Allen Weh, as well as state Rep. Janice Arnold Jones, public-relations company owner Doug Turner and Pete Domenici Jr., son of the former U.S. senator.

Not only are the Republicans running a woman for candidate. The top of the ticket will be two Hispanics.

Martinez's running mate will be Albuquerque businessmen John Sanchez, a former state legislator from Albuquerque who was the Republican gubernatorial candidate in 2002. Sanchez edged out state Sen. Kent Cravens of Albuquerque and former state Rep. Brian Moore in the lieutenant governor primary. Denish's running mate is former party chairman Brian Colon.

Lonna Atkeson, a political-science professor at The University of New Mexico, said the Denish-Martinez match-up "will be a very interesting race because you'd have two women of very different backgrounds. ...They offer very different perspectives about the future."

Atkeson predicted Martinez will focus on corruption and law-and-order themes while Denish will focus on jobs and the economy. "It's going to force Denish to talk about issues she (Martinez) wants to talk about, including immigration. I've always thought of us as a state that ignores immigration."

[ .... ]

Asked whether having a Hispanic gubernatorial ticket will help Republicans make inroads into the Hispanic vote, Sanderoff said in an interview Tuesday, "It sure can't hurt." He said having a woman and a Hispanic at the top of the ticket creates "energy" and positive "symbolism" for the GOP. "Sometimes the Republican ticket is seen as not being that diverse," he said.

[ .... ]

Martinez's campaign was boosted in recent weeks with the endorsement of former Republican vice-presidential nominee Sarah Palin, who included Martinez as one of her "Mama Grizzlies" -- conservative female candidates around the country.

We are excited for Susana Martinez, and excited for New Mexico. Susana is the real deal, and a tough reformer, which is why Sarah endorsed her. Governor Martinez will only make New Mexico, and the United States stronger.

As for Romney, well ... Clint Eastwood, as "Dirty Harry" in Magnum Force, said it best: "A man’s got to know his limitations."

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