Saturday, June 12, 2010

More Mitt Romney Leadership Fail: Day Late And A Dollar Short Edition

Sarah Palin sunk her teeth into Obama’s posterior back in September of 2008, and like a pit bull, has never let go. She has hammed Obama unmercifully for almost two years, and has been right about the guy every time. She has not only been leading the national resistance to Obama, and his communist regime, she has reduced him to the quiver mass of indecision and incompetence that we now see on display.

Because of Sarah Palin, Obama is a beaten and broken man. A lame duck waiting to be mercifully put out of his misery come 2012.

Looks like noted "Profile in Courage" Mitt Romney is up to his old tricks again.

As we all know, Sarah Palin came out the other day and gave Barack Obama one of the most epic dressing downs in online history, and then followed up in numerous television interviews. Just hammered the poor guy, telling him we need a lot more ass kickin, and a whole lot less talkin’. You can read about it here.

We also know that thanks to Sarah Palin, and others, Obama will indeed be talking to British Petroleum’s CEO, Tony Hayward, something that, amazingly, he hasn’t done since this entire fiasco started. You can read about that here.

In what is becoming a real trend, Mitt Romney, and the other GOP back benchers, have started coming out of hiding, now that Sarah Palin has done all of the heavy lifting, and thoroughly knocked Obama off his pedestal, exposing him as the incompetent, inexperienced dolt that he is.

It seems Romney, and others want to try and sneak in and grab some glory by going "me too" after Sarah has done all of the ass kickin’, and then stand up and crow about their "leadership."

Stacy Drake wrote an excellent piece on Romney and the rest of the GOP establishment "Good Old Boy Network." when Romney tried to take credit for a bunch of wins on Super Tuesday, and the country clubbers in the GOP tried to downplay the hard work Sarah Palin has done. You can read Stacy’s great fantastic here.

The one that got me going was the endorsement of Nikki Haley for Governor in South Carolina. Now granted, Romney had endorsed Nikki a few weeks before Sarah did, but Nikki, who suffered from poor name recognition, still had the same problem after Romney endorsed her, and was stuck in fourth place. Sarah came in and endorsed her and within a couple of days, she was the front runner, and looked to run away with the win.

That’s when the South Carolina "Good Old Boy Network" got things in high gear, something Sarah understands all too well. All sorts of nonsense started flying, from claims of affairs, to racist fools calling her a "raghead" (Nikki is of Indian heritage) to claims she wasn’t a Christian. It got so bizarre it was hard to follow all of the latest lies told about Nikki.

Of course, Nikki Haley is an incredibly strong, articulate candidate, and this nonsense didn’t phase her one little bit. She just kept on pounding her message of common sense conservative leadership home. Easy to see why Sarah chose her. Although she didn’t win 50.1 percent of the vote, she did get almost as many votes as her three challengers combined, 49 percent. So she will have a run-off, but all the polls show it’s a forgone conclusion, Nikki will be the Republican candidate for Governor, and of course, the next Governor of the Palmetto State.

Nikki won because she is an excellent leader, someone, not unlike Sarah Palin, who has a long record of reforming government. She made her case to the people of her state, and they liked what they heard.

Here’s the problem, when all the slimiest of the slime, the very worst politics has to offer, crawled from every crack and crevice to attack Nikki, it was Jenny Sanford and Sarah Palin who circled the wagons, and stood by her side. Mitt Romney was no where to be found. AWOL.

And yet., Mitt, all of his fan boy websites, and his buddies in the lamestream media, rushed to credit the GOP’s show pony with a big win.

Sarah also played a huge part in Carly Fiorina’s win in California, not only by helping her reach front runner status, but by talking about her at every opportunity, and hammering the point home that Carly was the right person to go after Barbara Boxer. Carly won big.

Romney on Carly? Crickets.

In the latest bid to try and fool America into believing he’s a leader, by trying to piggy back on Sarah’s hard work, and great success, Romney is now beclowning himself by starting a petition to tell Barack Obama to meet with BP’s Tony Hayward, something that .... thanks to a little talkin’ to from Sarah Palin ....he already has planned.

This guy, Romney, is magnificently pathetic in this latest effort.

Ian Lazaran at C4P has this to offer:

Mitt Romney Has Forced Me to Defend Barack Obama

Mitt Romney has done the unthinkable and forced a partisan like myself to defend Barack Obama. Romney's latest inane maneuver has been to ask the minority of Republicans who view him favorably to sign a petition demanding that the community organizer call the President of British Petroleum.

Perhaps the Republican Party hacks who work for Romney (is Eric Ferhnstrom still claiming that Scott Brown stopped Obamacare?) haven't seen the news but here it is (emphasis added):

The administration is acceding to the wishes of Sarah Palin and Matt Lauer, and summoning BP to the White House.

The top federal official overseeing the Gulf oil spill has invited BP executives to meet with President Obama next week....Conservative commentators, including former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, have been criticizing Mr. Obama for not having met face to face with BP executives.

Obama’s reluctance to go mano-a-mano with BP also generated political heat....In a Facebook post Tuesday, former Republican Vice Presidential Candidate and Alaska Governor Sarah Palin scoffed at the president’s explanation on NBC and mocked the press for taking so long to press the president on the issue.

So Romney's petition is essentially asking Barack Obama to do...what he already has done because of prodding from "conservative commentators, including former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin." (the Associated Press' words, not mine). It's pretty stupid to bash Obama for taking a step that he already took just for the purpose of making it seem like you are an important voice.

Look, the best political strategy at this point is to explain why the community organizer has failed with respect to the Obama oil spill. Palin explained on Greta's show that the contingency plan approved by MMS in the event of an oil spill consisted of just boilerplate language based on an Alaska contingency plan. Palin explained that an oil spill in the Gulf is completely different from an oil spill in Alaska. This is what we need to hear from our Republican leaders, rather than cheap partisan stunts like Romney's BP petition.

Ian is a lot more charitable than I am. This has got to be the most sophomoric attempt in political history.

Seriously, Mitt Romney is so desperate to remain relevant and "appear" like he’s a leader, he has just become a caricature of one.

It’s quite obvious that Romney’s game plan for a White House run is to hide as much as possible, and not make any effort to lead, lest he get it wrong, and later have to flip and flop around, as he is well known to do, then pop up when the coast is clear and shout "look at me!"

I mean why not? Just stay hidden in the shadows, watch Sarah Palin kick ass and take names, then jump up and scream "me too!"

This is about as cowardly as one can get, and shows not only an incredible lack of leadership ability, but also a lack of ability to actually solve problems, or offer up real solutions.

Sarah Palin sunk her teeth into Obama’s posterior back in September of 2008, and like a pit bull, has never let go. She has hammed Obama unmercifully for almost two years, and has been right about the guy every time. She has not only been leading the national resistence to Obama, and his communist regime, she has reduced him to the quiver mass of indecision and incompetence that we now see on display.

Because of Sarah Palin, Obama is a beaten and broken man. A lame duck waiting to be mercifully put out of his misery come 2012.

Now this wasn’t a cake walk for Sarah. Look, taking down Obama was child’s play. She’s had his number since the day John McCain picked her as his running mate, and has been living, rent free in his head, and the heads of his team, ever since.Sarah has taken on a lot tougher opponents.

The tough part for Sarah has been putting up with all of the hate and lies aimed at her from the Obama regime, his hand picked Alaska Mafia ©, and all of his helpers in the lamestream media. In the best tradition of thugs, despots, and dictators the world over, they have thrown the very best they have at Sarah and her family, and she is still standing.

Not only is Sarah still standing after some of the most vile and hateful attacks we have ever witnessed, she has THRIVED. Sarah has only become stronger and more powerful. Sarah has proven herself to be one of the greatest leaders of our time. Someone who isn’t afraid to stick her neck out for what she believes in.

But that doesn’t mean it was easy for her, or her family, to take.

Now Sarah is rather humble, and is quite slow to take credit of any of this. She often quotes Ronald Reagan who was fond of saying that, it was amazing what one can accomplish, when they didn’t care about who gets the credit for it. Witness this in how she totally downplayed her efforts in electing Nikki Haley, Carly Fiorina, Susanna Martinez, and others across the nation.

I like that Sarah’s humble, shows she has her head on straight, and her priorities right. But that won’t stop us from blowing her horn for her, and praising her superb leadership. It also won’t stop us from watching her back when weasels like Mitt Romney try to come in after the fact and act like they had something to offer, or played any role in the process.

This seems to be the plan Romney and the rest of the GOP show ponies want to follow. Let Sarah Palin go out and destroy the competition, then show up and say: "Step aside little lady, and let us ‘Good Old Boys’ take care of this."

Sorry boys, you are gonna have to EARN the presidential nomination this time. The days of saying "it’s my turn" are over in the Republican Party. We are sick of the establishment elites who think they are superior to the common man, and know what’s best for us. You are the guys who helped get us in this mess to start with!

Mitt, you had your chance to get out there and prove to the nation that you were a real leader. To take a stand, and join the fight, but you passed on that chance. You were too busy planning and calculating, and worried about your own political future to actually give a damn about the nation and fight to save it.

It’s too late now man. It’s quite obvious your services are not needed, and we are more than capable of saving America, and turning things around, without you.

You obviously have something more important to do than fight for Liberty and Freedom and save America from certain ruin.

Don’t let us keep you from it.

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