Thursday, April 15, 2010

Awesome: The "Crash The Tea Party" Loon Is A Middle-School Teacher (Democrat) And Is Now Under Investigation By His Employer!

Unless you live under a rock, you’ve no doubt heard about all of the plans of the Marxist-democrats to infiltrate the Tea Party movement and cause problems. You see, the Obama regime, with great assistance from their media partners, have been working 24/7 to convince people that the Tea Party Patriots are racists. (and stupid) Of course, like everything else Obama attempts, this too has been an Epic Failure.

Knowing this, supporters of the Obama regime are now looking at the age old Nazi style tactics of manufacturing evidence when none exists. Marxist-democrats are very good at this.

As an aside, The $100,000 Andrew Breitbart has been offering to anyone who can prove racial slurs were uttered at the Capital Tea Party in D.C., a few weeks back, still goes unclaimed, despite the fact that the reward will go to a worthy cause, the
Negro College Fund.

Anyhow, let’s meet Jason Levin, an industrial strength nut-job. In other words, a typical supporter of the Obama regime.


Turns out our headline-snarfing "
Tea Party Crasher" who set up a new website to recruit followers, who has been giving national interviews and threatening all kinds of havoc to the tea party protests nationwide…….

( "
we’ll have people show up in Nazi uniforms, we’ll get your social security numbers and personal info by passing around petitions at your rallies, we’ll carry misspelled signs and yell strange things to make you look bad")…..

As it turns out……

Jason Levin is actually a middle-school teacher in the Portland, Oregon. He told us originally he was a "
software consultant." Hasn’t he heard of Google?

Uh oh. Turns out Jason might have been spending a lot of paid-by-the-taxpayers "
school" time being a snarky, Obamist, anti-American cyber-geek.


Oh, and there’s a priceless photo of "
Jedi Jason" posing with a light saber. Just the kind of guy you want teaching your young skull of mush, right?

Looks like Jedi Jason is in deep doo-doo now:

From the
Portland Oregonian:

Jason Levin, the Portland man who caused a ruckus over his plans to "infiltrate" Tea Party protests in an aim to discredit them, teaches in a Beaverton middle school and now faces an investigation by the Teacher Standards and Practices Commission.

Melody Hanson, the commission’s director of professional practices, said Wednesday that the agency opened an investigation because "
there was enough concern that there was some neglect of duty" on the part of Levin.

Levin teaches in the media lab at Conestoga Middle School, although he described himself in an interview earlier this week with Talking Points Memo as a technology consultant.

So, go on with your bad self, Jason Levin. Go ahead and make fun of all the tea party people as being "
provincial" or "God-fearing" or "gun-loving" or "flag-waving." Go explain explain why you want heroin legalized to your teachers’ professional standards committee.

I would say the tea party movement just scored

Awesome! Not only is this freak show liar infecting young minds with Marxist ideology, and his own very special brand of lunacy, he’s doing it on the tax payer’s dime!

Reason number 4,877 why you should home school your children!

But as the late Billy Mays would say: "
But wait! There’s more!" Verum Serum has uncovered this loser’s "manifesto."

Jason Levin’s Political Manifesto Uncovered – Apparently He Supports the Legalization of Heroin, Polygamy, and Torture Among Other Things

So Jason Levin is the total moron who put together the "
Crash the Tea Party" web site. Levin is not your garden variety moron though. I mean it takes a pretty impressive level of idiocy to attempt to covertly infiltrate the biggest and most widely covered political movement in the country at the moment using a publicly available web site to provide details and solicit support for your plan. This idea is so completely idiotic that when I first heard about it I figured Levin would turn out to be an internet marketer and that this was really just a PR ploy. But alas, it seems he really is just stupid.

However, since Levin is now getting some media coverage for his little scheme – from the
AP and TPM among others – I decided to dig around a bit and see if I could add anything interesting to the public record on Mr. Levin.

You simply must take a trip over to
Verum Serum, by clicking here, and check this nimrod out. I mean it’s well worth the effort.

Sadly, our
Jedi Knight isn’t the only loon out there, other groups are planning this sort of thing as well, so everyone must remain vigilant, and as always, when attending any event, take cameras and video recorders so these reprobates can be caught in the act, on film.

All it takes for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing

-Edmond Burke

Oh,... and remember Patriots,... the only reason you’re being attacked is because you're being

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