Saturday, September 19, 2009

Mr Obama.....Turn On This Water!.....NOW!

Turning the water off is not just bad politics, it’s an act of domestic terror.

Former Fresno, California Mayor Alan Autry

Forgive me if I am less than diplomatic here. I am not a fan at all of the radical environmental movement. I’m even less of a fan of radical, Big Government.

Let’s cut to the chase here. The rabid environmentalists have destroyed the economy in the San Joaquin Valley of California. Not only have they destroyed the economy, they have destroyed the lives of tens of thousands of farmers, as well.

According to the California Farm Water Coalition unemployment in parts of the San Joaquin Valley reached 41 percent in August. Over 400,000 acres of some of the richest farm land on earth are now dormant and unplanted. More than one million acres are in danger of destruction. .

These government stooges have created a modern day dust bowl. They have created something the government actually worked hard to educate people against doing again some 75 years ago!

Poor planting practices and a major drought caused much of the nation’s center to turn into one big dust bowl back in the 1930's. Nothing would grow. This stretched from the Plains of Texas to the Canadian Prairie Lands. Throw in the Great Depression and it was a disaster. People’s lives were destroyed. Farms that had been in families for generations just dried up and blew away, literally. Many family farms were lost to foreclosure. American families lost everything they had.

One of the few things government got right was establishing the Soil Conservation Service, through the Soil Conservation Act of 1935. Studies were done, surveys made, and farmers were educated in best practices, so this would never happen again.

We have had more than a few severe droughts since 1935, but we have never had a dust bowl environment since, until now. And this environmental disaster is completely man-made.

Let me say that again. This is all man’s doing. Yes, there has been a bit of a drought in California. But there is more than enough water. This is not a natural disaster, you can’t blame God for this one. This is a man made disaster, you know, the name Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napoliotano wants us all to call domestic terrorism now!

A lot of us were angry when Napolitano came out with that liberal nonsense, but now I see the wisdom in it. I very much agree with Former Fresno, California Mayor Alan Autry. What Big Government has done is indeed domestic terrorism.

So what is this act of terrorism? What have the environmentalists done to destroy all of these Patriotic farmers lives? What has the federal government done to destroy the economy of the Central California Valley?

The federal government, Big Government, has ordered all of the water shut off to the farms. But why would they do that? That’s insane, isn’t it? Well, yeah, but we are talking the most liberal government ever assembled in America! A government filled with radicals.

You see, there is this fish, the Delta Smelt. I’m sure it’s a fine fish. This two inch long refugee from the bait hook is actually kinda cute. We don’t hate the fish. But in it’s infinite wisdom, and treachery, the federal government, Big Government, has put this minnow on the endangered species list. That’s right, a little fish we’d use for BAIT down here in Texas is now being considered almost extinct.

Species become extinct all of the time, but for every one that goes away, more new heretofore never known species are discovered. You read about them all of the time, especially water species, like fish!

This fish has no real value to the ecosystem. It’s not really food for any other fish or wildlife, and it doesn’t do anything to effect pollution, help keep the waters clean.

The problem with the Central Valley is the land is some of the best in the world for growing, but the water must be pumped in. The land must be irrigated. These tiny bait fish get drawn into the pumps and it’s all over for them.

So, because of a two inch bait fish, America’s bread basket is empty!

Almost every non-tropical fruit and vegetable you can name is grown in the San Joaquin Valley. Beautiful fruit and vegetables. In fact, much of the nation’s yearly food supply is grown right there! All sorts of nuts are grown there, like almonds and pistachios. Most of the asparagus consumed in America comes from the California Valley’s rich soil. Grapes are a huge crop and this is the birthplace of the raisin!

The world’s single largest cotton farm, at over 40,000 acres, is also located here.

Cattle and sheep ranching, as well as dairy farming, are also vital to the economy of the Valley, and the nation’s food supply. They need water too.

These Californian’s feed the world from this wonderfully blessed land. Or at least they did.

Now this land looks like the moonscape in places. It is literally turning into a desert with no water. Nothing is growing. It is a man-made dust bowl. A man-made disaster. It is also a crime against humanity.

This is rabid environmental craziness, teamed up with Big Government liberalism, run amok! The very idea that the federal government has been allowed to gain the power to do this should serve as a warning that we need to stop and think.

We need to take stock of our nation, our Republic. We need to go back to using our Constitution as a guide.

This is such a human tragedy. The very fact that Big Government can do this just goes against everything our founders stood for. In fact, we fought a Revolution, specifically, because the British were this controlling, this oppressive, this tyrannical.

Thankfully, today we don’t have to go to war. We just have to put pressure on the Obama regime and tell them to do what is right for the American people. We must put pressure on Lord Obama himself to do what is right.

Sean Hannity has aired several reports on his show, like this from Ainsley Earhardt:

The group of Patriots working to save this land and these wonderful Americans are part of the California Farm Water Coalition. Please go to their website and read just how vital this land is to our very lives, how they truly feed the nation. You can also learn more of the devastation the Obama government is allowing to happen by going to their website here.

As you can see, this once beautiful land is devastated, not by "global warming" or some other crackpot theory, but by man’s inhumanity to man. Man’s desire to dominate, to control, to oppress his fellow man. In fact, these are the same tyrants who preach global warming as reality. The funny thing is, if global warming was actually real, planting crops would be a SOLUTION to it!

The environmental crazies preach to us relentlessly that Co2, carbon dioxide, is bad, that it is the number one destructive element on earth. Of course, it isn’t. In fact, we release copious amounts of it when we all exhale! But if one was actually to believe this fairy tale of global warming, one would know that plants actually absorb Co2! Plants need Co2 like we need oxygen, they can’t live without it. It was actually a stroke of genius on our creator’s part. He made man and plants compatible, symbiotic, with plants not only absorbing our exhalations but using them to create the essential oxygen we need for life.

So one has to ask, knowing all of this, why is Obama and Big Government destroying 400,000 acres of the very crops that would help absorb the Co2!

That’s a question I can’t completely answer yet. I really don’t know what the entire motivation is. My guess is someone stands to make a lot of money out of this deal somehow. Or....

We know Obama has some certifiable loons in his Cabinet and employed as Czars. Obama’s recently confirmed Regulatory Czar Cass Sunstein, yes this one actually was confirmed by Obama’s democrat/communist Senate, believes that animals have rights, and should be able have a lawyer and sue people! You have John Holdren, Obama’s Science Adviser, who has advocated forced abortions and adding sterilents to the nation’s drinking water to control human population growth! That is as long as the sterilants didn’t harm animals. And we all know about the insane ramblings of Obama’s recently departed Green Jobs Czar, Van Jones, a self avowed communist who has advocated overthrowing our constitutional government.

Even so, as insane as these typical Obama appointments are, one has to know something else, besides insanity is involved here. Something more sinister.

Has anyone caught on, that while Obama is trying to destroy the greatest health care in the world, and pass an economy killing cap and tax bill, a bill that would double or triple energy costs and cause the price of every single product and service we purchase to skyrocket, has anyone noticed that Obama is doing absolutely nothing to create real jobs, real wealth, real stability.

These are radical communists roaming the halls of the White House. By destroying the economy, not allowing us to use our natural energy resources like oil, natural gas, and coal. By destroying our nations’s ability to feed itself. By doing all of this, they are creating multiple crisises they can use to justify completely usurping our Constitution and as Barack Obama has said on many occasions "remake American society."

We are already broke, a debtor nation. We must rely on other nation’s economies to fund our government’s activities.

We are incredibly rich in natural resources. We have deposits of oil equal to the Middle East, natural gas deposits that equal the entire world’s oil supply, and over 250 years worth of coal! And yet, radical environmentalists, teamed up with the democrat/communist party, use the full force of Big Government to deny America of the ability to fuel the engines of freedom, democracy, and our economy. Just like we are forced to depend on other nations for our money, we are forced to depend on other nations for our energy.

And now, radical environmentalists, teamed up with the democrat/communist party are using the full force of Big Government to deny the nation the very food we need, all 300 million of us, for our very survival.

Let me recap, Big Government, the tool of the democrat/communist party, has made the United States of America, the greatest, strongest nation on earth, totally dependant on someone else for all of our money, most of our energy, and now much of our food! The last time we were in this predicament we were still a British colony!

To what end.......

All I know for sure is over 40,000 hard working Patriotic Americans, strong men and women who have literally helped feed America for their entire lives are now standing in lines at food banks eating canned goods from China!

These aren’t lazy welfare sponges, shiftless louts. These are the people who are the very heart and soul of America. The very fabric! These men and women have toiled in the hot sun working the earth to make sure all of us can eat.

Now they have no jobs, and no hope, all because some mindless drones have decided a fish is more important than the entire human race.

Or at least they are using it as an excuse!

This folks, is the danger of Big Government, and Barack Obama and his democrat/communist party are the absolute champions of Big Government. And if you put the pieces together, one starts to understand the end game here.

On Thursday night Sean Hannity went to the San Joaquin Valley and interviewed a number of those whose lives are being destroyed by Barack Obama’s Big Government. Please take time to watch these videos, they are essential.

Comedian Paul Rodriguez says, "We could feed the world with this valley!" "The only thing growing here is despair," Rodriguez says. "We grew more food with less water, and for our reward, you cut the water off!" Rodriguez, who supported candidate Barack Obama, asks this very poignant question: "What’s up with that?"

This makes me sick to my stomach. Big Government, teamed up with environmental extremists and the democrat/communist party, are destroying peoples lives in some mad thirst for power. This thirst to fundamentally "remake America" in the image of Karl Marx and Saul Alinsky!

We are in the middle of the worst recession in 25 years, we have Barack Obama and his buddy Jeff Jones crafting a one trillion dollar stimulus bill to "create jobs." We have hard working Californians who are all but on their knees begging to work, but Lord Obama is denying them the human dignity of that work.

Regular readers know who Jeff Jones is. Jones, along with domestic terrorist and Barack Obama mentor William Ayers were the co-founders of the ultra-violent Weather Underground. They are life long Marxists, communists. When these two realized they couldn’t blow up enough stuff to destroy America and turn it into a Marxist state, they decided on a different path.

William Ayers has become a "respected educator." Ayers writes books and lectures would-be teachers on education, infecting young minds with radical Marxist ideology.

Jeff Jones chose the "green movement" as the way to institute a communist revolution. Jones is part of the Apollo Alliance, a group of radical environmentalists, whose goal is to "remake America" using the environment as an excuse. Departed Green Jobs Czar, and self admitted communist revolutionary, Van Jones (no relation) is also a member of the Apollo Alliance.

Then you have Barack Obama, whose stated goal is to "remake America" and create a "green economy."

As stated, Jones wrote much of the nearly $1 trillion stimulus package that Barack Obama was in such a hurry to have signed he convinced Congress to never even read it before passing it! And Obama started his political career in William Ayer’s living room, and set on the board of two "education foundations" where he, Obama, helped funnel tens of millions of dollars to ACORN.

What I am trying to say here, is the environment has absolutely nothing to do with what is happening to the American Patriots who are suffering greatly in the San Joaquin Valley of California. Fellow Americans who have fed our nation for generations.

This must not stand.

We cannot and will not be forced to depend on third world nations for our very survival. We are continually having issues from imported food. Bacteria like salmonella run rampant throughout these third world imports. It is unconscionable that a nation that can feed the world, and has, is being forced to become no better than an undeveloped colony.

This is a matter of national security. We must have a secure, safe food supply.

Californians are suffering. Men and women who are simply asking for the human dignity of putting in a good day’s work for a good day’s pay are forced to stand in line, for hours on end, for food imported from China, just to survive.

This is more than simply un-American, it is a crime against all humanity.

According to the Global Museum on Communism, close to 100 million people have been killed by communism worldwide. We will not let the brave men and women of the San Joaquin Valley become part of that statistic!

I urge every reader to contact Congress and demand they come to the aid of these outstanding Patriotic Americans, the very salt of the earth. Do not take no for an answer, and do not take speaking to an underling for an answer. Demand to speak to your Congressman and Senators. Demand they make this right!

Barack Obama could turn the water back on with the stroke of his pen. Obama has written many Executive Orders since taking office that further his far leftist agenda. He must sign that Executive Order. He must sign it now!

Mr Obama.......TURN ON THIS WATER!


  1. The communist party used this tactic, along with a healthy dose of stupidity, to perform very much the same function going on today (IMO).
    When the federal government controls the production and distribution of food in this country (as in, once it becomes scarce) it will become decidedly more difficult to oppose.

  2. people would take you more seriously if you weren't throwing around the liberal hate speech, I am a liberal who understands and believes in your cause, turn the water on, but also explore a way for alternative water sources to save the fish, or at least ways to not suck them up